Is it possible to keep a tone body after a c-section?

I am a 3rd time c section mom. I’m 23, I bounced back fast with my last two. I am scared everyone keeps saying “good bye to your tone stomach muscles for ever” “3rd c section? Your stomach will never be the same again” they keep telling me I will devolope this “flap” where My scar is!! I want to prevent that, how can I prevent this flap they speak of?? And I also want tips for a better easier recovery, I get to rest and not be forced to immediately work after this baby. You would think I know all of the tips and tricks but I forget, how can I have a less painful recovery??? Breastfeeding moms, is there a way I can breastfeed my baby where I won’t end with saggy breast after?? Is there a position I can feed in that won’t create the pancake boob?? What can I do I don’t want to lose My body so young like everyone is telling me. It sounds selfish but it’s making me scared to breastfeed because I still want to have my Perkyness. Please don’t bash that.


sounds like your young enough that your body will recover well. there is no positions to put less strain on your breast. just have a healthy diet take care of your body and with 3 kids I’m sure you will be active. there is plenty of resources online about c section recovery exercises! dont forget it takes time.

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Support your breast while feeding. I was told it helps to prevent sagging. Chest exercises to keep the muscles strong. As far as getting your body back, if you put in the work, it should happen.

After you are done breastfeeding, wear a bra as little as possible. I’m pregnant right now and still barely wear a bra, definitely have larger breast but they aren’t in my armpits or down to my belly button. As for flat stomach, wear your belly bands and do strengthening stretches. Yoga

Sounds so silly, but my mil told me to put cabbage leaves on your breast, for relief after breastfeeding. I too was a 3 time c section but at age 35. It really worked, took the pain away and kept the perkiness. Once I healed up I did sit ups and was as active as I could be and got right back to pre- baby weight. Just my experience

So I’m a 3 time C-section momma and the flap is terrible this time around :smiling_face_with_tear: I’m not trying to scare you but I HATE IT. My boobs have never been huge or anything so I can’t speak in that but definitely wear postpartum wraps to help with your belly

31, 3 kids ( 9 7 and 2) all c sections. And this is with out trying

Your muscles and nerves have been cut 3x they do not reconnect, I have had 6 c-sections

Just tell ur dr when he cuts u open to do like a tummy tuck when closing u up