Is it normal for baby not to move when drinking something?

Is it normal for your baby to not always move around or react to cold drinks/caffeinated drinks? I been noticing my son doesn’t really react to anything I try to do to get him to move and I’m just worried it could mean something is off with his brain activity? I’m also just really paranoid. Idk if it’s normal or not. I’m almost 27 weeks.


Lol, totally normal. My kids moved when they wanted to and rarely reacted to anything I did to try to stimulate them. Biggest movement seemed to be when I stopped walking (after walking for a while). However, if you seriously feel something is wrong, you should head to the Er.

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I would suggest anytime you feel off and something worries you through the pregnancy to get checked out don’t wait for it. Go get it checked out. Because you keep worried it’s going to end up stressing the baby. :slight_smile: congratulations on your pregnancy by the way

I got a baby heart monitor for home! It helped me so much because every little thing freaked me out!

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I’d stay away from caffeine. It can cause alot of issues. And yes, that’s normal for baby not to always move when you drink something.

If no movement within an hour go to er. Should move atleast 5x in an hour i believe

Try orange juice and lay on your side if u dont feel movement within a few minutes I would maybe go get checked I’m a mom of 5 and orange juice always worked for me

Does the baby react to food or orange juice?

Call and ask your doctor.

Try something spicy, or even gently pressing on the baby.

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Mine didn’t either but if you don’t think somethings right then get in touch with your midwife/doctor depending on where in the world you live

call your doctor ASAP its better to be safe in this situation.

Are you looking for immediate reactions? Cold drinks can lower your body temp but maybe it doesnt bother baby? Sugar can make baby have a surge of energy within 30min or so. Baby could just be tired. Is baby just not meeting kick counts? If kick counts arent being met doctors can have you do nonstress tests.

At 27 weeks, it’s normal to not feel all movements. Baby may be responding but you just aren’t feeling it. I would contact the Dr tho, just to be sure all is good. 30 weeks and on is when I could really feel mine. Tho none of them reacted to “cold or caffeinated” drinks. They responded to orange juice or if I ate something sweet.


Call your doctor if you ever feel something is off please .