Is it normal to 10lns in a week while pregnant?

I am 23 weeks pregnant and weighed myself this morning and somehow gained 10 pounds in a week…is this normal for pregnancy? I am concerned I am going to gain weight too fast…


I gain weight like crazy during my pregnancies my last I jumped from 100lbs to just around 200, my first I gained 50-60lbs. Both were healthy, non-eventful pregnancies with 0 issues, some women just do. I believe my metabolism slows when I’m pregnant because I normally struggle to gain weight. So there could be issues, but it could also just be weight gain.

Eta; during my last I gained something like 10-12lbs in a week span and my doctor said nothing about it because i was considered underweight prior to my pregnancy so I believe that made a difference.

Definitely a question for your OB.
Everyone’s body is different and pregnancy weight gain is different. Depending on your starting weight and general health, weight gain recommendations change.

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I gained 8 lbs in one week (late in pregnancy) & was told to cut back on sweets. The next 3 visits I didn’t gain at all though. Every body is different. I would recommend talking to your OB for sure because 10 lbs in 1 week is a little drastic. I don’t think weight gain early on is as critical as weight gain towards the end as baby gains nearly half a lb a week towards the end but definitely a question for your OB.

Gestational diabetes can cause rapid weight gain in you and the fetus. You’ll be checked at some point. But there’s an enormously wide range of “normal” when you’re pregnant.

Is a bit much, i gained 10 in one month and ob was asking what I was eating/drinking…I remember I told her about craving fruit juice, just too many carbs, I cut back and it got better…but I still gained 70 during the pregnancy :flushed: never been so hungry in my life Lol

I’d definitely recommend contacting your ob/gyn. That’s a lot of weight gain in a week.

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Yeah way to much, might also be water. Dont eat that much Carbs if possible. And try reduce plantoils as they are hurting your gut

It’s a really good question to ask your doctor I worked out up until 25 weeks with my son and still gained over 35 pounds…
I was working up until 32 weeks with my daughter I’m hockey trainer and ended up only getting 5 pounds after…
So everybody’s different and it really depends on what you’re doing in your lifestyle them what you’re eating

Either taking in lots of carbs, or hopefully not preclamsia, or diabetic

this happened to me twice. i started out at 260 and now i’m 320 at 36 weeks