Is this a normal sleeping pattern for a baby?

Is it normal for an almost three-month-old baby to sleep 8 hours or longer at night but take short naps during the day? My baby will have a bottle between 5:30-6:30, then will fall asleep between 7-8:30 and will sleep until 4 am then fall back to sleep, then wake up 3-4 hours later.


My most recent baby did that from like 3-5 months (he just made 5 months) & don’t sleep during the day or at night :joy: enjoy it.

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This is sometimes normal and amazing, try and keep it up, that means baby is happy and full typically :slightly_smiling_face: good job mama

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all babies are different…my oldest who is now 5 years old, had a schedule to the point I could wake up 15 minutes before she did and the bottle was perfect temp by the time she woke…my second was and still is a wild card and my 3rd is a baby I have never seen before…he is just over 4 months…by 2 and a half months he was on baby food…depends on baby

Thats amazing. Most babies are opposite. They wanna be up all night and sleep all day. You got lucky! :sweat_smile:

My daughter sleeps through the night and wakes up when the sun comes up. Its a blessing. Usually a small 15 minute nap or 2 a day. It’s great. She’s almost 8 months and she’s never stayed up all night.

Mine slept pretty good except when he had ear infections or colds :woozy_face: almost 4 and still a good sleeper and napper :raised_hands: cherish it lol

Seems like a long time and some people will tell you to wake your baby up every 3-4 hours but. Babies will wake when hungry or crabby. Every baby is different. Consider this a blessing!!


Wow , your Lucky my almost 3 month old only has cat naps during the day but once 10pm hits he’ll sleep majority of the night wakes up for two feeds usually round midnight and then 3-4 am back to sleep till 6-7.30… he is breastfed… I’d considered it a blessing :relaxed:

U got a one in a million baby lol :heart_eyes: enjoy it

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Both of my kids were like this.

I think it’s okay but I would still talk to his dr about it at his next appointment. My son has a heart condition where he goes into SVT (his heart beats way too fast and sometimes it doesn’t even beat it just vibrates which untreated can eventually lead to heart damage) I’m not saying this to scare you but one of the side effects is sleeping more than normal. Its just one of the side effects though so it probably isn’t this but I would still mention it just to be on the safe side. It does sound like he is just a great sleeper! :blue_heart:

100% normal!! My daughter is 3 months old and her naps during the day rarely go over an hour, she sleeps through the night (10:30pm-7:30am).

My kids did that too.

You are lucky it could change in the future ⚘

My 4 month old sleeps 7:30pm till sometime 9/10am, waking up 1-2 times for a bottle. Then will take a nap about every 3 hours but its a 20 minute nap at most.

my baby is 3 months on Friday and has been doing yhis on off for a few weeks now xx

Every child is different so don’t compare to anyone else. Enjoy it all because he may change it up on you . Your baby will let you know if he’s hungry or poopy butt.

Enjoy your sleep now!! It won’t last.

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My first sleep through the night right from the start and would power nap during the day. My second however slept all the time, he wouldn’t even wake up for feedings, we waited many times for him to wake for feedings to no avail lol, had him checked by Doctor. He even slept during bath time lol. So your baby is just being a baby, as long as they are fed, cleaned, burped and most of all loved all is fine. Sleep times will change, sometimes good, sometimes not. Enjoy the ride.

My daughter was like that. Her pediatrician told us as soon as she got back to birth weight we could let her sleep through the night

As long as they are not sick. My LO did this also at 3ths he would go to sleep at 12am and if he wasnt up by 7am I would wake him thinking he needed to eat. I believe just newborns aren’t supposed to sleep longer than 3-4 hours due to malnutrition from not eating as they are fed on a consistent basis in utero. Enjoy it now while you can cause it wont last😆

Babies need plenty of sleep for good brain growth. The baby is just happy and content.

Every baby is different. My baby is 3 months old, sleeps at night from 7pm - 7am (YES, 12 hrs), and throughout the day he takes 4 naps (each about 30 minutes long).

What may be normal for your baby, may be different for others. If you’re looking for sleep tips, follow @takingcarababies on Instagram!

Enjoy you got the 4 month sleep regression that’s about to happen. lol You’ll be praying for sleep soon enough momma.

As long as babe is back up at birth weight and doc gives the ok you are good to go

Both my girls were full night sleepers from birthday

Yes my son slept through the night when he was really young, he was a huge baby though. Enjoy it :slightly_smiling_face: my daughter was the opposite

With my first he would go to sleep around 8ish wake up around 10 eat and go back to sleep then I would have to wake him up to take him to my moms so I can go to work around 730am. I called the doctor and he told me I was crazy and that I should count that blessing. 2 years later I had another baby and she was an every 3 hour feeding baby I was team no sleep :joy::joy::joy:

Every baby is different my son is 2 and still doesn’t sleep through the night most days but my friends baby slept right through from about 2/3 months old

Enjoy by sounds you have a good baby xx

That’s good for you! Not every mother will get to enjoy and yes, that’s normal. Babies will wake up if they need to feed. There was a time in my life when my baby was that little and did the same thing but it did not last long :rofl: Cherish the moments!

Normal my 4 month old done this from 8 weeks old health visitor says its fine never wake a sleeping baby

My daughter was just like this she was amazing she would ever stay asleep in her bath and all she was the best baby ever I have 5 kids one of my son’s was almost the same it was very lucky

They go through growth spurts where they sleep more often. Enjoy it while you can because it will most likely change!

