Is it normal to be in pain after giving birth?

I just had my third baby 2 days ago and opted for epidural from the start, where my other two labours I went 12 hours each without it. I was being induced and wanted to be as comfortable as I could. The spot I had the epidural is SO painful I’m having issues rolling over walking or even just standing. Is this normal to be in so much pain?


My 19 month old epidural spot still hurts every once in a while. I can lay a certain way for very long or it feels like it’s fresh.

Yes it will be painful for several days after. Unfortunately some of us have pain years later. I have had 2 epidurals and I’ve had problems since I had them. It’s been 23 years.

Yup it took me a long time to recover but didn’t fully still have pains from time to time

My first epidural I had severe pain for 4 years after it until I got in a motorcycle accident idk how but that fixed it (highly don’t recommend this fix) I’ve had two more epidurals since then and was tender and sore for a maybe a week and a half after them but not in severe pain

I’ve had 4 epidurals and 1 birth without. I had no pain after with any

I’ve had 4 epidural births and never any pain afterwards so I would say it isn’t normal.

My daughter still has pain 3 years later

For months after I had my son ot felt like I had a needle stuck in my spine. But it did go away after about 3 months

I’d get in touch with the doctor for some type of relief. Epidural can sometimes cause pain weeks even years later, either at the injection site or the entire back itself. Congratulations to you on your baby :two_hearts:

They stuck me in my spine the first time then had to go back in a second time. My spine hurt for 6 months or so. If I push on it now it is still a little sore.

Yes! You’ll probably hurt for a few weeks/months; especially if you ended up “jumping” when they started inserting the epidural. I had two 28 months apart and 6 years later it still hurts if you put just the right amount of pressure near the area. Tylenol or Motrin helps with the pain from inflammation. It’s worse in the beginning because it’s healing, but it WILL get better overtime. If the pain is unbearable call your dr and they may be able to give some medicine…usually only if not breastfeeding.

First time I had it it didn’t hurt afterwards at all, second time it hurt for about a week or so. For me it was well worth it.

Everyone here saying yes it’s normal but I didn’t have a single issue with mine after birth :sweat_smile:

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I guess everyone is different, because I never had pain at the injection site.

What does the doctor say?

Everyone is different and we aren’t doctors :rofl::roll_eyes:

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Well duh lmao… you just had a BABY. YES Epidurals hurt. My tailbone broke during labor even! :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yea they called after pains they get worse after each birth some are described as like bad period pains usually last for a week or 2 take some pain relief x

yes! i’m 10 weeks pp and still have so much pain

You just pushed a baby out of your who-ha while an needle was shoved in your spine. Of course your gonna be in pain and excruciating pain. My only baby is gonna be 15 in December and I still have pain. But about your other aliments I’m not sure to be honest

Mine still gets itchy sometimes

Yes it is completely normal to Be pain after you get the epidural. I heard many bad things about it i got the Epidural when i was pregnant with my daughter and Now I have back problems. And there’s day’s I can’t do anything without my back hurting

Please contact your doctor


Yes I still get pain in my injection site and my baby’s 10 ! My oldest daughter got one with her son he’s almost 2 she says she still gets pain at the site as well!!!


No it’s not normal, I had one 46 years ago an had no trouble at all , an I ended having a c-section. Reading all your statements something must of went wrong as my Daughter had one no troubles eather youngest child is 22 yes. I fell sorry for you.


Use ice as well, 20 min on 30 min off

So I think some pain is normal if it easily controlled with Tylenol or ibuprofen. HOWEVER…yes I use caps because it’s a big however……if it is not easily controlled or there are other symptoms like swelling or a headache pain in extremities u need to call a doc asap!! There are risks with a epidural those risk can be serious! if you feel it’s an unusual amount of pain it will never ever hurt anyone if u call the OB offices and ask……it could most certainly hurt you if u don’t and there’s a problem.


First epidural? Zero issue or pain after
Second epidural? Absolute misery after.

Why are people laughing???

Yes, had an epidural with my 1st and 2nd, but had issues with my epidural with my 2nd, and I still have a lot of pain where it was and hes about to be 5. So for my 3rd and 4th child, i said natural and had them as homebirths.

Yes I had my third child 1 month ago am still having pain at the injection site and that section hurts but never had issues with my last two

My neighbor had pain 30 years later at the epidural site