Is it wrong of me to not want kids under 11 at my wedding?

So My son’s father and I are officially tying the knot and already have crazy in the woodwork. Is it wrong of me to not let anyone under the age of 11/12 at the wedding? (minus my little brother who will be nine at the time and my son) There’s a lot of people in my family and a lot of kids, and that is not mulling over too well. Is it wrong of me to set that? ‘Your son will miss out on quality time with his cousins’… Am I ridiculous in not having anyone under 11/12 at my wedding (minus my siblings) should I just take the money loss and expand my guest list? I didn’t think I was depriving my son of quality family time at my wedding by setting this rule in place. Am I?


Your wedding your decision :woman_shrugging:t3:


Your wedding your choice.

Nope. Ur wedding ur choice

Nope. I didn’t want kids at my wedding except my nieces and nephews, that was it

Your wedding. Your choice. If people refuse to come, you know who your real friends are.

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I had a adult only reception

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It’s your wedding, if you don’t want children, it’s your right!!

Absolutely not. We are doing a kid free wedding except ones that are coming from out of town and a few family members who have kids. My son will be there and my two nieces will be there bc they are in the wedding. It’s your wedding girl. No one else’s.

Personally if i were getting married, i would want all my family there.


No not crazy at all!

Your wedding your rules. I’d want all the family including the kiddos, but it’s not my day. Congratulations!


As long as you and your fiance mutually agree. He should have as much say IMO


I mean, I get your point, but I wouldn’t go to a wedding where certain kids can come but mine couldn’t


So much more fun with the kids my son and another little kid we’re the only ones at the wedding and they were having so much fun dancing in having a good time it would be a good memory


Absolutely not. That is YOUR special day. If people get mad, they can get mad. :woman_shrugging:t2:

It’s quite normal to request no kids.

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YOUR wedding, YOUR choice :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m upset I didn’t do this! Sounds perfect.

Not wrong. I didn’t either

I don’t think so, it’s your wedding if they want quality family time they can make a family reunion or something.
I get where they’re coming from, and maybe it would make it more enjoyable for your brother and son to have other kids there but it is your wedding so it’s your decision and they should respect that.

I would want all of my family there

Nothing wrong with that… a lot of weddings have no kids really not a big deal

Not ridicilous at all but let me say this…we do not attend weddings that children arent invited too.


I would never think about attending a wedding without my kids


Nope! I think thats fine

It’s your wedding, if anyone has a problem with it then they don’t have to show up

If my kid can’t come then I’m not :unamused: I understand it cost more and weddings aren’t really for kids but to specifically set out and say you can’t bring your kids isn’t cool


Do what makes you happy…at my wedding…I only had my kids…they still enjoyed themselves…

It’s your wedding but I never show up to a party that says no kids. If you want me there my babies are going with me.


Your special day you do it your way. Please dont let yourself get pressured into making other people Happy. Do what will make you happy.
My son and his fiancee’s are planning a no kids wedding except those in the bridal party.

Your wedding.
Your choice.

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My brother didn’t allow kids at his wedding minus my boys and our niece. But we didn’t take them anyway cause we didn’t want them to scream during the wedding or something. I think when I get married I’m gonna do the same.

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It’s your wedding. You make the rules

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Definitely your decision!! But, on the other hand, I wouldn’t go to a wedding if I was not able to take children… especially if it’s family!

I’ve heard of people requesting “no kids after 9pm” or whatever time u choose…

Can you set up a child care area so people can bring their kids, but they aren’t interrupting the ceremony?


You’re wedding but gee really?!? I love kids more the merrier. Just me though.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it. I want kids at my wedding so everyone can come, but I respect others decisions to not want that.

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Half your family prob wont come cause they have to stay home with their kids.

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Nope. My sister did it, the venue wasn’t very big and the price for kids was the same as adults. My kids were there for the ceremony and my in laws took them after dinner, few kids from grooms side were there a bit longer. These kids were in the wedding party.

No, not wrong at all. I was the maid of honor in my friend’s wedding & wasn’t even allowed to bring my son to it. No harm done, had a great time

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No, just know that some people won’t attend as a result. Sometimes you’ve got reliable childcare, sometimes you don’t!

Nope… Your day your happiness… You are going to pay for the wedding they have no choice but go or don’t

No one is paying for it but you, your rules ! It’s not about children it’s your day ( and yes I have a child ).

