Is it more painful getting your tubes tied after delivery?

They should have had you sign a paper a couple months ago for that tho? You might not be able to get it even if you want it done.


You will feel the c-section over any pain having a tubal could bring. I had mine done and couldn’t tell the difference.

I got mine tied 4 years after. I had some tenderness, no pain that required medication. On top of that it doesn’t effect your hormones status.

Have it done at the same time. I had mine removed during my c section. Took an extra 5 -10 mins.


I had it after my c section and I didn’t feel anything “extra” imo it’s better to do it the same time so you can heal the same time

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Everyone is different with their situations. I had my tubes tied after second c section third baby and the healing process was no different than my first. My periods are normal and not any more heavier than before. The only thing is that I feel myself ovulating every month and that is uncomfortable and sometimes painful.

Nope, I had mine done during my 2nd c-section, and my post op recovery was no different than my first. I’d have had to taken more time off of work to get it done down the line, my doctor and I agreed it would make more sense to do it while he was already in there.

I had mine after the csection after my 3rd and feel the same with my previous csection. I was also advised the same thing. My period was a heavy for the first 2 months and it’s back to normal after.

I had mine tied after my c-section, best thing I ever did! Might as well recover from both together.

No its not I had mine done after my c-section

I got mine removed after my c section 2 and a half years ago and it didn’t cause any problems. In fact my periods aren’t as bad anymore.

I had mine done the day after I had my daughter

Right after . I felt nothing . Just the regular pain u go thru from getting a c- section

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No. Most drs don’t tie anymore. They remove. Do some research.

Had mine scheduled and done with my 3rd c-section… pain wasn’t any worse…

No!! I did mine after c section and it made total sense as. Was already open and going to recover. I didn’t want to have another surgery. The recovery was what you’d expect ea Csection.

Usually you have to sign paperwork and get insurance approval more than 30 days before your delivery in order to get a C-section so you may wanna check on that

Do it while they already have you open.

I had it done during c-section. You don’t know it has been done.

They do it right after the c section and it didn’t change my recovery at all!

It depends on you. Are you getting them tied? If you have made the decision to tie them. Then it saves a surgery done the road.

Get it while you’re still open! So you won’t have to go thru another procedure later. Plus the sooner the better. If you wait you may not do it and end up pregnant again lol just make sure it’s truly what you want

I had mine tied after a vaginal delivery and wasn’t in any more pain than with my first delivery, so I don’t think you’d be in any more pain with a section than usual either.

I had mine tied 8 yrs ago right after delivery and didn’t notice a difference with recovery time or pain.

I got mine removed during my c section, added 10 min to the surgery no extra pain same c section recovery

Do it right with your csection

It is not more painful!! My tubes were tied, after my 5th child and i felt nothing.

I had my tubes removed during c section. Also had to sign paperwork well in advance.

I just had my tubes out with my second c section and I couldn’t tell a difference in the recovery at all

Go ahead and get them done

I had several serious side effects and would not do it now if I had known. Most do not have any effects from it, so you will probably be fine.

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I got mine during c section and you really can’t tell the difference honestly. Just felt like a regular c section.

Nope. Don’t even feel it.

Need Experts to advise You ! They will tell You the Correct Time! Thankyou Doctors!

I had it done after my 2nd csection. Recovery was harder than my first csection but I cannot specifically say it was because of the tubal. I also had a 3 year old I had to chase after the 2nd one. It was worth getting done at same time as it was done and done. No going back in.

I got my tubes tied during my c-section. Was my first c-section though so I can’t compare sorry.

Do it during why go back when they already in there working on the baby. Recovery is the same no diffenece in pain. You go back after they will have to cut you open again

Get them done at same time


DO IT ALL TOGETHER! YOU WILL BE IN PAIN FOR A WEEK MAYBE 2. Why go through the pain again? You will already be cut open do it now girl.


Do it while they are in there doing to c-section. It doesn’t add any time onto the procedure. You will already be open. Make sure they remove your tubes not just tie them.

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Get it done during c section no extra pain.

