Is it normal to feel like I have to pee while pregnant?

Hello Mamma’s😊
This is my first pregnancy, is any advice you can give me ? I know is normal but I can’t deal anymore🙈
I’m 20w and 6days pregnant… I’m literally every 5-6 mins in the bathroom ! I pee drips or there is nothing coming out… and it feels if as I just wanna pee😕 please help and I’m getting cramps which is normal to me but it freeks me out
Thank you in advance


It sounds like you have a UTI very common on pregnancy but you need to get it fixed, go to see your gp x

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May wanna get checked for a UTI. That’s how I was and they put me on antibiotics. You can also try drinking alot of water. Not drinking enough water can make you cramp

Definitely get checked for a UTI!

UTI or kidney infection.

Uti. Talk to your ob. That is not normal pregnancy stuff. vagisil wipes help calm the urge for me.

I had to half stand up while I was pregnant to pee. She smashed my bladder and that’s the only way I could move her enough to pee. I also would get checked for a uti

Drink cranberry juice, cleand kidneys. Bladder. If u carrying low could just be normal pee pressure, get ladies panty liners depends so u dont leak

Uti or Bladder infection


Ever in doubt, call obgyn

Sounds like u have a uti i would go to the dr

May be a UTI. I’m not preggo but had same symptoms. Went Dr got antibiotics and I’m ok now. Now it time for us to try for our rainbow baby.

Sounds like a uti you have to get the water into you no bath keep your feet warm u may need a percripstion it’s common in pregnancy

Cranberry juice!Make sure it’s 100% cranberry juice not a cocktail!I know it taste bad but it will help you out a lot

My OB told me when I pee learn forward as much as possible to empty your bladder. Around 18 weeks I was going about every 45 min to an hour. When I went for my 20 week scan at 19 weeks i had an incompetent cervix. My cervix was super thin and starting to dilate. I ended up having surgery. Then an infection. Ultimately I had an infection that caused me to lose my pregnancy at 20.5 weeks. After all was said and done I discovered peeing THAT frequently wasn’t normal. And the pressure I was feeling wasn’t normal either. Please go to your OB ASAP and let them know what’s going on!

Call your ob and get checked for a UTI… and if they give you antibiotics, make sure you are also taking probiotics such as yogurts cheese milk with the antibiotics!

Lean forward when you pee. It helps empty the bladder. Not emptying it can lead to infection.


Bladder infection go to doctor

You might want to get checked for a UTI

I thought it was a uti when it happened to me but my obg said I had no infection. Just drink more water, it DOES pass. I know it’s super frustrating especially when trying to sleep… or anything really.

Def uti or bladder infection, make dr apt to get antibiotics

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UTI… get Azos to help with urination and get into the dr for an antibiotic

Have you peed when u sneeze yet? lol I would have to move around in the toilet to get all the pee out. If I didn’t I would be in the bathroom with a strong feeling I had to pee but wouldn’t.

I was the same way, but at that point my baby was already pretty big. So he was already putting pressure on my bladder from what they could tell.

Might be that, might also just be a UTI or Kidney Stones/the start of them. If you drink too much pop, or caffeinated drinks… stop drinking them for a day or two and ONLY drink water. After that, if it stops… you can go back to drinking other things as well. But, for every caffeinated drink, you need to drink the same amount of water to flush all of that out of you.

Sucks but you pretty much have to deal with that. Only gets worse

You probably have a uti

U might have a uti maybe call your obgyn drink plenty of water

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I’m only 10 weeks and have to pee every 30 minutes! I know I won’t get better, only worse lol

Sound like a bladder infection. Seek doctor. Gyn .:gift_heart:

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Drink lots of water…you could just be dehydrated since pregnancy will suck the life out of you…literally!

My firsy pregnancy i had a bladder infection. And i was on antibiotics. This pregnancy. I have had 2 utis. I am now on a antibiotic for the remainder of the pregnancy once a day. Dont try to treat it yourself with extra water and cranberry juice. Go get an antibiotic . Cause it can be dangerous for the baby

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I’m pretty sure it is a UTI… but I prefer you go get a doctor’s advice, I used to get them when I was pregnant either that or kidney or bladder infection when you are itching down there that’s when you have a bladder infection or a kidney infection if you’re not itching it’s just a UTI I do believe…you can Google it it will tell you all the symptoms of a UTI, bladder infection, kidney infection, just thought I might mention it to you sweetheart good luck and congratulations on your first born… you will enjoy being a mother babies give you so much love…

You probably have a UTI

Sounds like a UTI. Best to be checked.

I’ve decided to just start wearing a pad because every laugh, sneeze, or major cough I end up pissing myself.

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UTI or bladder infection. You need to be seen ASAP due to possibly compromising your pregnancy if you seek no treatment.

you could have a UTI or a bladder infection definitely get yourself checked and if so get the medication that she need. I also once wasn’t able to get to the doctor with a UTI while pregnant they couldn’t make me an appointment fast enough and the nurse did tell me that I could take azo that helped me a lot with a lot of water and cranberry juice

I was same I used to hold my belly up to help relieve the pressures on my bladder and it helped


Drink lots of water, keep an eye on what your body is telling you. If there is blood or pain could be a uti or a bladder infection.

Sounds like a uti (urinary tract infection). Go to ur dr! Prayers for relief!!!

My best advice… Buy the softest toilet paper you can find. That growing baby is the cause of it. Moving around and laying on your badder making you feel like you have to go. I would also wait until I felt like I was gonna pee on myself. It still ended up not being much come out but at least worth having to wipe :joy: every time you have to go tell yourself it’s a really good thing bc it means a growing bundle of joy! :heart:


Sounds like a UTI, go see your Dr and get treated before it gets worse.

Definitely sounds like a UTI

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Cramps sound like round ligament pain. Theirs not a lot of room in there with baby and organs taking up occupancy, and it’s only goung to get worse. Wear pads- one cough or sneeze and your done lol. I do not reccomend pantyliners. Wont do nothing, trust me lol.
Your hormones also effect this to relax you and make you go a lot for room for baby. Consistently do your keegles, wear pads, bring it up to Dr to see what they say and rule out any infection, but it’s pretty normal.

It’s the baby. Happened to me all the time. Welcome to motherhood

Could be UTI I just had one

If nothing is coming out call your doc, pee in a cup and they can check for uti. When I got big I had to lean to pee lmao too much pressure down there…

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It sounds like a UTI/bladder infection. They are so common during pregnancy. Get into your dr asap

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UTI doc and cranberry juice, water

You have a urinary tract infection…can be fixed easy.
Drink cranberry juice and get in the pharmacy part of store a pill to clear it up.
It is called something with three letters …initials for ingred.
Something like IVO ? Ask pharmacist…they will show you.

Drink lots of water, keep an eye on what your body is telling you. If there is blood or pain could be a uti or a bladder infection.