IUD side effects?

So I have the IUD and its has been in over almost a year. I started a new job a couple months ago. The job has been a bit stressful. I work with kids. I also have three kids of my own.
I haven’t had my period in two months. Last month I had like one small spot lightly pink. I should be getting my period around the 15th of the month. Today I had lightly pink spots of bleeding. I have no signs of pregnancy. I do not want to be pregnant. I am going to be taking a test after work. Please tell me I’m going crazy and it’s just the stress. I do not want to have anymore kids. Again I am taking a test after work. No need to tell me. Thank you.


If it’s the Mirena it could just be normal. My friend stopped getting a period after a bit on that. Still doesn’t get a full period til this day just spots.

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I have friends who got pregnant on different IUDs… so there’s that.

It’s very normal to hve irregular periods with an IUD. They may even stop. No worries.

Is it mirena? Or paraguard? Mirena can stop your periods completely after a while, but the paragard doesnt, and infact makes your period heavier. If you have the latter I would take a test asap because most pregnancies that happen with an IUD are ectopic and can be really dangerous, unfortunately. If it is mirena I would still test but I wouldnt be as worried because periods diminishing is a side effect of hormonal iuds

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I had the mirena and I had a period the first 2 months then went 8 months without one.

Mine stopped completely when I had IUD in!

had mirena for almost 4 years. never got an actual period just some light spotting every couple months.


My last IUD I didn’t have periods the whole 5 years I had it in & this one I have a very light period/spotting every couple months! Some people get lucky to not have periods or very light ones if they do! It’s completely normal!

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all i know is that I got an IUD when i was young,after have my kids,the stupid thing cut in to my uterus and i ended up having everything removed,i wouldn’t trust any IUD again

stress can also cause ur period to not happen

With my mirena I had 4 yrs of mostly no periods but would randomly spot here and there. Nothing significant and no other signs.

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It’s probably the birth control. I have one too. I don’t get a period ever anymore. Love it!

I had my first with an IuD. Healthy.

2 miscarriages and 1 healthy baby on the mirena over here

I have nexplanon in my arm which releases the same hormone has IUD and spotting is normal.

I have the mirena and had normal periods before.

I have the IUD and don’t ever have a period.

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Take the test. Migration of an IUD is a big concern as well as ectopic pregnancy.

I got mirena . I have been on my period since dec 28th 2018 .


I’m on Mirena and no longer have periods.

I had the iud for 10 years didn’t have a period

A lot of iud’s stop
Your period

I had a period every month until I got the mirena. most OBs will tell you that your period can stop.

I never had a period on the IUD and constantly had pregnancy symptoms. I was never pregnant. But that’s only my experience. I’ve heard of others getting pregnant on it or worse. I hated it, but it was a means to an end.

I had the paragard IUD on my 3rd year I came out pregnant to a healthy baby boy that I delivered in january

Stressing can make your period messed up

I had mirena iud for 5 years and after the 1st 2 months i never got a period until it was removed so this may be completely normal. Everyone is different though so it wouldnt hurt to take a test n get checked out

Lots of people dont even bleed on the IUD I barely did

I had the mirena in for 6 years! Had spotting and i never got pregnant while on it🤷‍♀️ but i did take it out after the years mark to have my second baby ( my choice) i did have a misscarege i do blam it on the iud… but i have no problems other then that and bleeding is normal

I have IUD i haven’t gotten my period in three yrs.

Take that test first urine in the morning. Good luck!

Please let me know how you make out with your test and if you need to talk just text me

Have had Mirena since July 2015… I have had at least one period a month, sometimes 2, since it was placed. I hate my Mirena. 2 weeks until it’s removal🎉

I didnt have a period for 5 years. Totally normal

IUDs can stop peroids all together. Mirena and Kyleena especially

You don’t bleed with the iud and sometimes go months without periods

The mirena for screwed my periods up when I had. I diidnt have a period then had one for 2 weeks. Then I would spot alot. Good luck.

I have an IUD as well I get periods sometimes other times I can go for months without, I’d say it’s normal

I had an IUD for over 5 years after the first couple months of having it put in I did not have a period at all the rest of the 5 years.

I missed a period after almost a year of having mine and freaked out bc of all the complications it can cause to have one and get pregnant
I ended up not being pregnant but getting it removed ASAP

Periods can stop on the IUD even after a while.

I have the marina iud and around a year of having it my period basically disappeared. I spot a few times over the course of 10 days and that’s it
Had regular periods before that.

Stress can cause you to miss periods. I’d still take a test though. Also I’ve heard the IUD can stop your period all together

Take a test just to be safe

If you are sure you do not want more kids go and have your tubes tied.

I had the IUD MIRENA for years and only had a weird period like 3 times otherwise i never had a period

Iv never had periods with the mirena

I have the IUD and i get a LIGHT period maybe every 2 months. It’s only for a day or 2 and very light. So i’d say it’s normal

Didn’t they tell you that they can shorten, lighten and stop your periods? I mean, you can get pregnant on it just like anything else but they told me that when birth control is used properly the chances are already small and the chances are even smaller than that with the IUD. If you don’t FEEL pregnant, you’re most likely stressing yourself out for no reason.

Im currently 15 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child whom was not planned at all thats the first reason i had the IUD mirena put in but i guess its not for me​:woman_shrugging:t2::woman_facepalming:t2:

I had an IUD for 7 yrs never had a period

I have used an IUD for over 10 years now. I could count on my 2 hands the number of periods I have actually bled. You will likely notice other “menstrual” signs (sometimes cramps or irritability, maybe headaches or sleeping more) around your typical time of the month, but not always bleed. See it as a blessing girl - you’re good!!

I have the same thing going on and also symptoms of pregnancy. I took a test today and it was negative but I’m going to the Dr tomorrow to rule out ectopic pregnancy.

I spot occasionally I’m on year 4 with it. I take a test once and a while the whole period thing freaks me out. I’m grateful but it freaks me out. I’m hoping when I get it removed that my boyfriend is ready for a second child :joy::joy:

My IUD jacked me up. My doctor tried to remove it by force. Took me to the ultrasound room to find it free floating in my uterus. It required a D&C to remove it. That same year I experienced an ectopic pregnancy with loss of tube and had 3 miscarriages. I was that 1% the brochure tells you about. Mine was copper IUD I didnt want extra hormones put into my body.

I had a iud and bleed everyday till it was removed my friend had it and never bleed another friend of mine had it and just had light bleeding everyone is different…