Kidney infection in babies

My son is 3 months old and he has been diagnosed with pyelonephritis (its a kidney infection) my question is has anyone else gone though this and if so how did you stay strong for your kid?

He was born with a hole in his right kidney…

My oldest daughter was born with both kidneys but her right one did not work. Since the other one is fine, they let it be and her body basically got rid of the other one. She is a healthy tall wonderful girl about to turn 11 on Saturday.
I know it’s not quite the same and I know it is scary, but the doctors will help and just be loving to your baby. Generally pediatricians have a call line for any questions after hours, and usually will always be available during office hours if you have questions or concerns. Same daughter had surgery on a polyp in her nose (it was stopping her breathing in one nostril) at 4 weeks. Surgery was terrifying but she was okay. I think it’s harder on us moms than anything, so be strong, talk with dad or family and ask lots of questions.

My youngest had it. His was highly monitored and ended up closing up on it’s own. He was born with it. By his 3rd bday he was fine. It never really caused him many issues. Prayers to you and the little one mama.