My 1-year-old has been throwing horrible tantrums: is it normal?

My one yo has been throwing horrible tantrums lately. She fails around and throws herself. She also, at times, will drop all of her weight while I’m trying to pick her up. Today she hurt me very badly. She’s been pinching and hitting quite a bit. The major tantrums started just this past week or two. I have an appt to get her vaccines soon, so I will definitely be talking to her doctor about it. It was sudden that this started happening though like a flip of a switch. Is this normal “toddler tantrums,” or could it be something else? Any suggestions or advice! TIA


My 1 year old does this as well :pensive:🤦

Welcome to toddler hood!! Lots of patience, mama. You got this. This shall pass.
Then 2 happens…
I’m working with a newly 2 year old and an almost 4 year old.

Toddlers are like storms beautiful 1 minute then horrible the next :rofl: the joys of parenting


It’s totally normal. She may start banging her head intentionally on things. Also normal.

My daughter has done this since about 1 year old and she just turned 3.

Get her off all sugar , you will see a difference!

Normal, but as with anything else you are concerned about, talk to her pediatrician.

Great question. Some of it is normal. That being said, my fourth child was the “worst”. I thought I had this parenting thing down by time he came along. I took him to the doctor, I was like “either he is in pain, or I have no idea what I am doing”. Turns out, he was lactose intolerant. I thought I had a chubby baby, nope, he was swollen. I discovered this when he was a year and a half. Within three days of being off dairy he was a different kid. Point being, it wouldn’t hurt to talk to a pediatrician to see if there could be a medical problem going on that can be fixed.

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Its normal… but its not to early to teach coping mechanisms… ackniwledge feelings and teach her to take deep breaths. Also pay attention to triggers to help avoid… hunger? Sleep? Pain? Uncomfortable? Bored??

My son does this and he just turned 3 . He goes to school hitting . I put him timeout and put a timer on and explain why he is in there . Also throws fits to try and get what he wants and looks for attention I just don’t acknowledge it and he stops really fast

Although she is only 1 if you talk to her she will understand and likely do as you ask. My 6 year old had never done this but once when she was 4, not bad just threw herself to the floor and whined a bit but I think it’s bc I talked to her starting at age 3 months about behavior and how this was unacceptable. The day she threw herself down I had her stand up, popped her butt one time and said “No! This is not good behavior I know you know this” and never again. It’s important to talk to her while she is calm and explain it to her daily then while mid tantrum remind her why not to do it. Hope this helps


Mine just turned 2 this past weekend. What an asshole she is. I have four kids and she’s the worst. She hits, bites, throws massive tantrums.

Welcome to the club :joy:

Wait til 2 & 3 doesn’t get better! Lol. Good luck mama!

Sounds like my 14.5 month old to a T! Stay strong, they’re stubborn you just have to be ten times stronger than their stubbornness! I have put him in his crib when he throws endless tantrums. He usually just needs a little nap when he’s being a dick.

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She is a girl its just the beginning Ignore her to the point of walking away, dont respond at all. Im petty tho so when my girls did it i would too, like straight mock them and then they would stop and look at me crazy. They stopped lol

The reason she does it is because u are letting her get away with it.

There is nothing wrong with her, she is testing u and seeing how far ur going to let her get away with her tantrums.

You need to establish a time out spot or hit u sit. As soon as she pinches or hits sit her on her butt immediately. Tell her you hit you sit.

Do it every time she is doing bad behavior.

If u dont establish boundaries and dicipline routine. She will get away with it and do it when shes 5.


Normal unfortunately. My kiddo is 2 and yes, it was like a switch flipped when she was around 1. First it was biting and hitting and now its punching, hitting and pinching. It often is when she is emotionally overloaded and doesnt have the words to express what she is feeling. If she’s overtired or not feeling well or just not understanding why mommy is saying no. I put her in her bed and tell her to come out of the bedroom when she is calmer. She takes a minute to wind herself down and then comes out and I try to figure out what is wrong with simple questions. Sometimes there is no answer.

Shes a baby. She had emotions and she doesn’t know what to do with them its perfectly normal. Let her tell you how to respond. If putting her down and letting her get it all out is what works best do that. If holding her calms her faster do that. She is a baby. Shes not misbehaving, shes feeling.


Trade her in now before you get too attached.


I understand my daughter did this, now shes grown but looking i wish i had talk to out doctor cause they can help now. If i can help u can call me, just remember she doesnt understand why shes mad. Just hold her while shes doing it. I know its hard. But the doctor can help.

