Looking for cute girl names, any suggestions?

So I can’t decide on a girl’s name I have thought about a few but just not sure can anyone give me some cute ideals I’m due in 8 weeks with a little girl just wanting to hear some different names


Justine, Tiara’Marie. Kayleah ( pronounced kay Lee uh)

Remember the more exotic the harder it is for them and others to say it or spell it

My daughter’s name is Arietta

Both of my girls names are Cassidy Makayla and Jordan Mashay

Eliza mae or ela Kay or kae*

My daughter’s are Raelyn and Jaedyn

Nora. Hayley. Peyton.

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Mckinna, McKinley, I have a Leona

My youngest daughters name is Vanellope. I also like Hadleigh or Everly

My girls are Maxine and Caia (pronounced kye-ah). A lil different but not crazy. Also considered Ava and Aveline

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It’s old fashioned but I like the name vada from the movie my girl


My granddaughter name is
Logan and daughters name is Jordan. And my other granddaughter name is jacelynn

I love Elora and Audrina

My daughters name is Rosalinda

Willow, paislee, Jade,

Myka was my daughter’s name …she has passed but her name means angel of miracles… Good luck


my top 3 for if I ever have a girl are: amelia, eleanor, Emory

Monroe, ginger, Raquel, Jacquelyn, Jocelyn

I have a daughter her names Alexis if i had another girl i would name her Aliza

Think of one woman who made the biggest impact on your life and think of her name. See if you like it.

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We just had a baby 2 weeks ago and named her Berkeley. I also liked Brexley, Wrenley, Ellowyn or Ellorie, and Sloan.

Leighton, Reagan, Bayleigh

I just had two twin boys…if i was having girls i was going to name them Nova and Chevelle
But i also like Desireé, Celeste, Callie, Mariana, Shyla and Jazzi

My daughter’s name is
Serena Irene-Joy

Kora, Elia, Kiera, Ayah, Kylee, Arya, Wren, Zola, Mara, Lilith, Noa, Alianna, Reyna, Mae, Farrah, Yazmeen, Calliope, Novalee.

I have a daughter named Makenna and my other favorite was Alissa.

My daughter’s are Kinsley Grace and Emery Kate

Chevii, Lynn, Emma, Riley, Gracie

My daughter is Gracyn Jo. I loved the name Grayson for a boy, then when I found out I was having a girl I chose the feminine name. And Jo was my mamaws middle name. I say pick a name you like and pick a name after a loved one!

Callie, Chloe, Katie or spelled Katy. Nicole, Madison, Julie

Ridley, Wren, Serenity, Coralin, Violet, Madigan, Addelyn, Lorelei

I love Monroe but never got to use it

Anonani its my granddaughters middle name its Hawaiian

I love Jade, Carla, Mya, Kristen, Charlene, Sadie

My daughters name is Rebekah… :woman_shrugging: I also like the name Hannah… my little cousins name is Sarah… pretty “normal” names I suppose. But pretty timeless I’d say.

My daughters names are Carley Fay & Kailor Linzy

Layla, Keira, Addalyn, Leighton, Cadence, Louise, Halen, Greta


I due in May with my little Chloe Christine (middle name is after my mom) :blush:

I named my daughter “Parker”. Different but cute. Not everyone’s style though

I have a Roriegh and a Willow. Love the name, Alba …

Lilah , Esmae, Charlotte aka Charlie , Ezra , Audrey , August

I have a daughter named Aubriella and I’m pregnant with another girl and I’m naming her McKenna

My daughters name is Isla (eye-la) Rose and I’m due in July with another girl and her name will be Emmy Madelyn.

My girls names are Starla, Aleigha, Tia, Cierra

I’m really liking Ruby

Ruby, Lincoln/linnie, dylan, charlotte, amelia/millie, parker

Mallory, common enough to know how to pronounce but uncommon enough that no body else has the name :relaxed:

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My daughter’s names are Abigail Riley, Autumn Rayne, and Evelynn Clair. Would love to have an Octavia Jane, or a Keirsey Madeline.

I will tell you my name is fabulous, unlike many of my friends I never wanted a dif name . Plus I have 3 names Samantha , Sam or Sammy ( most girls use ie but I use a y ) for Sammy . It’s fun or serious or tomboyish . My middle name is Andrea and my birth last name was McCallister so my Initials were SAM so my vote is
Samantha plus it’s rare as in only one or two per area but you can always find it on personalized stuff .

