Moving out of state

Advice please…

My husband and I have been married 7 years, we have a two year old together and I have a 9 year old from a previous relationship. I’ve been a SAHM for three years and homeschool. My husband is an amazing provider and got a job offer in another state 15 hours away.

Now, my oldests dad has been very wishy washy since day one. She goes to his mother’s house every other weekend (supposed to be at her dad’s though per court order). My husband and I want to come to an agreement between us all to make this move work.

Has anyone been in this situation? How did your schedule change? Should we send her back for a week monthly or bi-monthly? Would we split the costs for travel?

My daughter is so down for this adventure. I just would like to hear from anyone who has moved away, pros and cons. Thanks all for any input!!