Kids tablets that can lock?

Hey mommas! Are there any kids tablets that have some sort of “lock” feature that would prevent my 15 month old from swiping around and clicking on different YouTube videos at bedtime? Pinning YouTube doesn’t work because he can still use all the menus within YouTube and keeps messing his show up. This has become a huge struggle.


Or don’t have your 15mo have a tablet at bedtime


Maybe try accessing parental controls in the settings?

If i’m right, you’re thinking like what netflix do when you can lock it when watching it? Yeah you can’t do that with YouTube, sure it plays in the background but you can’t actually keep it on the screen to watch while locked

YouTube kids should have that option

Download family link , u can control your child phone , block sites & the actual apps etc , I have it for my 3 kids tablets it locks at a current time before bed time n unlock in the mornings

Don’t put a tablet in front of your child to go to sleep. I understand that it can be incredibly hard to soothe them but going to sleep with the tablet in front of them is really bad for their brain and self soothing skills :heart: I’m sorry if this sounds judgmental.


There are also apps you can download that will allow tou to lock in a certain screen. I used to use one for my daughter.

Why does a 15 month old have a tablet?

I have a Samsung tablet and it has a kids feature (as does my phone). It comes with the newer devices. It’s not YouTube but it has age appropriate learnibg games for littles.

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You need parental control. Try Family link by Google. It’s free, you can control any electronic, you can block apps, set limits and etc.

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Amazon kids fire has settings that shut the tablet down at bedtime and don’t let them use it again until morning

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Family link. It allows you to pick the times you want the tablet locked. It will also let you track location. I use it for my three kids tablet and phone

YouTube kids. They can’t get out of app without parent pin.

YouTube usually has a lock screen button, iPads have a guided access option.

If you have an android tablet you can get YouTube re-vanced and play it with a turned off screen that you can lock and put a password on

Pre bedtime should be looking at books, soothing songs or music, storytime, cuddles, back rub and lights out.

Kids YouTube is amazing! Click on all the videos they want and no adds

iPad. It’s called guided access. Locks screen so touch function is off. I use it for my
Kids all the time :grin:

Ok you are the mom take it away till morning

If your looking for a tablet for your child themselves - we have the Samsung Tab A for both my boys (2 and 4) they have a kids setting so you can give access to child specific apps. You can download everything directly onto the tablet then add it to the kids setting.

We have had no issues with it and the kiddos absolutely love it :blush:

We download movies and shows directly onto our tablet. You can lock screen on then :slight_smile: