Is it normal that my 7 year old was upset he didn't get a gift on his brothers birthday?

I just need to know if this is normal of a 7 year old or if it’s just mine. I have two sons and my youngest just turned 5 yesterday. We did cake and presents but during the cake my 7 year old asked to be sang happy birthday too and I told him no because it wasn’t his birthday it was his brothers and today is about his brother and he will get his turn when it’s his birthday. Then when we did presents he completely took them from his brother and opened them up and I had to tell him to stop and that those presents were for his brother and again, he would get his turn on his birthday. This morning, he was going on and on about how unfair it is he got nothing yesterday and his brother got presents. Keeping in mind my 7 year old constantly wants to be the center of attention I again explained to him that not every day can be about him especially on someone else’s birthday. Everyone gets that one day a year where it’s about them and he will get his turn just like has the past 7 years. I’m just curious if anyone else’s child does this?


I would straighten him out now. This will only get worse as he gets older. Everyone deserves their special day to be celebrated and he has his own.


Yes my sister Siân Wombwell was like this and she always got a gift on our birthdays :joy::joy: xx

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Very normal. I get them a little gift as well so they don’t feel left out. :heart:


Maybe next time, involve him in the process earlier. Let him pick a small present so that he can understand the fun of giving.

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He has to learn he doesn’t get presents when it’s his brothers birthday

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Yes some kids do act like this and it’s the parents responsibility to teach them better. Next time he acts inappropriately towards someone’s special day take him away from the group and remind him that it’s not about him. If he throws a fit then discipline.


Not something I’ve ever seen before. Most kids that age understand the concept of celebrating for a friend/family member on their own day.


I would say this is normal behaviour. Jealousy is a completely normal feeling and it sounds like you did what you could to explain that to him. Maybe try helping him to identify and recognize how he was feeling and just continue reminding him that it was his brother’s birthday and his turn will come.


Pretty normal. Instead of him being the older brother of the birthday boy, make him the party helper. He can help
Do games, hand presents to the opened, pass out silverware, etc. Big boy helper for the day.


My eldest was like this for a very small period… yes, she was overly entitled and the rod my mother had made.
Laid those boundaries down :heart:


You will have to nip this in the bud as best you can.


Mine was craziest thing I have seen.

I’ve seen this happen but the children are usually a lot younger. Only my opinion, I think by 7 your old enough to understand the concept of birthdays. Just keep doing what your doing, and don’t allow him to turn the attention onto him


Yes, some still get upset at this age about such things.


I always remind my kids weeks before whose birthday it is and that it’s about the person and no body else. My kids has never acted like that. If my kid did that I would be making the child be out of reach of all presents handing over or even opening of presents.


went through this with my kids . i have 2 kids who’s birthday is in june and two in september. when celebrating my june birthdays the september birthdays did the same thing. i explained the same thing. after 2 years the finally stopped .

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Can we say my kid would be grounded. 


Wow. What is wrong with you ppl. Lol. YES! It’s normal. Children under 10 ( also above, mostly seen in kids with disabilities like autism, add, odd ect) are very possessive. That includes things like birthdays, holidays, and other “special” days. Possession is not limited to physical objects. Just let your child know that while it’s OK to have those feelings of " everything should be about me because I’m 7" that it’s also OK for others to feel that way. Like when it’s his/her siblings birthday. :slight_smile:


My kids did this when they were 3 and under, my 6 year old tried to “help” his little sister open presents on her birthday but just because she was taking forever and he was impatient :joy: but he wasn’t upset that he didn’t get his own presents


We always got gifts on our other siblings birthdays …I know some ppl don’t but my parents always did this


No. Sorry but your child needs to learn and best while they are young, otherwise he will turn out to be a narcissistic adult thinking the world only revolves around him. He will get his day on his birthday. Be a parent and teach him now, don’t wait or give in to him.


Idk I think 7 is a little old to be doing this. If he was around 3 I would understand. But 7 is pretty old, they understand the concept.

Is he always trying to be the center of attention or ONLY when he’s around his brother? It could be a jealousy thing.

Either way take care of it now, because he’ll get older and think the universe revolves around him. I’ve seen kids like this (more so when they’re an only child) and they grow up to be very narcissistic.

You’ve got to just keep reinforcing in his head that the world does not revolve around ANYONE.


We always do a half a bday gift for the other kid. I have two boys & I let the birthday boy pick out a half a bday gift for the other kid. They are very appreciative to get something. & it’s just a cheap little something. They always let each other help open their gifts too.

You need to nip this in the bud now.

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If it’s a continuous action, no it’s not normal. He’s very jealous and entitled. Needs stronger action taken other than talking cuz obviously it’s not working. Maybe therapy, or a good old fashioned spanking… not a beating just a swat on the rear-end to get his attention, nothing to hurt just to shake him up a bit. He knows what he’s doing and is doing it to get the attention. Good or bad he’s seeking the attention and is getting it

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My son is autistic and he does this all the time. He’s 8. It’s common in autistic children as well. Not just children who could possibly become narcissists


You were not wrong it’s not his bday.

Do you gift the 5 year old on the 7 year olds birthday?

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Not at this age . He should clearly understand by now .

