Is pelvic pressure normal while pregnant?

I am 18 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, she’s almost 2. But I am having a lot of pressure in my private region. How I put it “It literally feels like my vagina is about to fall out.” It was only after intercourse, I would stand and have to sit down because it just felt so uncomfortable and kinda hurt. But now, it just randomly comes and goes. It’s been happening for maybe a month. I thought it was the pressure of my uterus, but I’m not really sure. I have a doctor appointment next week where I will ask my doctor. But I wanted some opinions before hand.


It’s normal the baby is probably sitting fairly low, I’m 28 weeks now and I’ve had that feeling on and off for ages some days I struggle to walk because he’s so low

call your your doctor and get an appointment and have them check your cervix I had issues with my cervix to where it was way too small and this is kind of like what I have all the time I ended up being in the hospital most of my pregnancy. But it could be completely normal

Im almost 33 weeks pregnant… And have had this same problem my whole pregnancy after having sex… Its pretty normal… The muscles in your cervix are getting tight… Especially if you had an orgasim… This is from my experience… And ive spoke to my doctor about it… Now its worse but my son it really low… I hope this helps and congragulations! If it worries you to much talk to your obgyn.

Probably braxton hicks, especially if its more common after sex, orgasm can bring them on.

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Probably sitting low my 2nd did that told me was ligament strengthing

When I was pregnant, I had that feeling as well. My doctor explained it as swelling of my lady parts! Rest every opportunity you can!

Welcome to baby #2 and up… everything is loosend and stretched, you feel more. I’m 25wks pregnant with #3 and can barely stand from a sitting position : /

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Wow! Y’all don’t hold NOTHING back anymore.

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Happened thruout my whole last pregnancy. Man it sucked

I have 5 children. By the time I was pregnant with my 5th I thought the baby was just going to fall out when I stood. The pressure was unreal sometimes. She was low my entire pregnancy and also breech. I would check with Dr just in case but I would say it’s from having sex, especially if you had an orgasm, and everything stretching. It’s pretty normal sounding.

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I had that feeling my fifth pregnancy a lot and Dr said it was due to vericose veins in my lady area that were swelling up and really sensitive to preasure

I had the same feeling at 27 weeks and they told me i was dialating and having contactions. Went to labor and delivery and they gave me injections to stop everything

I had that symptom start during my second trimester. My doctor said it is one of the many symptoms of pregnancy for many women. However, if you ask your doctor and she gives ANY advice about how to relieve the pain please inform us. I fear my next pregnancy because of this specific symptom.

Yup your bb issuper low thats how i was with my last pregnancy

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Keep your baby , try to find a position when doing it , talk to your man be honest of what hurts you :two_hearts:

Could be SPD which is basically hell. :joy:

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Baby is pro sitting low. I went thru it my whole pregnancy im towards the end n its so much worse.

I don’t know if you nurse but no one tells you that nursing your second baby is really painful after birth the cramps you get just in case no one warned you and now you’re prepared

Normal. I had this same problem was almost unbareable. Then found out as i was in labor a month early my placenta started to detach and my son sensed it and my water broke so even a month early he was healthy and 7.5lbs they said he could have been a 9lb had he stayed in another month. But i was luckym I’d still talk to your doctor and verify everything is okay.