My 14-month-old still refuses to walk

Daughter is now 14 months… still no interest in walking. Scares her. She will walk along things holding on. But she has chunky thighs and soo unsteady still when you try to stand her up.


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Safest option is take her to the doctor and talk to them

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She will walk when she’s ready. Always encourage them and try everyday but don’t sweat it. When they are ready they will. Then once they are walking they won’t stop! And you’ll look back at this and laugh and wish they were still so small. Good luck!


Refuses isn’t a good term, maybe she genuinely cannot do it yet and is delayed for other reasons? Maybe she’s simply not ready. Let her do it, in her own time.


Mine walked holding things. One day I moved the chair away from the window sill where he was and he walked to it.

She will walk when she is ready to walk

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My son didn’t walk until 16 months. Every baby goes at their own pace!

My first and second walked at 14 months, my youngest just started walking about a month or so ago at 15 months

My son didn’t walk until around this age as well, he was very chunky too but don’t worry soon she’ll be running around each child is different she just needs more time and that’s ok!

Our pediatrician says they don’t be concerned until after 18 months


All 3 of mine only walked at 15 months.

Quite normal. Help her feel safe and she’ll let go when she’s ready :heart:

Some babies don’t walk until 18 months. She’s not “refusing” to walk. If she’s scared, then walk around with her holding her hand to help her overcome that.


My daughter is 16 months old and just started walking last week. My middle child was the same way and she also didn’t sit up unassisted until 9 months. My son walked before he was 1. All kids are different. If you don’t feel like it’s a developmental issue then don’t worry about it❤️

She will walk when she’s ready


My daughter is 21 months old and she is the same way. She will not walk on her own. But will walk with me holding her hands or she’ll walk along the bed or walls but never alone. When she’s ready

I have 3 girls .my oldest walked at 1 1/2, my middle daughter walked at 10 months & my youngest, she walked at 9 months. She will in her own worries.

I know that a lot of parents are saying don’t worry she’ll walk when she wants to. And that very much could be the case. However go talk to the pediatrician and have him check things like balance and motor skills etc. If there is something wrong you want to get ahead of it.


My middle son didn’t walk till 18 months. But is the most athletic of my 3. Don’t worry about it…

Don’t rush her, all babies meet their milestones in their time. You’ll know when she’s ready.


She will get it. Eventually she will build her confidence and be running around crazy! All babies are different but she will get there. If she walks holding onto things and u think its just her being scared then id try to nake her walk while holding hands to help build up her confidence


She just dont feel secure to do it, but she will eventually. One of my daughters walked when she was 18months, she would just dragged herself around with one leg folded and one strtched out🤣

Check out the CDC’s developmental milestones app!

They will walk when they are ready


My baby walked at 14 months! My pediatrician was not concerned at all before then. He’s 18 months now and runninngggg. :joy: Don’t compare your baby to others. If you pediatrician isn’t concerned, just trust that your baby will do it on her own time.


My daughter was chunckie… took her awhile but she did…

Don’t rush it because once they start it never ends chasing them, making sure they don’t fall and hit their heads, watching their every move so they are safe.


U will be posting again in another year how shes running wild n tearing the house apart … lol
She is fine momma , 14 months isnt a bad thing. She will walk when shes ready.


A push toy really helped to encourage my son you might give it a try

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My daughter was like this we got her a walker to help her and she loved it so much
Don’t stress if she’s doing everything else normally she’ll be ok

My daughter was like this we got her a walker to help her and she loved it so much
Don’t stress if she’s doing everything else normally she’ll be ok

One of my daughters didn’t start walking until she was 2 and a half.

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Don’t fret honey, your little Angel will take off one day and you won’t be able to catch her! :full_moon_with_face:

My son walked at 15 ish months. He was SO lazy! He’s almost 9 now and hasn’t stopped moving since he started walking. Talk to her Dr but I’m sure she will on her own time :heartpulse:

It’s ok my son was 15 months old when he started or 16 I can’t remember as long as they are healthy just don’t worry she will when she’s ready !!!

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Put a small soft toy in her hand that may help

Grandson just started walking 3 weeks ago. He is 18 months old

She’ll walk when she’s ready. Than after a while you’ll wish she wasn’t

My daughter was 18 months and everything turned out okay :slightly_smiling_face: Hugs!!!

both my son and daughter didn’t really start walking until they were about 2 yrs old. We all learn and develop at our own pace.

You may want to have her hearing checked. She may have dizzinss and poor equlibrium. Vertigo.

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Grab a blanket wrap around her hold both ends and get up and walk with her.

She will go at her own pace

Just work with her a bit, gaining better balance. She’ll get there.

One of mine walked at close to 9 months and the other at 14 months. Kids are different, bet you can guess which one crawled. :smile:

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Take her to see an ENT.

As long as they are healthy and meeting other milestones it’s fine.

Mine was 15ish month

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My daughter was a big baby very chunky she didn’t walk till 18 months it’s very common with heavy babies

My eldest didnt walk until 18 months or crawl I was convinced something was wrong but she just walked one day xx

My son was almost 2 when he started to walk and 3 when he started to talk. Nothing wrong with him. He’s awesome now at 9. Some kids just move slower than others. She’ll be fine

The girl in this video did not walk until she was 15 1/2 months old.

