Is it normal to have two periods a month?

I gave birth vaginally on the 1st of June, bled for two weeks. Then between 3 to 5 weeks I also bled but was not worried as its normal. At my six weeks check up Gynae said all is fine and blood tests too. At eight weeks on the 30th of July, i had a period for three days very light, though. Two weeks later, on the 14th of August, I started bleeding again. It looks like lochia to me. It’s very light, and today its the 20th I’m still bleeding. Is all this normal to get a period twice a month or lochia at almost 12 weeks postpartum; do I need to get it checked? I have had sex, but that was after six weeks, and I also walk as a form of exercise.


I say normal. Your hormones are leveling out.


It can take up to 18 months for your body to completely heal from pregnancy. Call your dr if you are really concerned.

Did you go on birth control? I know for me the depo shot gives me 2 periods a month.

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You just had a baby. It took 9 months for your body to carry it, it isn’t gonna go back to normal after a few weeks.


I had 2 a month for months…i ended up getting the mirena to stop them.

My personal experience has been irregular periods for the first 4 to 8 months after delivery. Doctor said it was normal, my body was just readjusting.

It’s normal. I’ve had two in a month before!! Also remember a nurse told me, stress will change the cycle, also loosing and gaining weight will also change your cycle!!!

Your hormone levels are coming back to normal. It’s not surprising

I did with one pregnancy and it can be normal, your body is adjusting to everything. Just keep track of how often and how much.

I bled for ten weeks after my first delivery and at twelve weeks my period came back. I was breastfeeding twins too!
My second delivery I bled 4 weeks and then nothing until 15 months.
If you feel pain/temperature get checked again, otherwise I’d say hormones being hormones!

It takes a while for your body to get back to normal after giving birth. I wouldn’t worry at all. Ask your dr if you’re really concerned

You gave birth June 1st… you need to give it time to regulate :slightly_smiling_face:

Hormones need to balance out.

Instead of seeking medical advice from random strangers on Facebook, I reccomend calling your Dr. Just my opinion …

After my 1st child, I swear it never ended for like 6 months… instead of counting down to my period, I’d count down until I had 1 week period free.
2nd baby, I was regular by 8 weeks PP

If you’re breastfeeding or on birth control that’ll mess with it too.

It can take months for periods to regulate themselves after giving birth. If you’re really worried about it, ask your doctor. They will have the best answers.

I bled for 7 weeks after both births and then didn’t have another period until about a year. The hormones are SO messed up.

Took me a few months to return to normal in that department. I wouldn’t worry about it.

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Honestly lo chia can happen for a long while. Mine would come back when ever I did to much. All of this sounds very normal and just a part of healing.


It takes months for your body to get back on track periods take awhile to go back to.ypur original cycle after my first daughter my period was every 6 weeks when it finally came back.

Did you get your tubes tied? I was told after I had my tubes tied that my periods could be “weird” for quite some time.

It can take a yr for your period to get back to normal.

After you have a baby ur period will never be the same

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Lochia can be like that

Normal just wait for it to finish… and your period should come back to normal

I had bleeding for several weeks then a short break and then my first P and didnt stop bleeding for 3 weeks so was sent for tests but mine then stopped. Mine had just been due to my body adjusting to starting contraception but my doctors advised me all along that if I was still bleeding 3 months after birth then to contact them again for further tests so you should probably contact your doctor about the bleeding just to be safe xx

All normal just watch for signs of infection.
Fever, odd smelling blood or discharge, painful cramping.
If you are concerned you should call your doctor and see what they say. Always better safe than worried.

It can be normal just like sometimes it can be normal for breastfeeding moms to not get a period. Your body has to adjust and find its cycle again. When I had my daughter even after I stopped breastfeeding my periods were irregular and took awhile before getting regular. I don’t think I got regular periods until after she was like 18 months old.

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I pretty much bled/spotted for the first 3 months on and off too. I did for a month strait after birth, took a week off and got my actual period, then spotted in between periods.

Completely normal, a little light bleeding at anytime even up to 6 months after birth. If it was heavy I’d worry

I do occasionally and had my youngest 4 years ago. Had it happen before i had kids. It usually happens in the months with 31 days.

I had a couple periods for 4-6 weeks long while on birth control after having my son… doctors didn’t seem to worry

Go to the doctor and get a check up and pregnancy test. Please Use birth control!!!