It’s your wedding. I didn’t have kids at mine either.

My brother didn’t want kids at his wedding. My husband and I had a weekend vacation! Plus who wants screaming kids at a wedding? Cause theres always bound to be a screaming child.

Well you’re having your son and then you’re having someone else who’s in the wedding and you’re saying certain people can come but others can’t if you’re having no kids it should be no kids and since you have one I think it wouldn’t hurt to let them come because I know if I was given an invitation where certain kids could come and certain kids couldn’t come and I had a child that was not invited I’d have my feelings hurt but I didn’t have anybody at my wedding so you know to each his own

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I had no children at my wedding at all except the flower girl, the ring bearer, and two family members’ who had small kids (like still breastfeeding) and traveled 6+ hours for the wedding.

We just had the kids come to the cocktail hour and sat at a separate table with their babysitter. After cocktail hour, they all went home. All kids feed and water

Minus the ones in the wedding party/siblings, no one under 18 was invited to my wedding. It depends on the wedding you are planning for I guess but weddings, in my family, were always for adults not children.

Depends if it’s a destination wedding. If it is then no do not set a age limit.

Your decision. I did it back in 1978.

I had no children under 18 Bc it was too many plus I didn’t want children their

Your wedding your guest list

I said no kids. It worked out well. I didn’t have to spend the money on food they wouldn’t eat. I didn’t have to worry about the running all over or listening to whining. I only had the kids who were in the wedding and then they ended up leaving reception early. It worked out great for us and the parents enjoyed a night out alone.

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Tbh I think that’s ridiculous but it’s your wedding so do what you want.

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Your wedding your rules. You shouldn’t have to feed kids that won’t even eat their meal. Wasted money.

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The only kid allowed at my wedding was my flower girl. No kids is the way to go! Do you girl! Your son will live through a night with a bunch of adults and your Uncle.

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No. Our wedding was child free minus nephews & niece.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. At the end of the day, you’re paying for people to be there and all the extra kids make it way more expensive (at least in my family).

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Your wedding , you call the shots. However, maybe you could do like no young children during the ceremony, and have some kind of room or area set up for someone to watch any children. I would personally enjoy having children there. The more the merrier :blush:


I had kids come to the ceremony and cocktail hour and then they left after that. So they were apart of it. Worked for us! Hurt a few people in the process by not having them there the whole time but you can’t make everyone happy. Follow your heart ! Congrats :hugs::raised_hands:t2:

It’s your wedding your choice they’re not paying so dont stress jt

Your wedding your choice but I tend not to attend weddings my kids aren’t invited to.

It’s YOUR wedding. It’s your day. Do as YOU want.

No kids after a certain time? I mean I wouldnt want my kids around everyone drinking n gettin sloppy lol.

No your not depriving your son anything they can hang out any day just keep in mind since most of the family is or would want to go not everyone might be able to go like you said mostly everyone has kids if they don’t find sitters you won’t have much guest think about that first yes it’s your wedding but i think if you want all your family there you most includes kids sorry wedding or not I’m not going if my kid isn’t wanted for me it’s like your not really inviting me but hey that’s just me

Gurl no kids were allowed at mine. I had glass and candles everywhere. Plus I wanted the adults to really enjoy themselves. I say do what YOU want!

I mean if you don’t want your family who has kids not to go then sure.


No children means NO children. That child attending will be miserable having no one to relate with

The ceremony itself? I’d let all the children be there. The reception? If there’s a ton of alcohol going on and whatnot? Eh. But it also costs a ton for plates at weddings that are catered. To bring a child and you having to pay for a plate for them and those children barely eat… you’re losing out on a ton of money that can be saved for the honeymoon or whatever…
I’ve been to many weddings where children are present at the ceremony. Those same weddings, kids have been at the reception for a few hours til they’re sent with family members or whatever when things start getting wild. I’ve been to receptions that don’t allow children at all.
It’s your day. Do what YOU WANT

Your wedding, your rules. Just be prepared for some people not being able to go, or having to cancel going last minute if they lose their sitter.

Absolutely your decision. I will say though that watching my kids run around and play with other kids at my wedding was one of the highlights.

