Is light bleeding in early pregnancy normal?

Bit of a scary question. Have any mums experienced light bleeding more pink than red? I’m currently six weeks, and for the past three days, I’ve been bleeding lightly on and off, so every 7 or 8 hours a bit will come out… Light cramps nothing excruciating… Have any mums experienced this and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? & yes, I have spoken to my Dr just waiting on results…


It can be perfectly normal. Every woman is different. I’ve never experienced it but I have several friends who have and they had healthy pregnancies. I’m praying that all is well with you and congratulations

I spotted my whole first trimester then heavy bleeding around 12 weeks. Thought I was miscarrying. Turns out it was a subcronic hemmoarge… So pretty much placenta detached and reattached causing implantation bleeding. Was told by my OB it was normal. They rechecked me and bleeding stopped. I’m currently 28 weeks with a healthy baby boy.

I had light bleeding and cramping on and off in the first trimester but never had any issues

I miscarried both times it happened. Everyone’s body is different. Er visit and have them do blood work it can tell your hormone levels and if a miscarriage is happening


I had bleeding at 13 weeks but it was a sub chorionic bleeding that eventually dissolved back into the uterus. I’m now 25 weeks …maybe the baby is still implanting Into it’s forever home for the next 8 months

When I had a miscarriage… but I’ve heard of other woman bleeding in their pregnancy call your doctor and get an ultra sound and hormone levels checked

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I did. Shes now almost 6 months old. Implantation bleeding was what I was it was after I was told I miscarried but there was still a baby in there.

I bled at 6 weeks with my son. I’m sure you’re okay, but if you get more concerned, you can make an appointment or just call and ask. They told me it was implantation bleeding :woman_shrugging:t4:

Yes its normal i believe it is called implantation

It definitely can happen. Id see if they can check you hcg levels over the next week. The normal check every 48 hours

I did and went on to have a healthy baby that is now almost 14. Just take an easy and don’t over due yourself! Most importantly don’t stress out! Get mad say what you gotta say and get over it! Good luck momma and congratulations!!

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Ever in doubt call your dr. They really dont mind.

I had light pink bleeding early on & I have a healthy 21 month old now. I was put on pelvic rest (no sex, no orgasms)I hope everything is fine with you.

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I had bleeding throughout 2 of my pregencies and both boys are fine 12 years and 4 months x

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It’s often common around 6-8 weeks due to the embryo implanting into the uterus. Only you know your body tho and if it puts your mind at ease go to the doc.


Light bleeding/spotting is perfectly normal in the early stages of pregnancy. If you are worried though please take yourself to an er right away

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I bleed during my pregnancy. I didn’t now i was pg for 6m

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Same thing happened to me. Lost the baby at 7 weeks 8 days. They told me it was normal, take yourself to get checked, they will do blood work and monitor your levels.

Its called implantation bleeding and can be totally normal but as always if you are unsure ask your physician


Go to your doctor. I miscarried three days ago, it started off as light bleeding and my baby was fine until my levels dropped to 500 from 1500. Go to your doctor they will do a ultrasound a transvaginal ultrasound and they also do a pelvic exam to see if your cervix is still closed or if it’s open. If you’re still bleeding don’t let them tell you that everything is fine because that’s what they kept telling me and now I lost my baby make sure you get an answer of where the bleeding is coming from

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I had it. Very scary. Mine was bright red They put me on pelvic rest and put me on the makenna shot to be safe.

Oh my goodness yes. I freaked out went to the ER. Turns out it’s normal. Just a bit of stretching due to the baby growing. You can message me anytime you want to if you need any more advice

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Yes. Completely normal.

I had my period 9 month with my second baby

Everyone says bleeding is normal it’s not fucking normal no matter what bleeding is not normal bleeding means something is wrong and something is going on I went to three different doctors I was at the hospital almost every day for three weeks because something was going on and when I was bleeding they kept telling me I was fine everything was OK and now I’m diagnosed with a miscarriage don’t let them tell you that it’s normal the shit is not normal to bleed

Does anyone asking these medical questions ever think of calling their Damn Drs.? Why would you ask these questions on Facebook? Damn where has common sense gone?

I would call your DR to be safe or go to ER. But I did this at 8 weeks and here is my healthy 3 month old baby girl.


Honestly you need to wait for your doctor to get back to you. It could be implantation bleeding, or it could be a miscarriage. Every pregnancy is different so try not to worry.


I had full period for 4 months with my second child

I bled lightly throughout my 1st pregnancy. And I didn’t know I was pregnant until I was 7 months along. After finding out, I followed up very often. And my little guy (is now 3) is so healthy & there were no issues. But every case is different

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This is what happened to me before I miscarried.

