Is it possible my milk supply is coming back after 5 months?

I had my son a little over 4months ago; he’ll be 5months the 23rd. I just noticed my breast milk is coming back in, and I’m leaking milk and colostrum. Is this normal? I didn’t breastfeed my son, they kept me doped up on pain meds after I had him, and then I had a severe bad UTI for a week after and was on antibiotics and pain meds again, so my milk dried up quickly within a week… But my nipples started hurting, and I squeezed to rub the pain away and noticed milk and all coming out. Is it normal to reproduce and not have breastfed?


Are you sure your not pregnant again ?


Have you been stimulating the nipple? Could you be pregnant? Does it look like breastmilk or does it look different? Might be a good idea to see a doctor, it could be normal but sometimes leakage from the breast can be a symptom of breast cancer. Or pregnancy.

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Have you had your thyroid levels checked?

I recommend expression laction services, its a private group and has always been very helpful for me

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let’s just say my youngest is almost 3, I’ve never stopped making milk since my older daughter was born in 2014

Are you Prego again…

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I was making milk up to a year after I stopped breastfeeding

maybe pregnant again. check

Sorry this might come off weird but does your husband ever like… you know… because that could keep your milk production going. :zipper_mouth_face::grin::wink: like does he stimulate your hips? Sorry


Go see your ob/gyn , get a preg test while your there (blood test best) .

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Is it only when you squeeze? I was able to get drops out when squeezing for a year after my first, despite only feeding for a couple weeks. My second I was intent on breastfeeding but I dried up after 2 months.

Antibiotics do dry most peoples milk up ! And when it wears out from the body milk can come out again!

I’m the poster of this question… Ive taken several test over the past few weeks and all bave been negative,i was thinking the same thing about being pregnant cause the way I’ve been feeling,but i also have another uti(and I’m on birth control too). Also i do have thyroid issues,but i take pills to keep my level in tact because my thyroids dont produce enough hormones for my body. And about the sexish life,we havent had alot of “fun” life latelt with everything going on… My husband gave me a back rub and after he was done i just laid there watching the movie and my nipples started hurting(first sign last timw i found out i was pregnant) so i started rubbing and my boobs started leaking.

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Yes. I stopped bf my second at 5 months and 6 months later I would still have the occasional leak. If you want to bf you can, just let him latch on as often as possible, maybe get some boobie bikkies to help boost supply and you’ll be away in no time!

Maybe you’re PREGO mama…??

Get ahold of your obgyn.can be normal but if your not breastfeeding can lead to mastitus clogged ducts etc.

It’s absolutely possible! I lactated a year+ after weaning both my babes. Is there any possibility that you are pregnant again? They might be acting up and getting sore because of pregnancy? Sorry to scare you :slightly_smiling_face:

That is odd but if you don’t breastfeed and you have the milk coming out … would you consider donating breastmilk? There are a lot of places that take it for undernourished babies and ones who are abandoned… even moms who can’t produce breastmilk have taken it.

Some birth control methods can cause it. Probably in small amounts though.

Happened to me several years ago. I was told it can happen around your time of the month due to hormones. But everyone is different and you really should contact your doctor.

Talk to your doctor but not usually