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Yes my 3rd did, he freaked me right out! Kinda getting used to it now 7m but would still like a bab that wakes in the night :joy:

Every baby is different. It sounds okay.

Its fine, mine was the same enjoy your sleep😊You are very lucky like I was😊

You only have to worry if baby isn’t growing. And growth spurts can lead to different sleep habits.

Roll with it…my daughter was sleeping 6 hrs the first week home…feel blessed

All three of my kids were different, what was normal for one wasn’t for the other two. It sounds like your baby is trying to develop a pattern. I would enjoy it because 4 month sleep regression is around the corner.

At a week old my daughter would go to sleep between 8:30-9 and would wake up at 4am. She’s nine months old now and still has this sleep schedule.

My son was similar i didn’t wake him up for feedings he was pretty good about telling me if he was hungry and had wet diapers in the mornings so i didn’t stress it and was greatful for the sleep

Yes, my older two slept through the night. Scared the crap out of me at first.

3 of my 4 kids did… enjoy the sleep while you can get it. If baby hits a growth spurt it may end.

My son does this and he is 3 months, scared me the first time he did it

I’m a mom of three and all of them slept threw the night the night I gave birth to them. I never woke them up. They are 2, 6, and 9. Completely healthy had absolutely no problems but of course EVERY kid is different.

My daughter is nearly 4 months and since around 2 months she started a 6-8 hour sleep pattern. The times she falls asleep and wakes up may vary but generally she sleeps at least 6-8 hours at night. Not complaining at all lol

My second slept through the night since day one. Once she starting having multiple teeth come through at a time she’d wake up once at night for a bottle and go right back to sleep. Some nights she still sleeps all night others she gets up once. She isn’t great at naps usually 20-40 minutes. Very rarely does she take a 2 hour nap.

When my son was that age he slept through the night he’s 3 years old now and has slept through the night since he was a new born. :heart: get your sleep mama :heart:

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Never wake a sleeping baby! They know when to wake up. Around that time my daughter started sleeping through the night.

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be gratefull sleeping at night and that you will also get sleep at night dont worry though

My almost 3 month old does the same thing lol he sleeps good at night but power naps during the day

My 8 month old falls asleep around 10pm and sleeps until 8 or 9am and has done it since birth and he wears size 18 months so it’s apparently not effecting him lol

My son slept through from 6 weeks on. You are good.

My son slept through the night (8p-8a) from the start til about 3 years old then slept 9p-1a then wanted food, then 1:45a til 3a and 3:30a til 830a. And napped at noon for an hour. But that only lasted like 7-8 months but had a big growth spurt then so I figure it was that.I would worry

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You got very lucky! My daughter had a similar schedule she basically followed all on her own. I didn’t realize the blessing it truly was until I had my son lol! He was up every 2hrs until 8mos old.

there is no such thing as a “normal” sleep pattern! Infants need to nurse frequently since their stomachs are tiny and they need the comfort of mom’s arms. Then just when you think they are having some sort of pattern they go through a growth spurt, they have colic, or are teething. Just love and carry your baby as much as you can, as long as they are thriving nothing else matters. The only sleep pattern to be concerned about is when a baby sleeps too long --which often happens with premature or babies with health issues and you need to wake them up to make sure they get enough nourishment.

Your baby will wake when hungry, u dont no how lucky you are, enjoy

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Very normal! Enjoy it😁

As long as they arent losing weight let that baby sleep

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Yessss… In my opinion. My son slept through the entire night after a week old on his tummy, and then id wake him up, feed and change him, and then he sleep sometimes a few hours longer and then would be up for a while.

That is a blessing. My son was waking up every 2-3 hours still by 3 months. But he would sleep 3 hours straight two times a day for naps.

Omg you are beyond lucky!!! Brag away mama. Take the easy baby and go with it. My first was up every 1-2 hrs screaming in pain and hungry. Took 4 months to figure out he was MSPI and food wasn’t agreeing with him. He was failure to thrive and very needy. Slept with him in my arms in a recliner for 6 months before I could put him in an upright seat. Still waking every 2-4 hours at that point. Here we are almost 5 years later and haven’t gotten a full night’s sleep since. Your are blessed. Thankfully younger brother is a lot easier

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My daughter did this and I was so relieved, and rested lol. Babies need a lot of sleep! It seems excessive to us, but they really do need it :slightly_smiling_face: enjoy your schedule now, things can change quickly when they start teething.

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My almost 3 month old does this and has been. It makes the day time hellish but it’s def normal!

Shoot dont look a gift horse in the mouth . Get u some sleep they will wake u up when their hungry.

By 3 months my son was sleeping 12 hours a night but only slept for 30 mins 2x a day. He ate every 2 hours in the day. I think to make up for the fact he slept all night.

Enjoy it im jelous my 15 month old still doesnt sleep through the night xx

My baby gets her last bottle around 10 and won’t wake up till 8:30. Sometimes earlier

But during the day it’s short cat naps. An hour tops. She’s 6 months

My Great Granddaughter is 5 months old, I watch her during the day she get to my house around 6 a.m. she takes two naps one around 8 then another around 1 each lasting 2 hours. Her parents say she goes to sleep at 9 and sleeps all night.she is a good baby and I think God everyday she is

That kid sleeps better than my 2 year old! :joy:

Ours is about the same age and has a similar sleeping pattern. He is healthy, happy and growing well, so our pediatrician has no issues with it.

I wish mine did that! B lucky

It’s a blessing, enjoy it!