My 10-month-old wakes up in the middle of the night and stays awake: Help?

I am at a loss right now. It is 12:26, and like clockwork, my son had woken up before he was ready. He is ten months old and doesn’t want to be awake. I try to feed him and change his diaper. But he is not hungry. His diaper is not wet. I try everything to soothe him. We listen to hours of white noise. We rock in my chair. I bounce with him. I sing lullabies to him softly. But still, he is awake and pissed for hours. And everyone I ask about it just keeps telling me this is normal. That babies his age always do this. But it doesn’t feel normal. And I am at a loss of what to do.


He’s probably about to hit a major milestone. Whenever they are close to a growth spurt or major milestones, their habits change. Itll get better and should only last a couple of weeks.


They have regressions. They suck, but it is normal.

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Needs more food or milk.
Changing nipple size on bottle helped me at 3 months and she sleeps 8 plus hours before waking up. Hang in there…it will happen

Put him to bed later and dont let him nap too long in thr daytime

Try no naps during the day. It works with my son

Sleep regression…totally normal like everyone said…specially close to a milestone. All my boys went through it. Itll get better :slight_smile:

If he’s not fussing just leave him in his crib. He’ll go back to sleep eventually

My daughter is 10 months and doing the same thing. Like clockwork every morning at 4. I turn on her favorite song on my phone, put it in the crib and I go back to sleep :joy: She doesnt eat, doesnt want to be held, she wants to play.

My son was the same way my husband and I had such a hard time. We noticed many things that were different he was developing different. After a year he got evaluated and had certain sensory issues. His therapist recommended a weighted blanket. Helped so much. Hes 5 now he still has trouble sleeping at times and hes on melatonin now for 6 months. He doesnt produce natural melatonin. Good luck!

It could be sleep regression it could also be teething. Try doing one nap at like 1130am 12pm. An only let him sleep for like a hour or hour an a half. An keep him up till about 730 8pm this is what I have had to do with my 13 month old since he was like 9months old

Can you try and keep him up more during the day? That way he may be more apt to be tired at night.

Try to keep the baby awake more strength day. Had to take my daughter’s nap away at 1 ur. or she was awake all night. That was 1 year, I don’t know what 1 ur isLol.

Make sure there are no medical issues such as ear infection or UTI. Try to shorten his naps & up his activity (if possible, we have a 9 month old grandson in the home & its HIS schedule lol). & try to keep him awake a bit longer when he goes down for a nap.
Best of luck, its just starting for my daughter & I :slight_smile:

Is he teething? Or gassy

My daughter did this around 9 months and finally stopped around 11 months. The pediatrician told me that when babies hit milestones or growth spurts that sometimes they’ll go through some sleep regression

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Its hard but it will pass if there is nothing psychically wrong with him and he isn’t hurt leave him in his crib and go back to sleep… when my son was 10 or 12 months old he went through it first I thought teething and gave tylenol just in case if that didnt do anything I just got frustrated and keep giving him a bottle soon a nuff I just left him whine it out and I no that’s not ever parents favorite thing to do but eventually it works

Leave him in his crib give him something to play/cuddle. He needs to learn to self soothe and fall back asleep.


My 10month old didn’t have a solid sleep schedule. So I didn’t. Gotta make them tired all over again

Try a johnson&johnson nightime lavender bath. sometimes this works well, also the nipple size change helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

Have you tried just cuddling with him, he is most likely going through some changes in his little body and sometimes just being cuddled in bed helps to call them enough they go back to sleep.

Never ever use Melatonin with out a doctor suggesting to do so ! My sons dad was giving him Melatonin for the hell of it and my sons pediatrician said don’t do it there bodys need to learn to make it them self’s!


It most likely sleep regression. My daughter went through this a few times and for weeks at a time sometimes. She would wake up around midnight or 1am cranky as hell or wanting to play and she’d usually be up for about 2 hours sometimes longer. I was so exhausted and thought i would never sleep again. Lol Shes 15 months now and she says “night night” to me around 8:30 every night like clock work. Her way of saying shes ready for bed lol and she seriously is usually out like a light in under 15 min. She sometimes will wake up in the middle of the night crying but im almost always able to soothe her back to sleep and she always sleep until 7:30 am sometimes 8. Its normal mama. I really think its a phase. I look back on those days and im so grateful that she sleeps better now bc i remember how hard it was. Especially as a new mom. You’ll get through it! :heart:

My daughter is 1 years old, we just got her to sleep through the night. She had some sleep regressions but, she’s finally down. We kept her active during the day and less active at night. At night we have dinner, bath and a book then bed. Let them cry it out. Your bqby might need to learn to self sooth. I started letting her cry it out a little at a time. Like 30 minutes…looking in…to 1 hour looking in. No more than that. Hope this helps, soothing music also helps

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Mine is 16months and still does it!:rofl: If you find something that works let me know please!

