Is it wrong that my husband denies hugs and apologies from our kids after they get in trouble?

Is it wrong to deny apologies and hugs from your child after they’ve gotten in trouble for bad behavior etc. (because you’re still mad)? I think it is terrible and toxic. My husband, however, does this regularly, and it only makes the child act out again, out of hurt, and therefore repeat the cycle of the child getting in trouble, and then we get into an argument - because we disagree on this issue. I’ll add my husband loves our kids and is great with them but is very stubborn, and I’m assuming I was treated this way by his own father as I was my mother, who is maybe why I am extremely aware of how toxic and hurtful this is. Thoughts? Am I wrong, or is it normal and acceptable to deny hugs and love from your child when you’re still angry at them, make a point of talking about how “bad” they are like they’re not there, egging the other kids on to where they join in on it? I’m honestly not sure how this is normal to anyone, but maybe it is…to just need time to cool off before letting it go? With your child, though ??? For reference, I’m speaking about young children (under 10)

You are right. It is toxic. Try to explain it better to him. He needs to break the cycle of how he was treated as a child