My 11-month-old still wakes up 3-4 times a night to feed; Advice?

Switch to a cereal bottle before bed and put cereal in it

This is very typical for breastfeeding babes. :heart: All of mine were this way until 16/17 months.


My son is 20 months and I thought I was celebrating 1 week of no breastfeeding until today, PRAY FOR ME!

Maybe it’s time for formula it’s not heavier enough for her to sleep thrue happened to my :baby:

So the technique we did with our son was to lay him in the crib. Let him cry for 2-5 minutes. Walk back in the room pick him up for like a minute or two. Then leave again rinse and repeat.

This tells your baby that youre still here for them but that they can’t use breastfeeding/you to go to sleep. Eventually they realize that they aren’t getting the result they want and they try something else.

It’s nerve wrecking and a little hard at first but 1000% worth it


Took is 13 months to sleep through the night

Ya feed her some baby cereal with warm milk. It’s good for her and u

Small healthy snack before bed.

Following. Son is almost 20 months old and still wakes multiple times.

She is hungry!!! It is definitely beyond time to start weaning if she is that upset

Make sure she has more solids at dinner time to keep her fuller longer.

Time for the 5,10,15 method

Well it’s on you now honey you should have bottle fed her

Get her on a bottle it will fill her up more!

It’s biologically normal for them to wake and want milk in the night. I know it’s hard, I’ve had 3 who didn’t sleep very well and my 16 month old still wakes anything between 2-5 times in the night. Can you go to bed earlier with her?

My son did this. I’m not saying this is the case with yours, but it was later discovered he has a sleeping disorder and some other issues out of his control.
I know you don’t wanna hear it, but, a good meal at night time & using alternate pacifying is pretty much all you can do right now.
Some people are going to suggest crying it out. She’s a baby.


No such thing as a child who wont let an adult do something. Its ok for babies to cry. She cant go to college with your tit in her mouth. Lay her in a crib and walk out if she gets up walk back in tell her its bed time lay her down and walk out. Next time you just walk in say nothing lay her down and walk out. Repeat the night through. Give her a paci or a bottle with water to self soothe with


Let her cry herself to sleep. It’ll be nerve wrecking for you the first cpl of times but trust me she will be ok. Just go check on her every 5-10 mins.


People, are you stupid? Crying a child out for wanting to be close to her mother? It’s completely normal for a child to wake up multiple times at night. DO NOT CRY OUT YOUR CHILDREN! They cry themselves to sleep, you think you won, but baby is losing the feeling of feeling safe. It’s disgusting and if you think crying a child out to sleep is normal and ok, you shouldn’t have them.

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Wow, I couldnt do the “cry it out” method, but I’ve heard nighttime breastmilk is different to daytime breastmilk (magical stuff!), so she is probably just getting the goods she needs. Also, there may be so many other factors she wakes up too; gassy tummy, thirsty if it’s humid, etc. Nothing wrong with soothing her back to sleep it’s natural, I manage to co-sleep and go back to sleep with them so I’m not sure how you’re doing it but it shouldn’t be tiring. Try consulting a nurse or midwife for advice too - not just on here. Good luck :+1: x

I’m right there with you , just turned a year and is up 2-3x a night. I try not to give in and end up 20 minutes later doing it just so I can get some sleep. He screams until he gets it and then is back asleep minutes later😫 so exhausting

I ended up having to stay in the hospital for a week for a personal emergency, and my husband was home with our children. During that week, My husband sleep trained our 9 month old. If he gets up at night he goes to his Daddy and that stopped him from wanting to get up and eat so now I get a full nights sleep! My husband puts our son to sleep by patting his back and leaving him in the crib still awake but drowsy.

11 months I was feeding my kids baby food. Especially before bed to fill them up and then milk (formula/ breastfeeding) and try that for a while. After a bit if you find she is waking up at night past over a year old… just give her water at night. As infants will start to learn that the middle of the night is not a feeding session and they will eventually not want to wake up for just water.

My son was the same way! I breastfed from birth-17 months. For the last probably 6 months he only breastfed for sleep or comfort the rest of the time he ate and drank.
I had started co-sleeping early on and that made breastfeeding sooo much easier. I would barely even actually wake up during the night to feed him that way, just kinda plop a boob over lol
I finally stopped at 17 months but I’m sure he would’ve kept that up for way longer. We just transitioned to warm milk bottle before bed and once we got used to it (probably a month or so) he started sleeping 10 hrs a night!