I bleed heavily until 16 weeks. Everytime they said baby and everything was okay some women just bleed. 28 weeks now and haven’t had any other issues. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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Google would tell you YES!

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Yes. I spotted for 4 days right after I took my test. And I was 2 weeks late so technically I was 6-7 weeks

This happened with both my miscarriage AND with my pregnancy with my son. Sometimes it’s just a small hemorrhage in the uterus and sometimes it indicates miscarriage. You just wont know until your repeat HcG and repeat ultrasound comes back unfortunately. I wish you the best of luck

Mama of five healthy babies, here… I cramped & spotted pretty heavily, with each pregnancy, until I reached my second trimester…
Yes, it is extremely scary. But, all of our bodies are different, so I’d just wait for your OB to give your proper advice, and do exactly what they recommend… :blush:
In the mean time, stay hydrated, off your feet & lay on your left side, as much as possible!!!
Best of luck, Mama!!! :purple_heart::heart::blue_heart:


It can be implantation bleeding
Spotting is completely normal but if you’re concerned always call your doctor
I’m currently carrying my rainbow baby, and trust me when I say I get scared at the slightest symptom
Just call your doctor, everything will be ok

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Light bleeding at that stage (especially pink) is very normal. Rest now and keep communicating with your dr so they are aware and can advise you, but likely not a reason to worry. Congratulations on your baby!

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I had a period until 20 weeks when I found out I was pregnant

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Yes! But I would be checked just to be sure.

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Go to the Doctor asap

It could be a “placental tear; see your Dr for an ultrasound!

Place a call to your doctor and in the meantime be on bed rest for a couple of days.

Only time will tell.
I’ve had this with miscarriages, and I’ve had this with full term pregnancies. This current pregnancy it was from a subchorionic hemorrhage weeks 8-12 had bleeding now almost 29 weeks.
Id call my dr. With any concerns.

I bled for the 1st 4 months with both of my pregnancies. They are now 16 and almost 10 and perfectly healthy

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I bled with this pregnancy for 2 days. Very light only when I wiped.
It’s completely normal as long as you aren’t having major cramps. A lot of time it’s from your cervix being inflamed.

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It is Normal.
But it’s also important to note that for women who are Rh Negative, ANY bleeding whatsoever can lead to a Miscarriage --And if you know you are Rh Negative and you have even a few drops of blood, GO TO THE E.R.
They need to administer Rhogam Immediately to prevent miscarriage.

It is normal since your uterus is stretching and your cervix sometimes becomes irritated. I have had it both during miscarriages and when carried to full term. Lay flat on your back with your feet elevated as much as possible! It helps

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Yes & It scared me I went to the ER bc I thought I was having a miscarriage everything was fine he’s now 12 best wishes

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Go to the hospital. Your not supposed to bleed. You can but it means something wrong.ive lost one baby at 5 months from that. And I’m pregnant now. And bled 3 times in the beginning and almost lost her. So please go get checked out

I bled with my first pregnancy at 7 weeks, Enough to scare me to death, baby ended up being just fine though.

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I had it at 4-5 weeks and I’m almost 13 now I think it’s called implantation bleeding they say as long as it’s not bright red and the cramping isn’t crazy bad you should be ok


I bled the first couple weeks, extremely light pink blood. I went to the urgent care and dr said everything was fine and it was the cause of my baby attaching to the uterine wall. Implantation bleeding is what i think she called it. If it’s extremely light, not a red blood but pink, I personally think you’re fine. BUT it’s always better to check it out by a professional just to ease your mind. Don’t let other ladies scare you into thinking something is absolutely wrong if there’s any amount of blood and cramping. Not a single pregnancy is the same. We’re all different.

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I had it in late pregnancy. I was like 8.5 months. They said that my placenta was low and said no sex. My son is going to be 4 months on the 5th

I spotted once at the beginning . But I know someone who was 10 weeks and bled heavy so she went to hospital but her baby was fine so don’t stress much wait for the doctor to call you

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That’s pretty normal. If it becomes bright red or you start seeing clots, then definitely go to your ob

Yes! Yes implantation bleeding! With my first baby I bled so bad during the beginning of my pregnancy I thought it was a miscarriage but they said it was just the egg connecting to the uterus

Be careful it could be atopic pregnacy i did i lost it

Yes with my 1st I didnt miss a period til i was 9 or 10 weeks and with these one i found out way earlier but still had a week of light spotting

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I did this with my 2nd pregnancy. It only lasted a few days. :two_hearts:

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Yeah i spotted during ths current pregnancy several times and I’m 33 weeks amd hes super healthy. Doc said it was leftover blood or spotting due to stress (lost my little brother earlier this yr so stress

I experienced mild spotting and cramping very early on in my pregnancy and I now have a very beautiful almost 8 month old daughter.

