Mothers ring.. for my sister in law

Okay so my sister in law wants a mother ring which I am fine with as she has four kids but my question is she wants to include my child. Backstory here is I adopted her second to last child because she couldn’t afford to raise it and it was an unexpected pregnancy for her and I am unable to have children so my husband and I adopted the baby. Everything is legal and she signed papers over that we are her legal parents.
My child was supposed to be her last one because of all the trouble that she had with delivery, we almost lost her. She ended up having another child a year later, it was just born a couple of weeks ago.
My question is do I let her add my child in the ring or do i not let her add it in? Mind you she doesn’t ask about my child or anything. We only see her at family functions and doesn’t seem to want anything to do with her. I’m not sure I’m okay with it as it might bring up questions that I’m not ready to answer yet. My child doesn’t know she’s adopted yet as she’s almost three. My husband doesn’t want my child added to the ring. My parents don’t want her added as she’s not the mother I am. I just need advice as she asked me on Mother’s Day and didn’t ask my husband only me. Thank you.

I see both sides. She wants to also have a piece of the child she gave up for adoption but at the same time, that is not her child anymore so it’s a little weird.