Is it normal for the first period to be heavy after giving birth?

This might be tmi but the first period you guys got after being pregnant, was it awful? I’ve never had heavy periods, just moderate cramps, but this first one I’ve got since baby I have intense cramps and heavy bleeding. Like I had to wake up in the middle of the night because I had leaked everywhere. Anyone have similar experience or should I be worried?

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I’ve had 3 and was always told if I soak a pad within 2 hours. To go back. But yes the cramps were worse than before just the first time.

Yes… it can be for some people… Mine weren’t after my first 3 babies but it was horrific after my 4th baby… It’s not uncommon to experience a heavy first period after having a baby…

It’s normal because your body is cleaning itself. Just be careful if you soak a pad in less than 2hrs or if you start to see back spots or light headed. That’s when you worry. Cramps eh it’s normal. My regular ones are crazy intense so to me it’s normal pain. Just put a heating pad on your lower back or stomach. Stay hydrated & try to eat clean. Best of luck☺️

I had super heavy periods before my daughter. After I had her they’ve been the lightest I’ve ever had in my entire life lol. Every once in awhile I’ll have a super heavy one with really big and bad clots, but for the most part they’re way better after having my daughter

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Yes with all of ours.

Both my pregnancies the first couple periods after were longer heavier and more crampy. It calmed down though