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When I was little, my dad would get me to walk while holding his hand, the way he taught me how to walk was he handed me a wooden spoon and he held on to the other end of it and we walked together and he eventually let go of the spoon and I just kept walking. Maybe try that?

Don’t worry it will happen when it happens


My girl wouldn’t walk till she was 18months. One day she stood up, started walking and never stopped. Don’t worry mama, she’ll get there.

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Give her time and she will be running from you soon enough.

My daughter didn’t want to walk I believe because I wanted so badly for her to walk by her first birthday. That was a No! She was strong willed and did things when “she” wanted to. Three days after her first birthday, she just,out of the blue, got up and walked over to me smiling!
She still is strong willed and does things on her own terms at 34 years old.
It’s a sign of Independence!

All mine were around that age, I was told it’s normal anytime 12-18 months

Mine didn’t walk until they were 18 months, just keep encouraging her.

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My son didn’t walk until he was 15 months. He absolutely refused and the doctor said they aren’t concerned until 18 months. All of a sudden one day out of nowhere he just up and started walking and runs now. He’s 17 months.

My daughter was almost 2!! Remember not all popcorn pops at the same time


My son just turned 12 months and has started walking (but poorly) we found out he needs glasses.
Maybe bring thay up to her doctor

Mine didn’t start walking until like a year and a half. He was lazy af lmfao

My kiddo doctor said “some are walkers first and some are talkers first.”

It makes sense that their development focuses on one or the other first…that’s a lot to conquer! Eventually they all catch up.

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My son walked at 7 months

Dont stress she will when she is ready. My sons started to walk at 13 months and 16 months, but my daughter was 2 and a half. Xxx

She will walk when she is ready. Make sure she is healthy, etc - - -

My daughter and my granddaughter didn’t walk until 18 mos old, it’s not a big deal she’ll walk

My we boy was 16 months before he started walking. Don’t worry she will do it in her own time just maybe needs that little extra time to build her confidence, just keep trying her she will get stronger each time xx

Leave her on that floor ant let her watch everybody else walk that what I did to my little boy he seen his sister and daddy walking he got up and walked

Show her a cookie and get her to walk to it

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She is young… give her time. Not all kids walk at the same pace.

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It’s okay
Until after she’s 18 months than worry
Talk with your pediatrician and they can see if get a physical therapist is an option
My daughter is 16 months and just started walking about a week ago and she was the same she was scared she just needed more praise and encouragement

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Both my daughters didn’t start working till they were about 16 months

My daughter was 22 months before she walked.

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My first was 18 months on the day when she decided to walk. She needed a push. Semi force her to move her legs. But it was mostly her waiting until she was ready.

My daughter just started walking without assistance about a month ago and she’s 18 months. :blush:

What kind of shoes is she wearing? Just asking. The ol skool baby shoes, the white ones with the wide soles help with balancing.

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My second took until she was 18 months to walk. She was chunky, and in my experience fat thigh babies take longer. My skinny babies walked quicker and my chunky ones took longer.

She’ll do it when she’s ready. My daughter didn’t until like 18 months.

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my middle daughter didn’t crawl till 14 mths & walked at 16mths… your baby will do things as she is ready, when she’s confident in herself… she will, just let her do it at her pace…

Lol. Mine were late walkers too!

Give her time she will when she is ready

Just keep at it. All children walk at different times. If you are nervous, talk to your pediatrician. They will evaluate to see if something is going on that needs further investigation.

Try one of those baby cars like the little ones with the bar on the back while supporting her hips and also try taking her swimming to try to get those legs nice and strong and as she does that she will get less and less scared

My daughter’s didn’t start walking till they were 14 months…don’t panic mama she will surprise u soon enough.

Do she got some old school walking shoes? Sometimes that helps them feel better with that extra ankle support.

Sbe will walk when shes ready

If you have taken her to the doctor to get her checked over. If nothing is wrong with her just give her more time she will walk. If she spends a lot of time in a entertainment center take her out of it.

Just keep practicing! My daughter was almost 2 before she walked. Her twin brother walked by 12 months.

My son was tentative at 14 months. Then we were at my grandma’s house. One of his cousins who was about the same age was walking. She went up to him as he stood holding onto the coffee table, grabbed him by the hand, and off they went! I just sat there with my mouth open. He just needed to be shown he could do it by someone his own size. I’ll bet if you have friends or neighbors with kids her age and size, she’ll see them and decide she can do it too.

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My daughter walked just shy of 14 months. She walked all over holding onto things, but not on her own. She’s 13 now and extremely cautious. I wouldn’t worry to much yet.

My niece didn’t walk until 14 months! Totally normal. Every baby is different. If her doctor isn’t worried, you shouldn’t be! :heart:

All my kids walked at different ages

I believe 18 months is the date where they ask you to start mentioning it to a paediatrician, but from what I’ve been told, all kids bloom at their own pace.

My niece was like that! She’ll do it soon enough :grin:

My boys was 15 months, my daughter was later but that because of some medical issues. I wouldn’t worry too much as long as other milestones are being met.

Your kid watches your expressions…if they fall…and you jump to “are you ok?” Or shreek… they know somethings wrong try blowing it off or lightly brushing the soft falls off or smiling they’ll mimic you. Obviously if it’s a bad fall and it hurts have common sense…

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