Is it normal for a 5-year-old to be so independent?

I just want to know if this is normal for an almost 5 year old. For the last couple of weeks my daughter has been playing in her room by herself. She does this all on her own. She’ll come downstairs and spend time with us and gets her food and drinks, but she’s perfectly content playing in her room. She’s not up there 24/7 but she does spend a lot of time in there. I have a camera in there and I watch her to make sure she’s being safe. Is this normal for her age?


My 3.5yr old does this ahaha

My daughter has always been very independent. She could get dressed at 2. And she could get her own snacks and drink at 2. And she plays by herself and could entertain herself:


My 4yo is like that too. We also taught her the concept of “taking space”. So whenever we get on her nerves she goes to take space by herself in the garage or in her room lol


Yes it is! Well for my son and daughter at least. My son is almost 7 and my daughter just turned 3. They love their own time. My son has ADHD and anxiety and it helps him alot. It’s giving him a break from the real world and really just helping him get his mind right again. He loves watching Minecraft on the TV and just relaxing. He’s got a lot going on I just go in and make sure hes okay and that he doesn’t need anything. My daughter loves playing in the room by herself as well and she knows how to put YouTube kids on so she’ll sit there watch her shows and play as well.

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:rofl: my 3yo is completely content playing in her room too :person_shrugging: only difference is I don’t have cameras

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My 6 year old has always been like that. She only wants someone to play with her when she asks and she just enjoys her time doing what she wants wants

Ummm…is this a serious question?:rofl:

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Why wouldn’t it be… quick run to the doctors, your child plays…:joy:


Yes and I wish mine would do that

My three year old is like that. He will ask for a snack and will go to his room and want to be alone and will be perfectly content

My son was like this when he was young. Now as he gets older he’s everywhere lol. He’s 10. Just wait till they get older it will be a whole different story lol.

Be grateful…yes its nomal.

My oldest has been like this since he was a toddler. He is 18 1/2 years old now

All mine have been like this so far and the eldest is 16

My 5 year old son is the same way. I think it’s normal and I’m sure not complaining lol.

Some people prefer their own company I’ve always been like this

Yes my 8 yr old has always been independent. He has an amazing imagination and says other kids get in his way at being creative

She’s just exceptional. My 6 year old grand is the same in that she don’t want help with anything. Dressing picking out her clothes, washing and making her own breakfast. Cereal, frozen waffles making her own noodles all micro waver of course.

Lol. I wish my daughter would do that. My kiddo attaches herself to me like a sucker fish on a shark.

Congratulations your daughter has a healthy imagination and going to be something great!!

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Nothing wrong with that at all, she is showing her independence. I loved playing on my own as a kid and now my daughter does. It’s good for everyone to have their own time.

What am I doing wrong my boys follow me everywhere and stay up my tush lol

No it’s not normal to spy on your child

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