IUD side effects?

I’m getting an IUD on Monday. What can I expect?


It hurts going in , and I have periods

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I bled for 6 months straight, and passed out all the time

Tons of cramping and nausea

It huuuurts when inserted

:arrow_up: all this. Plus, I put on weight from the hormones that WILL.NOT.COME.OFF
Mine is coming out next month

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Always made me feel like I was pregnant, I would have all the signs of pregnancy but wouldn’t be. I would have to take test to reassure myself I wasn’t.


i had complications getting it put in (due to my anatomy, not the IUD) and i haven’t had a cycle since - it’s been almost 3 years. i will occasionally have spotting… but not a full cycle. zero pads or tampons. a liner at most!

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Just a pinch when going in , if you’ve had kids before , you can’t even feel it!

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It didnt hurt for me either time I’ve gotten one, no periods for me after the first 3 months. I’ve had no issues with mine so far!

It’s a tad painful when being placed, hurts more coming out. Have had one for 11 years with no complications and no periods! Good luck!

Hurts like hell take something before the appointment. Tons of cramping. Periods where heavy at first. Been a year now they are better and lighter at times. Had pinching pain for a long while.

Pain and if you have a crap doctor pregnancy.

Good luck with dui . I have it In my left arm and it sucks

Make sure you get the IUD with no hormones also be careful because it may slip out or come down too low and not do its job. Lol

I got the copper one and so far no complaints


It hurts alot going in. I experience nothing but problems with the one I had. I hope your experience is better though

Lot of cramping after it goes in for a few hours. I bleed for about 2 weeks an never bled again. Ive had 3 mireanas an about to get my 4th. Deff take tylonel or alieve or ibprophen before you go

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Take ibuprofen before your appt because insertion can be painful (i didn’t take anything and I wish I wouldve)… I don’t recommend the IUD. My body rejected it BOTH times & super painful cramping, it caused inflammation really bad for me down there, it’s horrible. Never again.

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It was uncomfortable at most…I’ve had kids so barely felt anything. It was quick too.
I spotted for about 2 months…smooth sailing from there. So far I love it.

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It was really painful getting one, at first no periods then after the first year it became unbearable. Mine shifted and caused me pain, I had it removed the doctor had to dig for it…

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I have mirena. Not painful when being put in just uncomfortable. I’ve had it for 3 years now and I have not had any major side effects. I did notice that my hormones were crazy out of control at first but now I have no complaints

Digging where the sun don’t shine once a month to make sure it’s still in place. Ugh!

They had to dilate me first, and it hurt sooo bad getting put in and hurt bad (major cramps) for days!
Also caused infections at LEAST once a month. And lots of UTIs. Finally I got it taken out and i hardly felt that. But had no infections whatsoever after it was out.
I will never recommend it to anyone. I had the mirena.

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A shot in the cooch. But it’s over pretty quickly and makes the procedure more comfortable. You’ll feel numb like you would after the dentist, except well… different lips.

Rather get an implant

Try the arm implant instead. Nexplanon.

Word to the wise if u get major cramping while its in call the doctor ASAP my iud worked its way out and was digging in to my walls it hurt like hell

Everyone is different. I have a high pain tolerance so it didnt bother me going in or comming out. I had it in for 4 years then decided i wanted another baby. Nothing changed for me while it was in. They said it would possibly help my heavy Periods but they were still the same. They also told me it could take a while to get pregnant after taking it out but i got pregnant pretty quickly.

Cramp like feeling. That was really all I felt.

Getting it put in hurt like hell, but I didn’t have many issues after it was in. I didn’t have a period for 5 years. I know everyone has a different reaction though.

Got one before having a baby, a bit pinch-y going in, some cramping and spotting, nothing unmanageable. After having a baby had another one put in, barely felt it, some spotting for a few days.

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I just got mine four months ago and I’m still spotting from time to time I hope it stops soon

Worse periods more pain

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Had to have mine surgically removed in 2012. It had punctured through my cervix and was stuck and caused a huge infection in my body. Never again will I do that.

had my period for two weeks every month, I just had surgery to remove it

If it’s the mirena, not too much when getting it in. There is some cramping, but then lighter periods. However, it definitely was not for me and I had it removed in less than a year. So. Many. Horrible. Side effects! It is something I never would do again.

Cramps. Lots of cramps.

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I had one years ago. Bled like a stuck pig.

