Is it normal for my incision to be so painful?

i had a c section 3 weeks ago, my incision is right on my bikini line. my stomach chub keeps rubbing and making my incision painful. many mamas have advice?


Put a dry weave maxi pad over it. It will keep it clean and dry. Mine became infected before I started that.


I used high waist panties with a panty liner for awhile helped bunch

No stick pad works well too

High waist panties and Jean’s

A infinity pad with aloe Vera in the freezer. Fold over the waist line of your pad and let it sit there. Change when needed. It will also help with excess moisture

Stick a menstrual pad to a pair of high waste panties horizontally so that the pad covers the incision.


Use a panty liner to act as a buffer

High waisted pants. Dry washcloth.

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Belly band they gave me one in the hospital I wore that thing like it was a part of me it was a life saver but it was my fifth kid and she was a preemie so I was busy juggling home life and hospital life

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I put a wash cloth over mine

oh wow mine was also run it raw I put vaseline where my bathing suit went made it some better. Turn around bought a whole new suit that would not run me raw.

I did the pad thing too. My OB also gave me a medicated powder to sprinkle on it that also kept it dry

Did they give you a wrap for your tummy?If not you can make one using Ace bandages

Keep some paper towel in the fold to keep it dry and also stop the rubbing of underwear. I’m overweight and had this issue the paper towel really help me

gauze and postpartum girdle

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I used depends the pading it them helped

I had a csection 3 weeks ago and I have been using the band they gave me and bought some none stick gauze to keep on it. Only way i can actually functiin.

I’m plus sized I would take a maxi pad and put it on my incision and wore high waisted granny panties I started it right at the beginning by week 3 my incision was completely healed

Use a pad at the incision site where it rubs. Or find adhesive gauze pads and put them over the incision site.

Don’t put baby powder on it like someone else suggested. It’s literally a wound, doing that can cause infection.

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I used a little hand towel for both of my C-section

Go to your doctor and have them check it. When I had my daughter By csection, I ended up getting a nasty infection of the scar. There is medicated ointment or powder they can give you that is safe to put on it to keep it protected from moisture. But like the other ladies said, use either a maxi pad, wash cloth or gauze tucked under the pouch to help keep moisture away.