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It’s normal to some extent. My kids use to do that when they were much smaller like <4. But it’s not their day so they have to suck it up really.
They have their turn once a year like the rest.
At 7 he’s old enough to know better.

7 is too old to be acting that way (unless there is a disability such as autism that would prevent him from fully understanding).


By 7 yrs old, he needs to stop!


Possessiveness is common among children. Obsessive possessiveness will lead to many future problems.

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Nope. Its your 5 year olds birthday. You did absolutely nothing wrong. I think its better to correct these issues now because it will only get worse.


No not normal behaviour but is a behaviour of a child that is spolit and gets away with alot nip it in the bud cause they turn out real monsters by the time they are teenagers

I think he is confusing the Birthday with Christmas.

He sounds like a total brat!!!


Yes it’s normal my grandsons are close in age and are exactly the same

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I think it’s normal ,my grand children do this but you just have to say oh well ! It’s not your birthday - it’s your siblings - They will eventually learn .

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Normal kid behavior in my opinion.

You’re supposed to take care of this issue when your kids are younger than 7. It’s normal for them to feel upset. You can feel your feelings. But you can’t take presents & open them, or make a scene. He’s 7. I wouldn’t just “talk” to my 7 yr old.
I’ll never get gifts for my other kids, during their siblings birthdays. Or during anyone else’s birthdays.
Unless your child has a disability, I would nip this in the butt now.

Yes it’s very common for siblings to rival about presents. It’s gets better Momma. Something I did for my sons bc they were so close in age was get a little something for brother that feels left out. Birthday presents for the birthday boy and a tiny special something for his brother. That way everyone feels special.


Children all have their own normal. Most of it all passes.

No, definitely not normal. Yes, it’s just your child and maybe others too but not mine.

Lol what no. Straighten that boy out. Your poor 5 year old was robbed.

My 5 and 7 year old nieces understand this concept. Hopefully you scolded him for opening his brother’s presents. I would have put him in his room for 7 minutes on a time out for that.

sounds like he is jealous and doesn’t understand how to deal with those feelings. I would try finding some way to help him deal with the jealous feelings. on his birthday point out to him that his brother didn’t get anything and was not sung Happy birthday. ask him how he would feel if his brother was given gifts and sang for. maybe he just needs it to be put in a different perspective for him. I’m not saying ruin his birthday. but after the party and events sit down and talk to him about it.

Stand your ground! He will get over it! He has to learn life isn’t all about him, it doesn’t mean you love him any less . He will come across many examples while he is growing up.

Perhaps he needs to go to his room until he has an attitude adjustment. This is Brother’s special day. Seven is old enough to understand.

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Not really normal at 7 unless he has done the same younger and it was let slide. It will only get worse if not stopped.

Nothing at all normal or good about this. Stand your ground.

No. Idc what people say. Everyone gets their own birthday. I’m not gonna coddle you an take attention away from the birthday kid just cause you’re mad it ain’t your birthday…and any parent that does is just raising another brat that the world is gonna slap back to reality as an adult .

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nope, my kids were always so excited for each others birthdays, would stay up with me to help decorate and wrap presents etc for the birthday one. Never had jealousy

I’ve seen this behavior with my younger kid. They want to be included but some want the attention as well. I have my youngest help with wrapping and stuff like that. He’s 7 and he should understand what’s going on. He needs to be straightened out. But at a 7 year old level. He was absolutely out of bounds, but this probably isn’t the first issue and it wasn’t corrected in the beginning so now it’s worse. He needs to be included and also taught that supporting people is just as good as being center of attention. If that doesn’t work the first or second time, the consequences need to be enforced.

My son got like that on my daughters second bday but he is only three and I had to explain it over and over.

Some kids get upset but just teach him that when its his birthday he will get presesents

No, thats not normal. At 7 he should definitely understand that just because someone is having a birthday does not me he gets one too. Straighten this our ASAP because you will end up with an older child who thinks they are entitled to get things just because someone else does. Its not fair, LIFE IS NOT FAIR. He needs to learn this and attention seeking behavior needs to be dealt with because he will end up trying to get attention frok the wrong person which can end up being dangerous.

sounds like some one needs to do a better job at disciplining :roll_eyes: smack his hands and say no when he tries opening something thats not his.

I’d use positive enforcement. Seems like he has needs unrealized. Maybe try counseling. Wishing you well.

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Question is has he done this every time or only this year??

How rude and selfish of your child to spoil his brother’s birthday. Stand up to him and be a parent and teach him. Whatever you do, dont give into him

Teach him that he gets his special day just like his brother. It drives me crazy when some of those parents buy gifts on a birthday for their other kids. Umm no! He will get over it… teach then now so when they become adults they dont grow up to be entitled adults.

Its jealously as long as you never caved in let him sulk x

That is common in 2-4 year olds. By 7 he should have a better understanding of birthdays. With the little other information you gave there may be some mental issue like a mild learning disability. I suggest getting him checked out. If issues are diagnosed he can get proper therapies to overcome the issues.

Normal… but shut it down asap

Not really, unless they’ve been raised with the idea of double birthdays. But you said he wants to always be the center of attention, which is something you might want to work on.