First of all has she been around people that normally she’s not around or has situation change is she only alone with you sometimes kids to act out when something’s going on like they’re being hit or abused in other ways if that is not the case then she’s trying to control you you need to show her who’s boss put her in a corner don’t let her leave don’t let her don’t back down whatever you do


Very normal. She’s testing limits and boundaries. Stick to your discipline method and she’ll take a chill pill

My first born was a breeze but my second is almost 18 months and the last couple of weeks he had started tantrums he throws himself on the floor and just cries and cries and if you talk to him he angry cries. I think every kid is different in there own way! But definitely a normal toddler thing I have heard from other people! Hope it passes soon. Good luck!

Normal. Correct this early.

Ask her pediatrician for ways to respond.
My 2 yr old daughter has stated pinching me when I tell her no. I pinched her back and smacked her butt. She’s not done it since


My 14 month old throws horrible fits, and now has started a blood curling scream when shes mad

Has things changed in routine anything even the smallest will set them off def talk to doctor.remedy quick or this is what you will have 24 7 all kids differ

Ugh my current situation with my 15 month old. Freaking nightmare going out in public. I come back drenched in sweat😩

This is the age when they start to get the feels. Unfortunately, they don’t understand what the feeling is, nor do they know how to respond to it. Right now she looks to you to calm her down. My granddaughters do this, they are 1 and 2, and we ask them "are you . Then we tell her that it’s okay to feel like that, but hitting, pinching, etc is not okay. If she needs to cry, let her, and if it’s a tantrum, set her in her crib for just one minute. Tell her that tantrums don’t get you what you want. Stay on top of the physical acting out, because it will continue as long as you let it go.


Do it back to her… mock her… show her how annoying she is. She pinches you, pinch her ass back a little harder. When she’s throwing herself around just ignore her she just wants attention.

Tantrums are worse when they are tired. If u have a good schedule it should almost eliminate them. 12 hours of sleep at night and at least 2-3 hrs during the day. I can def tell when mine is tired or even miss a hint of his normal sleep.

I walked away, no attention what so ever. Thankfully my store knew me so when I left him throwing a tantrum. (I was around the corner) he panicked never did it again. Testing you Mama!!


Normal and this is the time to start a small form of disclipine imo. When my eldest did something like that to me I had to slap her hand and firmly tell her no. She didnt like it but i did it every time and after a few days she stopped. I’m already doing it to my 7 month old, but instead of slapping her hand i grab her hand and firmly hold it down and tell her no. She gets mad but stops lol. Kids are smart even at this age so they will learn what you mean.


My friends 34 year old son does the exact same thing.


A one year old ONLY displays LEARNED behaviors, the tantrums, the biting, the pinching, has either been done to her or in front of her… if she drops while trying to pick her up, don’t pick her up?! The flailing and crying is also a learned behavior, not sure what exactly a one year old could be so upset about?! You need to stop paying attention to her negative behaviors, if you reinforce bad behavior by giving it attention you are teaching her how to communicate with you, she flails, you respond, she drops to the ground, you pick her up, walk away and for the love of God, make sure someone isn’t abusing her or she isn’t around kids who are teaching her to bite and pinch… she’s brand new to this world and something is seriously wrong in that household for her to be showing these signs of aggression and upset often. It starts with the adults, sounds like, and I stand by this, you and whom ever you live with need some cou selling and parenting classes. She is an innocent child and should be happy and communicating in a much different manner.


Not all behaviors are learned at that age. I have a one year old and two year old granddaughter(siblings) they’ve never been to day care, either, I or my mother or their mother has kept them. The one year old has started biting. The two year old has never bit so please tell me how it’s a learned behavior. I taught day care when mine were little. It’s a way the express themselves when they don’t understand their feelings and depending on where they bite, it’s a sign of trying to dominate the person they bit. Facial biting is about trying to dominate. Hitting and pinching is about motor skills at that age. Usually if you pop their hand lightly or lightly pinch they learn that it hurts and before someone pops off and says something about doing that to a child in daycare, NO I DIDN’T. I did it with mine. My middle would flail herself backwards, and throw major temper tantrums. I would pick her up, put her in her bed and walk away till she was done with the fit. It’s about attention. They don’t care if it’s good or bad attention at that age. Be consistent, choose your battles wisely and best of luck.

Toddlers (little ones) show aggression as a means of communication. They have strong feelings and no other way to share them. They also lack the self control to stop themselves for acting out on their feelings. And throwing a tantrum doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t happy. They just get overwhelmed easily.

