My 11 year old son is having bad thoughts and is feeling nervous! Please help!

Hey everyone! My son is 11 years old and has expressed that he is feeling angry and having bad thoughts alot! He also says he feels nervous on the inside alot and just doesn’t feel right like something bad is going to happen. He says he is always sad and doesn’t want to be sad. He doesn’t know why it is happening. It is at random times during the day/week. Sometimes when he feels angry he said he feels like he wants to die and has even said he feels like he hates God. He says that he doesn’t hate God but he feels like he does sometimes. He does not appear to be sad to me… he seems like a happy kid. He said it has happened so much that he just deals with it because he doesn’t want to talk about it. As a mama, I am very talkative/involved with my kids (he has a 7 year old sister) and they know they can always come to me about anything. He has talked to me about it a couple times and both times gets extremely upset and cries… Is this a hormonal thing for his age? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks so much!