Meaningful gift ideas for spouses?

Any ideas for a meaningful gift for a significant other? His birthday is next week and I cannot come up with anything. He likes anime and gaming if that helps.


A replica from his favourite anime or game? X

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How about a visit to someplace special to you both or him? A beach, a restaurant, a park, his old school, the movie theater from your first date, the place you first met. Take a picnic.

How about tickets to something he’d enjoy? A concert, an expo, a movie, a sporting event. If you can’t afford the real thing, how about a tribute band, a high school or college game or play or concert? Maybe online access to an anime presentation.

Couples massage is romantic. Or has he ever had a pedicure? Men never expect flowers but secretly love getting them.

Go to a Comic book/collector’s shop & see if they have anything you can afford that he’d like. Maybe a signature of a well known anime or video game artist you can frame & give to him, or a comic book on which one of his games is based.

Surprise him with a visit from an old friend or two he hasn’t seen in a while and throw him a cozy dinner party with birthday cake.

He sounds like a bit of an introvert, but if I’m wrong, throw him a big party with friends and family. Soda, (beer, wine if you like) pizza, chili, or sandwiches from Subway or the grocery store plus cake (& ice cream if you want) plus napkins, cups, plates, forks & spoons and you’re set. These days no one RSVPs so just plan for half the number of people you invite. You can always order more pizza, have more cans of chili on hand, or get more sandwiches, soda or another cake as long as the stores are open. Add salad & cut up watermelon if you’re feeling ambitious.

Tell all his friends and family to call him on his day to wish him happy birthday. It’s a little late to have everyone send cards or postcards, but you could do that next year.

Dress up as his fav game, anime and do a boudoir shoot!

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Whatever steps out of the zone to show you appreciate him. I would have nice a dinner no matter what either you cook or have them drop off some food to set it up and dress up after for him in a anime custom do a gift bag with his favorite candy, Chile Pistachios, a Game Card. :raised_hands:

You can buy a skin for his gaming controller and system of an anime you know he likes. If he likes consoles and doesn’t have one yet, you can get a charger stand for the controllers. Honestly though my favorite gifts to give are “experiences”. Gift him an experience together you know he’d enjoy. Like tickets to a con, a weekend trip to a city some hours away, ren fair or haunted attraction tickets/ season passes. Look up what’s going on around you and see if anything pops up.

Could see if there is any conventions coming up and get tickets for it. 2- 1 for him and 1 for you.
Could make a weekend out of it too.

And for his actual birthday, maybe get him a new game he’s been dying to get and do dinner.
Then maybe say on whatever day that weekend you can give him say 3/4hrs for himself to play it and get him snacks/food/drinks whatever so he can just binge the game.