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I have the mirena…love it. Cramped when being put in. Had 5 years never knew it was there, period stopped. Had it changed after the 5 years. Again some cramping while being removed and new put in. Had 4 years on 2nd and still love it.

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A little cramping after insertion and some spotting for a few weeks. But since then, I’ve had no issues and my periods are lighter. I’ve had it almost two years now.

Love my mirena. However. Sucks bad going in and coming out. Expect to bleed a lot the first couple days. I don’t get a period at all with mine. Some spotting the first couple months but nothing since.

Got the paragard twice cuz first one fell out. Hurt like hell both times, but only last for a few minutes.

pain and heavy, long periods

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No period after a while but still all the symptoms. I felt it during sex, so did my husband. I gained 45lbs (i got it out 3 and a half months ago…after a year and a half and ive dropped 7 pants sizes), no sex drive, my depression was worse, my skin broke out sooo bad, it was teenage hormones all over again. I have a high pain tolerance and it had me in tears bc I’d cramp so bad

Having it removed didn’t hurt at all but having it put in was horrible. I didn’t have the side effects that come with most bc (moodiness, headaches, etc) but I would have cramps 3 out of the 4 weeks of each month, and my periods would last from 2-3 weeks, then no bleeding for 2 weeks, then period again for 2-3 weeks. It also causes pelvic pain

Mirena for me gave me lots of bacterial infections and either no bleeding or bleeding for months. I have had Paraguard for about 5 years with no side effects. I love it.

Cramps. Take a tylonal beforehand

Light bleeding and light cramping

And a lot of discharge

Cramps and a little spotting. I’ve had mine for about 4 months. No problems so far

You’ll feel a little pinch and then boom it’s over. Slight cramping afterwards and possibly some spotting. Nothing you can’t handle. You’ll be a okay!

Hopefully to not get pregnant!!

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It hurt a little, like a pinch going in. I was told to expect spotting, but I didn’t.

I just had my second one put in yesterday… I felt it a little more this time. But it was mainly just slight cramps. Definitely take ibuprofen before, I wish I had. But I had my first one on for 5 yrs with out issue.

I have the mirena and it’s been effective, but there are also tons of crazy side effects like acne, severe anxiety, and I bled for 4 months straight pretty much

I had like a crampy period, then after like 5 months my periods were light and infrequent.

Pain I had them stop couldn’t take it worse pain I have ever experienced

Research says you can’t lose weight on the mirena. That’s reason enough for me not to do it again :woman_shrugging:t2: it always made me feel pregnant. The point is not to be so why do I feel pregnant? Ugh! It’s a no from me

I got paragard & only had bleeding/spotting for a few days & slight cramps. Now my periods are heavier but i have no cramping & mine are regular (had it 2yrs in october)

Mine was full cramps and 2 day spoting

I got the non Hormonal one. Heavy bleeding for three months. Now it’s clock work , I know when my period is near and no issues

My aunt had one. Hers came out

To never ever stop bleeding

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You gonna regret that💯

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alright, so, I’m going to be that person that gives back positive feedback (since everyone’s experience is different :slight_smile: )

I have had the (non-hormonal) Mirena IUD in for almost 4 years (I have the 5 year one) and I have had not even one issue. I cramped for the first half hour after, spotted here and there for the first hour, once in a while I cramp - maybe once every 6-8 months for a day or less, and spot - usually its literally a wipe. other than that, my Mirena IUD has been amazing.

the only negatives I’ve been told about it - for me, is that sometimes my ex’s/current bf, can feel the string, which can always be shortened :slight_smile: , and my mood swings are a little worse - but those in my life would rather me have mood swings v.s pregnant again (for now) lmao

My DIL has one and she hasn’t complained about it other than the inserting of it. She doesn’t have periods at all.

I have paragaurd and i love it, just make sure ur dr. cuts the strings short enough. It has no hormones in it and works like a charm

There is slight pressure when it gets put in but after a sec its gone and u dont notice it. If the strings are too long, have them shortened and if it falls out change ur doctor. I have also had the miranea but didnt like how the hormones reacted in my body so i changed it and have no problems

My iud came out twice. My uterus is barely big enough to fit it. When I moved or sneezed it was force it’s way into my cervix. Very painful. And I would bleed for more than a month after having them placed.

Do you really think this is the best place to ask this question? Think about it…

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