When this happens we’d put baby in baby carrier and I would sway back and forth and he’d fall asleep if that didn’t work we’d go for a car ride

You could try white noise at bed time so small sounds don’t wake him. That helped a lot for us with our daughter. If he doesn’t cosleep, you could rub his back or pat his bum. You can start using baby lavender essential oil and dab it where he sleeps if it really came down to it. Just helps them fall asleep and stay asleep. But that behavior is completely normal. Sometimes I’d lay with my daughter until she fell asleep and then I’d put her back in her crib. Best of luck mama

He’s in charge just embrace it smile and love him

Teething or cutting teeth my baby girl does this

You may want to reevaluate nap times. How many and what time of day is he taking naps? And what time are you putting him down at night to go to sleep. Make sure he doesn’t take any late naps and try keeping him awake an hour later at night. Also let him stay in his crib as long as he’s quit as you may be overstimulating him at night and adding fuel to the fire. (If your not a fan of the cry it out method that’s fine) but don’t run to him the second he makes a noise…let him have 5 minutes to try to settle himself before getting him. When my son did this I started with 5minutes and moved my way up 10 minutes. If he was still crying after that I would go get him, calm him, try changing and bottle, or rock him for 30 minutes than I would lay him back down. Than do it again give him another few minutes to try to settle himself and if he’s still crying after 5/10 minutes repeat the process. Also maybe try running a fan in the corner of his room. My baby will wake up in the middle of the night if I forget to turn the fan on when she first goes to sleep.

It’s normal. My son is almost two and still wakes up at night🤷🏻‍♀️


More than likely he is teething. My son is 10mo also. He does sleep through the night, but we do have nights that he will constantly whine in his sleep n I’ll have to give him binky…or he will just wake at 2-3am n not go back to sleep for over an hour. I dont feed him during the night and stopped that when he started solids n just slept through the night on his own. Also, my pcp said that when they hit their milestones, their sleep can get all screwy. My best advice is stay consistent w routine n if he is teething, give him some tylenol maybe a half hr b4 putting him down…also, numb his gums up w something cold or baby orajel. Best of luck mama❤

If he’s not wet, hungry, hurting etc then let him be! You’ve said he’s grumpy the whole time! Maybe stop putting physical stimuli and activities on him on the night time! Dont try change him if u know hes dry. Dont try feed him if u know hes not hungry, dont bounce him if it doesnt work to settle him! Dont sing etc etc! u could actually be keeping him awake and making him grumpy! Hes cried because he wants u to come soothe him but dont go too over board. Settle him back down, stroke and calm and then leave. Do this everytime he cries for you. He will self soothe knowing u are near by and will come if he needs you!! :+1: xx


The hardest for a mom to do is sleep train. Basically you let them cry themselves asleep. You as a mom will feel horrible. I sure did. But once they figure it out it works. I did if for both my kids. They lay right down. And will lay there till they fall asleep. So people my say is cruel. But they need to learn how to self sooth . I definitely cried my daughter took about a week and half. But my son only took 4 days. It’s not for everyone. But it will work.


Hot bath, massage, and full belly right at bedtime may help reset him.

open a window take a quick night stroll

Teething maby or rutine? Baby’s want to sleep but fight it. Its a strange merry-go-round… BUT if u feel something is not normal or something wrong trust ur feelings not people’s opinions and take him to see doc. explain your concerns

Keep him up a little later even if he’s tired keep him up play with him and see if that works

Just phases they go through. Why do you feel its not normal? Did you expect a baby to sleep well​:joy::joy:?
Best of luck with that !
They just to through phases ! Lots and lots of little phases .

