Just venting because I have no1

Not so much a question just venting.


I’m sorry don’t have any relation issues as I’ve been single for years but am a mom of a very soon to be 13 yr old. So my venting is. That I am currently out of work due to an Injury. I have been out for over a month and I have had absolutely no income. I was told by doctors I’d need to find a different career due to the extent of my injury . I have been applying to job after job after and have interview after interview and have gotten absolutely nowhere. Right now I am completely at my lowest. I am now unable to pay any bills this month and this is truly bothering me as I am not one to ever miss a payment. I can’t take sitting home anymore. Can’t take not having any money. I can’t sleep at night because im stressing to the max. It just seems when things go sour for me they go horribly wrong and I end up in a gutter that I feel I will never come out of. I feel like a horrible non providing mother to my son. And it’s even more devastating that he is having to witness me going through this. I have completely shut up and shut down. I no longer talk to nobody. I never leave my house other then appointments and interviews. I am seriously just at my lowest ever :disappointed: just waiting to see if I ever get a rainbow in the end… sorry for venting here. Had no1 else to vent to.