Is it normal that my 18-month-old is always cold?

My 18 month old always says he is cold…always wants to be covered or have warm clothing on…even in the summer…my doctor doesnt seem concerned but I am…is this normal?


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My three year old is the same way.

Was his iron levels checked?

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My 7yo is always like this. He’s petite a 7yo. He always has a blanket on.

I wouldn’t be concerned. My daughter always likes sweatpants even in 100 degree weather lol. She just likes to be comfy like me.

My 3 year old always needs a blanket I think it’s a comfort thing.

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Have you had him tested for anemia cause I have it and I’m constantly colder then everyone else

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This a question for her pediatrician. I would also ask for blood work to check for Anemia.

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Hypothyroidism can make you feel cold

U could ask your pediatrician to do an iron blood test, or maybe he just loves being covered with something soft???

I used to lay out in the sun with my mama covered up. All my kids except the one I didn’t allow to have her own blanket for a long time, love having a blanket. Every when its hot out. My almost 4 yo will get into the car in the summer and ask for a blanket like its not already 110° in there lol

Idk but my son has always been this way he’s 2

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Children don’t normally feel the cold , well I thought.because they always so active.but your doctor doesn’t seem to concerned.mybe seek a second opinion just to be on the safe side.good luck hope it’s nothing serious.

My 3 yr old does this. But not because he’s cold just likes his sweaters. We have to actually take it off of him when we leave the house on super hot days cus he’ll get heat stroke lol but inside it’s okay cus we have AC

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Damn, what has happened to this group? Nothing but SCAMMERS commenting now.

Probably a comfort thing. (But has he had labs done?) 

Probably a comfort thing. (But has he had labs done?) 

Probably a comfort thing. (But has he had labs done?) 

Could possibly be anemic.