Maybe he’s not feeling well

No, that doesn’t sound normal actually. Not if he’s unhappy to be awake / fussy the whole time m It sounds like he’s uncomfortable / in pain if I’m reading your post right. Could be teething, gas or digestive issues. Does he bite down on your finger if you rub his gums? Could indicate teething. I would give him some Tylenol, wait 15 minutes and then try to rock him back to sleep. If that doesn’t work, try gas drops. Those generally work quickly, so pat and rub his back as you rock him. If neither of those are working, you might consider dietary issues with his milk / formula or solids he’s eating. You should see other symptoms though like spitting up, arching their back, drawing their knees to their chest when on their back, etc. Just some thoughts off the top of my head…Also, could be an ear infection. Most illnesses get worse in the evening, my Mom always said something about the barometric pressure changing at night. I’ve never looked it up, but I’ve seen it happen frequently.

Probably just about to reach his next major development milestone my kids never slept through ever.

Or about taking him to the doctor, and have some tests done on him.

My son just went through teething, he got 4 in all at once and he was an absolute NIGHTMARE. Poor baby wouldnt sleep more than a few hours at a time and was angry as hell.
A little tylenol and a paci. I gave my little one bites of popsicles and sugar wafers(the texture feels good on their gums!)

My first baby did this, and I think most babies probably go through a period of sleep regression! If you leave him there and don’t pick him up, he’ll put himself back to sleep eventually. Nothing wrong with checking on him, but just don’t make too big of a fuss, because he’ll never go back to sleep if you do, he will think it’s play time lol

My son did this until he was 4 YEARS old! He had undiagnosed sleep apnea! I KNEW something wasn’t right with him. Everyone (including doctors) told me that this was normal, some children just require less sleep. If YOU think something is off with YOUR child do not stop until someone listens to you. My child was literally suffocating. Thank God for the doctor that finally listened to me. My son is now 16 and has outgrown his sleep apnea and sleeps like most teenagers!!

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Sleep regression! Instead of getting up and changing and feeding-let him put himself back to sleep. I just went thru this issue with my now 13 month old. They know and figure out that if they wake up you’ll be there. So lay back and listen and let him go back to sleep on his own. He may fuss, he may scream and cry. Just gently check on him but leave him in his crib unless there’s truly an issue.

All 3 of my kids never did this. If they did it was like once or twice if they didnt need anything they stayed in bed or layed with me. But my first suggestion is maybe hes going to bed too early? Too much sleep during the day? Did he get cold/hot? I was told by multiple drs never to add cereal to bottles.

My first baby girl did this too! She just want to play, not hungry or wet, she just lay there and play til she finally fell back to sleep, she did this every night!

Talk to a Pediatrician not a bunch of strangers on FB. HAPPY HOLIDAYS

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What is normal for each kid is different. My oldest always did this and he didn’t get teeth until one. It is important to note that developmental milestones will disturb sleep. Like walking crawling and standing etc. They master it and it is also a cognitive skill and thus the incessant need to do it - and not sleep. Continue routine and most likely babe will fall back into normal sleep routine. Teething, developmental milestones and sleep regressions can attribute to this. Usually the 8 month is when the 8m regression starts but it can last awhile. And even start “late” because each kiddo is different. Also note, babies learn things before they do them. So they may obtain the mental capacity to do a specific motion. Spend time acting it out and then later the skill will present itself. Kinda like speech. We can understand before we can speak. If you’re not familiar with leaps and regressions I would look up wonder weeks as well as regressions. Wonder weeks has a cheap app for your phone and will allow you to understand what baby is doing through and learning and how to help through the world. Every little thing is new. And every leap their brains have a development that they were not attuned to before. So they can have dramatic effects on them. Hang in there momma. Outside of an illness (cold/ear infection etc) I wouldn’t be overly concerned. Knowledge is power and arming yourself can help not just baby but you as well. They’re only little so long :blush:

Does he have abnormally large tonsils like one of mine did? He woke up at night alot until he was 4 and we had them removed. They were restricting his breathing.

Melatonin! Ask your doctor about it. Saved my life with our toddler.

Maybe he is getting too much sleep during the day with his naps. I would cut each nap he takes 15 minutes shorter.

Have you tried adding baby rice cereal to his night time bottle?! I had to do that with my son; i just cut a bigger hole out of the nipple and added a few tablespoons of cereal


Feed him a lil more n let him put himself back to sleep. He’ll figure it out

Rice cereal in his bottle or a teaspoon or two a couple of hours before bed. Make like oatmeal. Had to do with my son. He was hungry.

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Doesn’t seem normal.A fever?

Respectful Sleep Training/Learning