Just found out I have a cyst: Advice?

I’ve been having back and pelvic pain so last night I went to the ER. They did a Cat scan and I have a 2.9 cm ovarian cyst. I know these are common but I’m still freaking out. How many of you ladies have had them and how big have they been?


I’ve had a golf ball sized cyst and my ovary was removed. I get them on the other ovary often, but they come and go.

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I found out a couple months ago I had one that was 4.7 cm the pain was awful but it went away. They did tell me I could get another. The Dr let me know there’s normally a med They could put you on if needed I just couldn’t due to blood clotting issues.

They suck n I’m sorry. I have pcos n have had so many

I have had so many not much you can do diet n stress management are a huge part of controlling them have had more then I could count.

They hurt n suck but life don’t stop cuz of them.

I had one during pregnancy , 5cm. Cleared on its own.

I have had them since my early 20s

I’ve had one that ruptured. I can’t remember the size- maybe 2 cms but the rupture was very painful. This was many years ago and I’ve only ever had one more which was not causing me any symptoms but was found during my c-section. They are quite common I think.

Had many of them. One once grew to the size of a soccer ball and ruptured. As long as your OB keeps an eye on it everything should be ok. They usually burst on their own.

I get them all the time (PCOS). They usually resolve themselves.

I had a cyst on my ovarie when i was pregnant

I have PCOS have had a few golf ball size and a few have ruptured and they are painful, only tjing i was told was to go on birth control. But wouldnt because i really wanted to get pregnant. I havent had issues in years from 35 to 43.

Not sure how big they were. But I had 12 at one time in my teens