It’s normal. Please ignore all the people suggesting to punish her, because she is way too young to understand. She also lacks impulse control, so she physically can’t stop herself even if she wanted to. The only thing you can do at this age is redirect. They have short attention spans at this age so it’s fairly easy to distract her with something else. When my son was at the hitting phase I overreacted and pretended to cry really hard. I said “owie you hurt mommy. Kiss it better?”. It took about a week or two before he’d stop hitting and now he kisses me randomly or if he thinks I’m hurt. Some babies do things because they like the reaction, and want to see it again, so if that’s the case, then walk or turn away and ignore her. Give no response at all. Just remember that tantrums are just an overload of emotions as they try to process them with their undeveloped amygdala. Tantrums are normal, and the best thing you can do is acknowledge the emotion and let her know it’s ok and you still love her. Talking calmly to her during the outburst will help her learn to use her words when she is feeling overwhelmed, so say things like “I can see you’re frustrated …”
An example, when my son gets upset after I pick him up because he wants to walk, I’ll say “I know you’re upset and you’d rather explore but… (explain why I’m picking him up)” then I’ll distract him with showing him something that looks interesting at my level, tickle him, sing a song, etc. Sometimes it doesn’t work and I just let him down and try again after a couple min once he’s calm.

The next few years are going to take a lot of patience (… and wine lol) but then the preteen years will hit and you’ll think this phase was easy.

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Very normal. Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers. They’re curious, they’re learning boundaries, and they haven’t quite figured out how to handle their emotions yet so little disappointments are just as devastating as if their whole world collapsed around them. Communicate with her in easy to understand language. Keep a cool head (as best as you can). Maintain your position. At a year old, distraction method will be your best friend but still be sure to talk her through why you said or did whatever that may have pushed her over the edge or talk her over whatever else may have broken her heart… like the wrong colored cup or her ice cube melting. Lol. Literally anything and everything is a potential trigger while she’s exploring her new emotions and discovering how much she can get away with.

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Toddlerhood! The easiest way to put it is that they know way more than they are able to communicate. It will come out in tantrums. Crying, screaming, the whole 9 yards. Some kids are easier than others. I have 3 kids. They have all been completely different. My oldest had tantrums from 2-4. My 2nd is just now starting to have tantrums and he is 4. My daughter. She’s the youngest is already starting to have them and she is almost 2. Just figure out how to communicate better and they won’t happen as often. Unfortunately it will happen no matter what. How often is based on their communication skill level. Also they have to go thru their emotions and understanding each one. Which can be a process. They are silly and sweet. And then a whole different child. This is just the beginning. Buckle up!

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Does she go to daycare or has anything changed in her life? Is it particular actions that set her off? Like taking a toy? I taught my boy ta, so when I say ta, he gives me whatever is in his hands, may just be her not understanding what’s going on or why something is happening, and they dont know how to Express feelings and emotions very well at that age.

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This totally normal… dont worry, my two went through it, I think it’s because when they can’t talk to explain what’s wrong they get really frustrated, I’m sure I’d have a tantrum if I couldn’t Express myself through speech… it will get better dont worry :heartpulse:

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My son who is 60 now he used to throw himself on the floor throw his head back on the floor and scream blue. Murder i used to blow on his face because he held his breath and was going blue he done it one day at the docters doctor took one look and said he will breath before he dies DR. said it so casual so when i got home and he put on a turn I JUST STEP OVER HIM and from then on he stoped he done


Pinch her back. It’ll teach her that it hurts. This is normal behavior, welcome to parenthood.

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Totally normal. One year olds don’t know how to regulate their emotions. Everything is a big deal to them. Whatever you do, don’t freaking spank them for this.

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It may be a speech Gap… She may be struggling with her the words to tell or ask you what she is wanting. or shes just being a shit lol Mine was a shit at that age lol

I have a 3 year old it’s only going to get worse tantrum wise, try time out.

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My 1 year old is currently throwing a tantrum cause she can’t stand on her diaper wipe box :woman_facepalming:t2: I normally just ignore her so she learns she doesn’t get attention doing this kind of behavior. When she pinched me I usually tap her hand and tell her no, don’t be mean to mommy! Main thing is to teach her she can’t get away with this kind of behavior. If you can manage that then you should be fine

I am glad my Children and Grandchildren never did this!

She’s 1…it’s normal.

Babies are fun, huh?

If there has not been any change in her world I would think most likely a phase. If she goes to day care see if there is anything new. See if she had a friend move or start being friends with someone else. Or a kid at day care who has started bulling.

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If this is just “all of a sudden”
what changed in the household?
What has she seen.??
It doesn’t come out of nowhere

Very normal, it’s difficult for them to communicate all of their feelings and wants, which leads to tantrums. Picked up my son underneath his armpits once at 18 months to go put him down for a nap. He didn’t want to take a nap so he decided to go full on limp noodle like a dead body and slipped out of my hands. I tried to grip harder to catch him as he slipped, catching him by his forearms and yep, dislocated his elbow. 4 weeks in a cast at 18 months old.


