Is it normal to spot in pregnancy?

I’ve been bleeding off and on since 12 weeks. Sometimes light spotting and other times I have massive bleeds to the point I can’t leave the toilet. I’m now 31 weeks and have been diagnosed with chronic placental abruption and admitted to the hospital until delivery. Any other moms experience this? I keep finding stories about spontaneous placental abruption but not chronic. I feel alone in this!


I didn’t have exactly the same…but I was admitted at 33 weeks due to leaking amniotic fluid.
I was having a Csection no matter what since my daughter was positioned completely wrong and never dropped.
I told the Dr it would suck to lay in the hospital until I was 40 weeks.
We made a deal…at 35 weeks they would do an amniocentesis to see if she was healthy enough to deliver. And she was… So at 35 weeks I had a very healthy baby. Only telling you this in case they do have to deliver you early…don’t be too scared.
You are in the best place right now since your baby is being constantly monitored. Plus…if if like what I went through…you get daily ultrasounds…I loved seeingy baby every day.

Yes that happened to me. Lucky for me I was closer to my due date and it was 38 years ago.Times have changed so all I will say is I had a healthy boy and he is a pretty alsome man.Then it happened again with my second and had a healthy girl and she is an amazing woman.