It’s wrong...right?!

Hi. I am a 34-year-old, grown woman who happened to do a boudoir shoot several years ago, and had posted some of the photos to my Instagram. To cut to the chase, one day my father randomly liked some of the photos from that shoot, some of which were mostly just my body and didn’t even show my face. The subject photo shoot is located somewhere near the middle of my IG. There are 150 photos that are before these ones. My father however, did not like any of the 150 photos that came before the boudoir shoot. Once he liked a photo of me in lingerie, I blocked his account. Several months later he followed me from a new account. Several months after that he randomly liked another boudoir photo. I blocked that account. Yet again makes another IG and follows me. And yet again he likes a photo of me in lingerie. I blocked all three of the accounts. And then randomly stopped talking to him. He proceeded to freak out and text my husband asking him where the F his daughter was and to “let me speak to him”. As if the reason for me going MIA in our daily calls or texts was because of him and not the fact that my father had recently liked another photo of me in lingerie. I finally confronted him about it and all he could say was that I was wrong and that him liking the photos was not coming from any place bad and that it was just fatherly pride and that instead of shaming me he was supporting me. What do you think?

If he just liked them from his main normal account, it’s a little weird… but I would believe his statement of trying to be supportive more. The fact that he made additional accounts just to like them is weird weird weird. I would tell how it made you feel, and back off for a while. & why did he get so upset with your husband blaming him as to why you weren’t talking to him? He sounds kind of obsessive?? That’s my opinion & sorry if I’m wrong.