Keep your boobs out and cosleep :wink:

Prayers for you gentle mum.

It’s going to be an adjustment. Talk w your pediatrician as she should be able to eat food. I’d make sure they had baby cereal & full tummy, dry diaper, rocking, read a book, then to the crib.
As long as she’s dry & full, the routine helps & you BOTH have to make the routine work.
A pacifier, music, bath etc just keep the bedtime ritual & if there are no other issues the cry it out phase (while super hard to hear) will pass into sleep for you both.
Helping a baby learn to self-soothe & sleep at night is a gift for you both :heartpulse:

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Every mama does it differently. I was a single mom when my son was born until 2 yrs old. He breastfed until he was 2. He did this same thing (alwaaaaaays wanted the boob) and I would cry because I couldn’t figure out how to break it. I started putting cereal and a little bit of banana baby food in his breast milk bottle before bed and that definitely helped. I also had to lay with him beside his crib until he fell asleep. It takes time. You’ve got this.


My son (18mths) sleeps with me and is breastfeeding as well. However, he sleeps through most of the night and has been doing so since before turning 12mths old. He will usually wake between 3-5am for breastfeeding and go straight back to sleep. I make sure he has oatmeal or cereal for supper and recently started giving him a bottle just before bed. If she’s full she will sleep longer.


There are some really great articles on baby led weening. I would also say you may want to up her food. My first daughter was very similar to this. Didn’t start sleeping through the night until she was almost a year.

Sleeping through the night is developmental and not just kids still being hungry. It just takes some babes longer then others to get there. Plenty of adults don’t sleep through the night ever too. It took my youngest 2 kids until nearly 2 to sleep through the night. It’s hard on us but they usually just want our love. Try a sound machine and maybe a new night routine as well as a snack because it can’t hurt.


Same here. Single mom. So drained. My doc said she should go 4-6 hours without at night. I lay her back down and won’t feed until certain waking times. It’s hard having her cry, but I have to.


& I have a two year old who co sleeps and only nurses on three occasions, when he’s not feeling well, for nap time (once during the day) and when he’s ready to go night night. He also will nurse himself to sleep and sometimes i find him just sucking for comfort. Which leads to him also waking up 3-4 times at night looking for his milk. Try to break the cycle, when you figure it out please fill me in :roll_eyes:

I had three kids… never slept with them never had an issue with not sleeping all night… my youngest I would have to wake up to feed… we’re off the bottle before one and I see all these young ones having babies and try giving advice but they won’t take it… you as a mom will figure out what works best for you and your child… good luck

You need and deserve rest in order to be your best. Feed her a well balanced meal and put her in her own bed. Lay her down to a noise machine. Within a week this pattern will all be in your favor. Put a monitor in her room.
Do not go in and pick her up. Yes you are going to here some crying. Comfort feeding is not necessary. Good luck.


It’s all about your comfort zone and parenting style. I am a mother of 4 and have been a nanny for 10+ years. My guess is that they are still hungry and are waking up because of that. When you are breastfeeding, it is hard to know how much they are eating and if they are eating every few hours, they are basically snacking. I would suggest that you pump and give her the last feeding in a bottle. That way you can see if she is drinking enough before bed. Maybe that can be part of your bedtime routine.


When breastfeeding it’s hard but I have 5 kids and breastfed them all. I would prop them on a pillow or a poppy next to me feed them on my side and let them feed till their in a deep sleep then transfer them to the crib. I do feed food before the feeding and bathe them. My youngest son now likes walks so I would just walk him down the street bathe him then feed him. I try to get them in a deep sleep. Another thing is I don’t let them nap more than an hour and a half during the day.

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My son was waking up like that until he was about 2. I felt like a zombie. I was taking online courses and would be up at 3 am taking timed exams just praying he wouldn’t wake up. I had two other children as well. So tired. I get it. I hope she sleeps soon. I always had the same routine for all of my kids. Worked a bit better with the girls. Bath, book while rocking then bottle then straight into the crib. It may be worth a try. And same time every night. Nap time too. I hope you find something that works and you get some sleep.

She obviously isn’t getting enough food during the day so she has to have several feedings a night to be full. Give her a bottle with a bigger drip on the nipple and put a small amount of baby oatmeal in her bottle she will love it and it will fill her up. do it once or twice a day. Also try lavender lotion and soap during bathtime right before bed.

