Just needing some advice

Can I please get some input or advice? I’m desperate…I have no support system. My children have grandparents but they never want to see them. One set doesn’t even speak to us. I don’t have any friends that are in a position to help with babysitting due to work schedules. And no other family. My husband and I love being parents! But it sort of feels like we’re losing ourselves. And with it being summer, our kids need to see other people too for their own mental health since they’re not with their friends. We see our friends drop their children off with grandparents or aunts and uncles all the time and it just hurts that our kids and my husband and I don’t have other family like that. But the question I guess is, how do those of you without support manage to get things done? I can do things with them here obviously, but there are just some things you have to do alone. Like therapy, birthday/Christmas shopping, cleaning with chemicals that could hurt them (just to name a few). Up to this point, my husband and I just took turns, but with his work schedule, it’s mostly going to be on me now.