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I had a girl feb 2018 and named her Lilith Ann, we really like Stevie Elizabeth and I also liked Layla or older names. I do family research and It would be great to name baby something from family history. Lots of cool older names.

You can also go on the social security website and see how “popular” the name is in the last few years. I didn’t want anything in the top 100-200

Well we have Sienna Abigail and Coraline.


Ensley, Corinne, Saige,

Adeline. Kayleigh. Kay. Marie. Gracie. Layla. Claira

Minnie you should follow this post lots of girl name ideas :wink:

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What is your & the dad’s ethnic heritage? Look at names from that tradition, or pick a culture you like. (I’m part Swedish, so we looked at Astrid, but not Gunnar or Snorri :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). Look at family names & see if there are any you like (including middle & last names), especially back a generation or two or three. Pick something that flows seamlessly with the middle and last name. We wanted Rosemary, but Rosemary Margaret sounded like a Catholic nun & we didn’t like it, so we went with Rose. I have a little Lincoln, Emerson and Addison (all girls) in a class I teach, as well as Arya, Eloise, Camille, Vivienne, and Michaela, which are all a little different. Pick a feminine version of a man’s name in your family/someone you admire. You might regret naming her after a TV character (wondering if we’ll have lots of kids named “Daenerys” in a few years, though I do like the name Khadijah).

My girls are izabella Sierra, and Miranda marie

My daughters name is Lynnle ( Lynn lee) middle names of my decreased aunt and uncle

My daughter hasn’t yet had a child of her own but when she does, a girls name she’s picked is Aerolynn. My grand daughter’s name is Arabelle.

I am so glad somebody else asked because I’m doing June with a little girl for the life of me cannot name this child LOL but my first daughter’s name is Phoenix Ophelia

I have a Aubree …Hadlee and Kynlee

We have a Kendall Marie and Kairi McKenna Twins almost 7

Bree, Willow, Juniper, Vivian, Dillon, Fallon

Everly love that and my daughters name Emmery, but call her Emma.

My girls are Marlee James & Ellie Pearl.

My girl names I loved were: Sedona, Sage, Oaklee,

Emerson,Emberlee , Matthea, ellyanna

My mom really liked Anastasia Penelope. I personally like Samara but that’s just me

My daughter is Avery Rose and Madelyn eve

I agree that the name should be easy to spell and pronounce. I like Elizabeth, so many nicknames you can use with that. I have an Elizabeth. Also I like Mallory, Sadie, Emily, Peyton, also try a maiden name of a family member.

My hubby and I combined our names

First name:Saylor
Middle name: Rose

First name: Paisley
Middle name:Lynn

Brooklyn , Sable , Charmaine , Henrietta

Charlotte call her Charlie for short.

Laylee, Malie, Raina, Alina , Kinsley

Nova. Aurora, Anastasia, Willa, Noel

Named our daughter kimber

My daughter is “Peyton” spelled completely different though, love the name Hunter for a girl, or my son has the “female” spelling for his name, Kamryn.

My girls are Chloe Elise, Cali Josephine and Kinley Brook

Clara, River. If we had a girl instead of a boy his name would have been Piper

My lil girl is justice la’shawn Ann… She carries a few family names in hers

My daughter’s name is Daisy but I’ve always loved the name Evelyn

I have an Arabella and an Araylia

Kylie, Jenna, Makayla

I have Hailey, Abigail, Peighton…

My girls names are arya and kaydence

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I have an Octavia Hannah. I also like Arianna and Lyla

My daughter name is Ella Louise.

My daughters name is Sydney. This baby we liked Eloise “Ellie”, Felicity & Gracelyn.

My little babes will be Gracyne Elizabeth

If my last had been a girl it was going to be Aviana Roze. All my girls middle names had the S changed to a Z.

My daughter’s name is Valerie

Elliana ( Eliana is how a lot of ppl spell it ) Rose. We are the only one I have known. I call her Ellie :heart:

Nina, Amaya and Arianna are mine

Mum’s name nans name mai daughter is named after all her great grandmothers Materita Vinah Ngahuia

What names does your husband like?

Abigail (Abbie for short) Stephanie, Penelope, Gabrielle, Chloe,Zoey,Alivia

My daughters are Madyson Avrielle and Madylon Alayna and I also like Raelyn Grace!