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Depends, are you only breastfeeding? Or feeding table food too? Is Baby waking up and fully nursing or suckling a little for comfort? Baby could be waking up if hungry, or it could just be a comfort thing.

Actually, in my experience, that woman is now a human pacifier. She is being summoned to soothe her child because they don’t know how to do it themselves. If you look into different techniques on how to teach your baby to self soothe and chose the one you are most comfortable with it should help. Good luck.

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I’ll get lambasted for this but…

She will do what you teach her to do. Put her in her crib. Does she eat any solid foods? Maybe a decent snack before bed. She will fuss,but she will fall asleep. Don’t talk to her after you put her down.

You can do this mama.


I went through this until 18 months when I completely took away breastfeeding. I was finding that it was more of a habit to feed 4-5 times a night. And crib training was a rough trip too. It took her 2 months to accept it. Good luck momma. Be strong!

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Well your child is oblivious hungry breastfeeding an 11-month-old is just not enough regardless of what her pediatrician has told you. She needs more than just the boob… like food, food for an almost 1-year-old


Mine was like this until last month , now she’s 13 months and she’s sleeping much better at nights…

Same :heart: my son is 3 years old in October and only just last week has he started sleeping the night without the boobs. It’s tough as heck, I feel you. I definitely had breakdowns about it because as much as I wanted to throw in the towel sometimes, I kept it up because I knew he needed it. The only advice I could share is listen to your mama instinct and know you got a group of women who will support you :heart:

My Dr. Told me to let my son sooth himself to sleep. He only wakes up 1 time and it’s out of habit not wanting to eat. To feed them a full bottle because maybe she isn’t getting enough food and is still hungry to wake up 3 times.

I’m breastfeeding my baby and she’s almost 11 months old. She’s my third child. I’m also a single mom. :white_heart: What helps me is a good meal a couple hours before bed, LOTS of play time, a nice bath and lotion rub down before bed. I’ll nurse her once before bed and she only usually feeds once in the night. Routine is super important. Breastfed babies almost never sleep through the night anyway…but hopefully you can get a routine going and your baby will get a better nights sleep with you. I cosleep but that’s just a preference of mine. I did the same thing with my older children when they were babies and they are just fine and dandy in their own rooms and transitioned just fine once they stopped breastfeeding. Hang it there mama. You’ll miss this time one day. :yellow_heart:

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My 1st had no problem but my baby is 15 months n still wakes up to eat its even worse since he is teething… doctor said its comfort feeding

I am a mom of 3 and I have 1 grandbaby in my personal experience they aren’t full I would feed my kids and grandbaby baby food then some rice cereal in the bottle before bed we had a good routine also snack bath bottle with cereal and then to bed it helped so much they slept so much better and longer maybe try pumping at night so u could mix in some cereal!

Give her food…she’s definitely hungry…

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i had my daughter sleeping through the night by 4 months. i bottle fed formula though. she’s used to what your doing. give her milk(your boob) and try some food, my daughter loved those little yogurt melts and puffs as snacks and the baby food that’s already mixed in with cereal which kept her full, i always did it before naps and bed and then a bottle. make sure you keep a really good nighttime routine, baby’s KNOW routines! ours was always feed,bath,clean jammies and in the crib with soft music and a loud fan on. it will not hurt her to cry a little, we did the cry it out method and while some say it’s cruel it’s not and it’s effective if you do it properly. let your baby know your still here and that it’s okay, comfort her but don’t pick her up. get her nice and drowsy but not asleep before you put her in the crib

My last son did this until we switched to the whole milk after he turned one. He would wake up every 2-3 hours. I was exhausted so I’m sure you are too.

Some baby’s are like that my youngest 15 months still won’t and she eats solids all day all that girl does is eat ontop of lots of boobs my almost 4 year old didn’t sleep a full night till he was 2 when he finally got off boob

My 3 year old still wakes up, its only 1 time but regardless let the babies be babies. Try feeding her more cereal before bed.

My son is almost three ND still wake up 2-3 times for juice…

Mashed potatoes and nice bath & then milk should work …good luck

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Put little cereal mixed with milk to feed babies they get belly full and sometimes sleep all night long . give it a try

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Get the new breast pump you pump right in the bottle bags so you can freeze milk and bottles are like your breast put her in her bed give the bottle to her in this case so you can sleep

Why not pump a do oatmeal in her bottle … .then she should sleep at least 4 hrs.