I bled until 9 weeks I’m now 29 weeks and my baby is fine. I would go to doctor and have them check you out though just to be safe

I had that with 3 of my 4 healthy pregnancies.

What kind of doctor says to wait for results? Did their medical degree come from a cracker jack box? Your doctor should have told you something right then and there :woman_facepalming:

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I bleed alittle with my last pregnancy. Baby girl is 5 months old and happy as can be. :purple_heart:

Might be just implant bleeding

95% implantation but please go back to your doc n get results n he was supposed to tell you there and then if there was something wrong

I had bleeding and everything went fine. I freaked out and they did an ultrasound to check it out. I was nervous because I’m rh negative and by the time I called my doctor it was too late to get a rhogam shot as a precaution.

Hello. I came back, & re-read responses. I read one, that she thought she had the flu. I went through the that with my youngest. “My Flu bug”. I missed work for a week & had to go obtain a Dr’s excuse. Then, found out I was pregnant with my youngest. He is 20 now. :blush:. My little, Big boy. He is 6’4".

I did at daughter is 27 now and is having her daughter April 2.if cramping gets worse go to hospital or Obgyn and get to be safe.heating pad helps cramping.

I spotted like that through out the first and second trimesters! Healthy happy 7 pound boy! He’s turning 9 on Monday :grin:


Good to await your results to be sure. Prob just your bodies late reaction to implantation and the change that is happening your uterus is stretching that could cause some slight bleeding.


It can happen, but get off your feet, rest, and try not to worry. My daughter and I both had light bleeding in first trimester. A sonogram and exam by the doctor needs to be done to insure everything is okay. Prayers for you and your precious baby!

I did this with my first baby. The doctor told me to lay down and stay off my feet as much as possible for a few days. Had a Beautiful baby girl. Don’t stress over it just be sure to keep up with your Doctor.


Get to the doctor for sure. I’m not a mom and don’t plan to be for awhile but, that’s concerning. Good luck!


Always. Always consult your doctor… what is normal for one is not normal for another… every pregnancy is different as well.

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My daughter is 15wks and she still has bleeding. Baby is great. Strong heartbeat, waves in Ultrasound. But go to the doctors to be safe.

Dumb question…but what does this have to do with christmas? Weird!

Go to the doctor or er I have brow. Bleeding with my.1st at 6 weeks amd at 13 weeks with my 2nd.

Definitely a question for a doctor not facebook. :frowning:

Why is a favorite holiday page posting about pregnancy. I dont understand


Not recently but when I was pregnant with my oldest I had heavy bleeding early in. Spend some time in the hospital. I had a cyst or something that ruptured. Went on to have my now healthy almost 9 year old :slightly_smiling_face: lol

I did this earlier this year and within 4 days i miscarried. Started out brown in color than a deep red went to the ER they were no help didnt run the right tests next day i lost it. Found out afterwards its because i have RH negative blood type and needed rogham shots

It also can be placenta previa which it is dangerous.

Go to dr. to be sure, better safe than sorry.

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I did. With both children. Mine was related to my RH factor. Once I got a shot of rhogam it stopped. Had to have shot 3 times. Did have bedrest with 1st child do to early labor and bleeding early in pregnancy. Both are healthy. Everyone’s bodies are so diff that it is best to rely on ur doctor and tests.

I, went through that Also. I found out, through my OB/GYN. The Placenta was NOT completely attached to my Uterus. I was instructed to stay off my feet. No running, No jumping. Was put on Medical leave. I only stayed on, for 6weeks. I already had a 6 year old son. Everything went well. I actually was pregnant with my daughter for 42 1/2 weeks. I Delivered a Beautiful 8#& 1/2 oz daughter. She is a Happily married 21 year old. Just, contact your OB Dr& share your concerns.

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I would still call doctor ASAP and go get checked

I had my monthly for the first 4months when I found out I was 4months along I thought I had the flu it was morning sickness!

I would be freaking out get to a doctor

Sounds like implantation bleeding

Its normal but never hurts to make sure

I’d go ask on a mom’s page.

My grandmother did that all t

Yes I have in a couple of my pregnancies I would call your doctor and let them know in the mean time lay down and put your feet up.

Perhaps you have placenta previa.

It can be, i have known of women having it done and nothing was wrong. However you need to see a Dr could also be a sign of something serious.

Go get checked…its the only thing that will ease your mind