Kidney infeciton home remedies?

Kidney infection during pregnancy.
Any tips on how to get rid of it naturally and keep it from coming back.


I would not recommend attempting to treat a kidney infection without doctor supervision… I had a bladder infection (never got to kidneys) that took almost a year to fully get over, SEVERAL rounds of antibiotics and it was a miserable and extremely uncomfortable experience. PLEASE go to a doctor and get properly treated to avoid very serious complications

You don’t treat a UTI or kidney infection naturally. Especially while pregnant. It doesn’t get rid of it. It only masks the symptoms. Be careful it can send you into early labour.


I had a kidney infection while pregnant. It was really bad and if my mother in law wouldn’t had made me go to the hospital they told me I could’ve died. Please don’t try to treat it naturally, you need fluids and antibiotics by IV. Mine was so bad I was in the hospital for 3 days before they decided I needed to induced so they could do more about it. I was 37 weeks so it was ok. I spent a total of 8 days in the hospital being pumped with tons of fluids and antibiotics because I waited so long to get treated.

Drink lots of water and take the antibiotics the doctors give you not everything can be resolved by nature stuff and essential oils :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

You should see a Dr. you definitely need meds.

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You need an antibiotic. It can spread and cause serious health problems.
Until you get there, cranberry juice and water. Stay away from sodas.

cranberry juice is good i had it when i have kidney promblem or it could be a water infaction coming on

Facebook does not have a degree in medicine… you need to go to your doctor. This shouldn’t be something you consult social media about first.


Please see a Doctor NOW. My friend lost twins 32 weeks, she had a uti., untreated, went septic, lost both babies, almost her life.

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Go to your doctor. It can be harmful to your baby. You need to antibiotics. When it goes away. Drink Cranberry juice daily to keep it away. It’s been medically proven that cranberry juice keeps UTI’s & Kidney Infections away.