I have 6 kids and I’ve been thru this. When each of the kids was about a year old and we decided it was time to wean, night time was the hardest. My husband took each one and told me to leave the house for an hour. He managed to get them to sleep and in bed and I never asked questions. Then when the youngest was ready, we worked together. We would put him in bed after the last feeding but not leave the room. Either dad or I would lie down on the floor next to the crib and sing to him. The first night he cried and kept getting up for about 20 minutes, then he laid down and was out within another 10 minutes. Night 2 he fought for about 5 minutes, then laid down and was asleep pretty quickly. Night 3, he laid right down…it took a little longer for him to sleep, but he was down and quiet with no fuss. Over time it got quicker. And eventually we were able to put a sound machine in his room to help him sleep…kiss him, lay him down, turn on the music, and that was that.
I think this system is the best of both worlds. It’s very different than what they’re used to when they are falling asleep in their own beds, but if you are in the room, then they know you’re in it with them. Transition is hard, but when you can see and hear mommy or daddy, you know it’ll be ok. The trick is to say goodnight and lie down on the floor where she can see you. Be strong…try it. Its hard…I cried with my son too in the beginning, but we stuck it out and it worked amazingly well.

Shes still hungry . Get a pump or switch to formula

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Introduce some baby cereals/ baby foods and help fill them
Up before bed, it will help them sleep better too.


Feed her something solid before bed rice cereal she’ll sleep


I breastfed my child until 2.5 yrs and they would always get up for boob. I just gave in and let them sleep with me and I would roll over once they was done. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Wean her off you’ve done good making it this far

Mine did that until she was 3 years old.

She’s probably hungry nd thirsty still. My girl is 1 nd she has been sleeping through the night since she was a new born. Same for my 3 other kiddos. She still breastfeeds but its seem more for comfort before naps and bedtime. We also had her practicing to use a sippy cup at meal time since she started eating. We usually give our babies poi here in Hawai’i from 4-6 months. As soon as they start seeming less content.

I would stop breast feeding or pump

not getting enough to fill her tummy. at her last feeding at night, do you give her food or milk?

Some extremely dangerous advice on this thread. Waking is 100% natural especially for a bf baby! They breastfeed for so many reasons other then being hungry. Please read the book BooBin all day…BooBon all night by Meg Nagle and get proper advice.


Sleep is developmental and nothing to do with what there eating during the day or before bed. For babies to sleep through the night they need to learn how to fall asleep independently and so between sleep cycles they can get themselves back off to sleep without assistance. However baby gets to sleep at the start of the night will be how they will need to get back to sleep between every cycle (45mins-2hr)


It’s maybe a sign she is not fully fed. 11 months a child should be eating solid food and milk combined. Talk to her pediatrician about it. My daughter is 3 months old but she is already sleep thru the night or at least 5 hours straight… but I’m still struggling with her not willing to sleep in her crib Which is ok for me for now.


My youngest daughter didn’t sleep through the night until she was 12…12 years old! Have you tried just making sure she is super full before bed?I would give some cereal before bed to help keep her full longer. Don’t just let her cry she needs to know you’re there got her in order to gain trust.


Your child is hungry. Offer water in a sippy during the night and a snack before bed time. I breastfed my youngest for 18 months. It was hard to break her but i some how did it. Instead of the boob i offered water and cuddle time till she fell asleep but no breast unless everything else had failed. I also eventually switched cuddle time to laying her down in her bed and holding her hand till she falls asleep. Which we still do every night before bed. I have to hold her hand every night till she falls asleep.

Following same here :disappointed:

You definitely don’t need to use formula as was mentioned. But you can pump milk and mix with cereal, you could feed her baby cereal before bed, or maybe a healthy snack like bananas or dry cereal like cheerios. I think we all parent so differently so its really whatever you are comfortable with. Some put their babies down with a bottle (although not recommended by doctors), some use the cry it out method, and some do co-sleeping. Every Mom is different and not all will agree with the method you choose. One thing I did do is turn the baby monitor down some so that I would hear when they cried but not when they whined. Again though, everyone is different and not everyone agrees with the all the above mentioned ideas. So pick what you are comfortable with and don’t worry about the opinions of others. It can become very stressful if you do.