We actually requested no kids at our wedding. It was our special day and we really didn’t want it interrupted with kids screaming or something like that. I think it’s up to the bride and groom. There are some events that are not appropriate for small children.

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As long as it is a mutual decision between you and your fiance. It’s your wedding, your big day, and should be how you want it.

No. It’s your wedding and your right. I didn’t have children at mine besides immediate family/ wedding party and my own daughter as well. We had a lot of people who responded no and more who RSVP’d and didn’t last minute, and even more who left early for the same reason, no kids allowed. No regrets. A wedding isn’t the only opportunity for your son to see his family. A lot people bring ill mannered children and don’t look after them. They can be disruptive and cause problems. It’s not something you need to nor should be dealing with on your special day. If they can get a babysitter for all other partying occasions they can do it for your wedding or not attend but don’t get manipulated with guilt trips into allowing it. It’s your money, your party, your choice.

Your day your rules!!

It’s your wedding :woman_shrugging:t2: my brother didn’t wanna pay $110 a head at the reception for my other brothers 5 kids who wouldn’t have eaten what was offered anyway. They were at the ceremony, but not the reception and there’s nothing wrong with that. Again, it’s your wedding :woman_shrugging:t2:

I’m not having kids at my wedding, maybe for a little part of the ceremony but that’ll only be my own kids unless people want to bring their kids for the ceremony alone. It’s your wedding you aren’t a bad person just because you want one special day

Your wedding so you do you. Only alternative I can see is if you can arrange for childcare at the venue of some sort where the parents have to drop the kiddos off so ths adults can focus on the wedding.

Your Wedding, your choice.

No it’s your wedding

Not wrong at all in my opinion . peronally i dont like taking my daughter to wessings .

Overall it’s your wedding so you do what you wanna do but if you set a rule that kids 11/12 and older are allowed then that should go for everybody. Receptions and parties are always more fun when kids are there in my opinion.

Nope!! Your day your call!


Maybe friend invites should say Friend plus one only or something of that nature so they know it’s not a free for all and only 2 ppl were accepted with their RSVP. I would think children of family would be welcome though just my thoughts.

I made sure to not only incorporated our 4 daughters(between the ages of 9&16)in our wedding but my niece (11) and my bffs daughter (12) in the wedding as well and had lots of babies and kids there from all our friends and family. Our wedding was to combine our blended family together and be surrounded by the ones we loved which included everyone of all ages. I couldn’t imagine not having all the kids that I love not there on our special day


Wedding day is your day & all about the two of you. Do what will make you happy & stress free! Your son will have plenty of time to see cousins etc at other family events/holidays, I’m sure. You do you!

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Not at all. Your day people need to respect that

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It is your wedding. Don’t feel badly

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It’s your wedding, but your brother and son will probably be bored and cranky.


Yep, much of the same. Your day, your rules. How much “quality time” could they be having at a wedding, anyways? Save the familial bonding and touch football for Thanksgiving, your wedding should be on your terms.

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It is not wrong, don’t let them try to guilt trip you. Gently remind them it’s YOUR wedding and they can do as they please on theirs.

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Totally up to you but keep in mind that some people may not be able to attend because they may not be able to afford a sitter or if you have guests coming from out of town they may not want or be able to make arrangements to be away from their kids for the trip.

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I think that’s pretty smart. But I would prepare for a possiblity of someone not being able to come based off not having a sitter. Other than that, your wedding, your rules. As long as your finance agrees too. Congrats!


most of the weddings I’ve ever been to,the only children there were the children of the bride and groom or in the bridal party

Omg lol no kids? Wow I just couldn’t have imagined my wedding without my 3 year old standing there smiling at us and the crowd all saying awww look at him while my husband and I said our vows like he wanted to be apart of it and it made it memorable…seriosuly ppl are doing weddings without their children?!! Why?! You’re a FAMILY coming together as 1 how do you leave your kids out of it? I mean by 7pm all kids were gone or sleeping anyways
My 3 year old is now almost 15 and we show him those pics and he still grins when he sees the pics of us :hugs:


I said no kids at my wedding and had my daughter and my nieces/nephews. You don’t need to please anyone but you. :woman_shrugging:t2::woman_shrugging:t2:

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Craziest thing I have ever heard silly girl let them come you only get married one time Ina ceremony family friends all have kids


Your wedding your choice! I wish we made ours kid free.