When she starts throwing a fit just let her as long as she doesn’t hurt herself. They have bad days just like adults. Leave the room and just let her. She is doing this also because she is getting the response she wants.

Mine does it too! She’ll be 16 months on the 6th. Completely normal. My older 2 did it too.

Perfectly normal, walk away when she does it. Ignore the behavior. The more you try to stop it the worse it will get. Even if it’s happening in a store or restaurant turn your back or walk far enough away but still able to see her for safety reasons. It will stop eventually. When she realizes that she can’t get what she wants it will stop


Very normal. They have a hard time trying to get out what they want or how to Express themselves so this is next option. It’s called the Terrible 2’s for a reason.

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she might have seen another child throw tantrums and get want they want my kids did this I just walked away saying when you are done then you can be with mommy I do not believe in tantrums. It stopped. But talk to her doctor when you see them

This dropping their weight while you try to pick them up is so irritating !


Yup all normal my first daughter would throw herself onto the hard wood floor and rip her own hair out! She’s 18 now it’s long gone.

She can’t figure out how to communicate her feelings so it pisses her off…

Check her diet. Sugar is a great high for children but it also has a great low.

All 7 of my kids have done it at that age!

Put her in bedroom and shut the door tell her tantrums are unacceptable and you won’t tolerate them she is doing this to get attention and if you aren’t paying attention she should learn to stop

Haha yes! I thought the same thing. My son was a “poster child” then her turned 2 and he started temper tantrums over little things. He got over it, he’s three now and behaves well for his age. It will pass!

My 7.5 month old is going through a sleep regression. Tantrums are worse, etc. I’ve just been putting him in his room to crawl around. If she fights naps or bedtime, keep her awake until she fights you to sleep.
Sing. Singing helps a lot. Reading books too.
If I’m breastfeeding and he bites me, I yelp and pull away telling him not to bite and just wait a minute. If he does it again, I do the same thing and them put him on the floor by my bed.

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You need to be stern with your child and let them know that their behavior will not be tolerated. When they are throwing the tantrum, ignore them. After they are done- time out chair… One minute per year they are… Two years old… Two mintues time out. Make a specific place for this.

Same… I dont know what to do about the going limp, my does it and i just have to lower him to the ground and lay him there. The tantrums I just place my down and let him cry, I’ll stand there to make sure he’s knows I’m there. He eventually stops… I think it’s just him figuring out his emotions and not knowing how to process bc he’s 1!

Called terrible 2’s for a reason…good luck

I’m not sure, my baby is 9 months and she seems like she’s throwing mini-tantrums

I been dealing wit this and my daughter is not even 9 months as yet. People will swear i beating my child the screem is d worst then there is the cry everyone runs come to see wat happen to her and for nothing. I think its just something dat happens and its nothing to worry about.

Once your child realizes that their behavior causes you to react they will start doing all sorts of things to get a reaction, or bc they didn’t get a reaction they liked.

You’ve just got to change your reactions.

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My first did this when he turned 2 and now my step son who will be 2 this month is starting to do it andddd of course their younger brother who will be 1 also this month is starting to act out just like them :upside_down_face: all I can say is WISH US ALL LUCK :joy::joy: my oldest is now almost 4 and his behavior has gotten ALOT better he still acts out from time to time tho

Lol I’m going thru that now my 2 1/2 yr old went thru it she getting ready for her terrible two’s I have a 1yr old that’s doing the same thing bad tantrums and everything smh mother hood just pray lol

I got a 3 year old n I got a paddle so all them little fits ended real quick!! Spare the Rod you spoil the child!!!


You have to spank them , let them by with all that shit and see what happens


My son has been doing this since he was 1.
He is 26 months old.
We have been told over and over by his pediatrician that it is normal.
The second year of his life we made sure to keep the pack and play up so that when he did throw these fits, we had a safe secure place to put him so he couldnt hurt himself. Because he would flail, and hit his head, and scream. It was scary at times.
Then we started to help him name words with the things he was throwing fitd about, so food, if he was hungry he would throw a tantrum, so now he says food, and runs to the fridge. If he wants a drink, he says cup. So we have learned that these tantrums are a means for him to try and communicate his NEEDS, and sometimes those needs are just love and ATTENTION. We as parentd have to realize in our daily lives our busy and hectic things can get and that at this age, they simple do not understand and cannot, so we have to explain it to them the best way we can.
I tell my son instead of screaming, i know you want to pout, use your words when you want to shout. Its from his favorite show Word Party.

My oldest son used to bit me, hard…back of the leg, my arm… I bit him back one day, not hard of course but enough to get his attention, I told him, if he bites me, I’ll bite him back… never happened again.

I went through the same thing. My child is now 2 years old and understands not to throw a tantrum. I always gave him a good hiding and didn’t comfort him.

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