Breastfeeding is so draining & hard, I switched mine too formula when she turned 5months and she was much fuller and seemed more content when she was sleeping. Could be anything though but goodluck​:baby:t4::kissing_heart:

Lord please don’t listen to all these people saying to let her cry it out. Give that baby the boob. Bring her to bed with you and nurse her in bed while you both sleep. My son nursed at night until we weaned at 2. But I lost no sleep because he slept with me. Now, at almost 3, he sleeps in his own bed through the night. Cry it out is damaging to a baby’s nervous system. Don’t do it.


I recommend reading a few books on sleep training. I really liked the book called happiest baby on the block. It made a huge difference. Sleep baby basics was good also.
These books teach you to sleep train your little one without the severe trama of the full on cry it out method.

I had this same problem with my son. I had to go to him and soothe him the best I could without whipping out a boob. Super hard to deny your kid tho, required some intense self-discipline. I would give him a pacifier instead. This stage will pass. Good luck!

I had this problem as well. I had to try to find a comfort for mine. Bc I think mine relied on my boob for comfort,so many nights I would pop my boob out and she would fall asleep without drinking much so it was all comfort for her. Try to get her attached to a different comfort. Feed her right before bed so she is full and try to find a different comfort for her and then maybe she will only wake for 1 feeding. As far as crib training I have no clue bc we co sleep still and mine is almost 5. It’s a bond that I like and I’m sure she appreciates too!

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You have to decide if baby is hungry or if it’s just habit. It’s probably not hunger, so you’ll have to break the habit. You will probably want to phase it out, meaning start with shorter feeds, gradually getting shorter until nothing. You can go in to comfort with a back rub or something but once you stop the feeds try not to pick up baby as you’ll be developing another habit! It’s tough but in the end you’ll be much happier if you can both get some sleep!


My son is 15 months and he sleeps with us, I really could care less what people think. But anyways it was the only way I could get any sleep, he still wakes up for his bottle, but not near as much as he used to. He even eats regular food. I don’t believe in the whole let them cry it out, if it works for some people then great! But I don’t do it. And he’s my second child. Co slept with her also. When my daughter was almost 2 we decided no more bottle during the night, we filled a sippy with water and when she would wake up for milk we gave her a drink of water and eventually she started sleeping all night. I believe everyone is different. You just have to find what works for you and your child and ignore all the judgy people out there!


My doctor told me to go and change her and give her a drink of water from a cup. Put her back to bed. Let her cry. It will take 2 nights to change things and he assured me it would be harder on me then her. He was right.
He also said if i woke up at 2 am and you cuddled me i would wake up every night.

I did the cry it out method and it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do BUT she sleeps like an angel now from 8:30pm to at least 8:30am every single night. It’s not for everyone and it’s hard, but it worked for me.


3 days… what ever you choose… stay with the change for a minimum of 3 days…babys usually will accept the change of routine after 3 days


24 months and still wakes up 4-5 times to breasfeed
What i notice is better to give them food right before bed time they sleep longer and maybe just 1 times wakes up


Sounds like she needs more to eat during the day. I wasn’t a breast feeder and my boys only woke once through night for a bottle feeding and a diaper change. I believe by 6 months old I was giving them baby food. Mom, you need to break the habit that your baby girl is in. It sounds like it’s a comfort thing and not a hunger thing.

Sleep train!!! This sounds EXACTLY like my son. We let him cry it out in his crib. It took 3 days (my husband had to pin me to the couch, I couldn’t handle the crying…my boobs ached so bad) but he sleeps 12hrs solid, with zero interruptions now. Totally worth it!

Sleep train. Took me a few months and I am not one to let mine cry so I went in every 10 mins to rock back to sleep for a couple months until we aced it. Hard but worth it.
Also found cereal before bed helped fill her.

I had to sit on the floor and rub or pat my baby to sleep. When they first started in their own bed, I also put a stuffed animal on the back to make them think about it is my hand still there. And keep putting them back in their bed when they wake up

Start by getting her to sleep as usual, then put something on the nipple that tastes bad like cocoa powder or maybe even vegetable oil. Then when she wakes up later she’ll not want it once she tastes it. Start talking to her about how she’s growing up and she needs to be eating big girl food.

Switch over to a bottle and only give her water. We did this and after 2 nights my son was sleeping through the night.

I presume shes having food as well. And having drinks. You might need to lncrease those during the daytime. Make sure the temperature is alright in her bedroom.

More food! Less Boobs! Also, Start pumping! Have milk for her at night in a bottle

Did you try pacifier? :grin::grin:

Probably just soothes her it’s comforting to her