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Not more painful at all. Doing it months from now is an additional surgery and recovery time. I say do it with the cs. I did and don’t feel it was any different than my prior 3cs

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I got mine tied after my third c-section and it wasn’t any different with the recovery as it was with my other 2. I did it at the same time they were delivering my baby so everything was already open and ready lol
I highly recommend you do it at the same time momma

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I had my tubes and one ovary removed after my 3rd c section and it felt the same only difference was I had a huge bruise on my right side for a month or so after

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Do it all together I had 3 C-sections and on my 3 Rd I had a tubal also. It’s about the same maybe a little more pain due to them gassing ur tubes. But it’s so much easier doing it all at once than u can heal and not have to have another surgery after healing from 1st

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I’ve heard it easier. I didn’t have a c section but I had my tubes removed laproscopically, and I had a 2nd surgery for a hysterectomy. If they are doing a c section, they are already in the area, so you avoid being reopened. Each time you have an abdominal surgery, you have increased risks.

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I had mine tied during my 3rd c-section also. I didnt feel much pain. Doctor prescribed me hydrocodone which I refused to take. I do not like taking prescription meds. I stick to Acetaminophen extra strength over the counter.

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I would it now so you don’t have to recover twice

I had mine done after my 2 kid ( C-section) u won’t feel a thing.

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I got my tubes tied immediately after my 2cd c section. Now it did seem like recovery was a little more difficult this time around but I cant say for sure that it was due to the tubal. Honestly I would get it done now while they are in there already. It didnt prolong my healing process so after the 1st month everything was getting back to normal :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Go ahead and do it my daughter did and was no worse then c section u will be better off

i had mine done right after my 3rd kid. didnt feel anything. tad sore days later but thats normal. then i had them fail and found out via missed misscarriage and retied again. hurt more the second time honestly

Following! I am getting my tubes tied after my c-section in a couple of weeks

Getting your tubes tied is not painful. You may have symptoms after but its not painful. I had my tubes tied during my third and last c-section and for the first year my periods were a lot heavier but I had close to no cramps. After the year was up my periods lightened up but my cramps got really bad. Its been 6 almost 7 years now an my periods are pretty much the same as they were before I got my tubes tied.

I had no issues getting it done at the same time. I actually think my 2nd c section with tubal removal was an easier recovery than the first.

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I did mine while I was open for my c section

I got my tubes removed totally and I didnt notice much of a difference compared to my first c section I just bleed a little longer but honestly not sure if that had anything to do with it.

Same boat. Just had my 3rd son by csection last year. Also was my 3rd csection. They literally just do the tubal ligation while your opened up. Not much of time difference either. I wouldn’t even have known if they didn’t walk me through everything.

Do it then. You won’t even know it happened!

Nope had my 5 th child c section and they said it would be easier to get that done since they already had me open. So that what I did. Its just in stead of recovering from one surgery you would be recovering from 2. But it didnt seem like it.

No it wasn’t worse. Had it done during my 4th c section. But I’ve had loads of issues since getting them tied. Definitely research post tubal ligation syndrome. Doesn’t happen to everyone but everyone needs to know the risk. Many Dr’s don’t think it’s a thing, but it Is. Join Private Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome (PTLS) Support & Advocacy GROUP and read thousands of women’s experiences.


Had mine done with my 3rd csection almost 2 years ago… No difference pain wise… I bled more during recovery than with my other 2 and everything about my cycle is different

I had mine done right after my 2nd c section and I had no extra problems.

I got my tubes removed during my 3rd and last c-section. The healing sucked. Severe pain and felt like I was burnt on the inside on each side. But I’m glad I did it in one shot. After a few days, the burning inside went away and it was just pain. After about a week I was okay. Was nice to not have to worry about doing anything else after.

I had vaginal delivery with my first 2 children. I planned to go back and have my tubes tied after I healed but ended up changing my mind. If you truly want your tubes tied, you should do it during the C-section. If you have any doubt whatsoever about getting your tubes tied, don’t do it.

Do it after your c section it’s easier and you heal at the same time you heal from the c section

I had mine done with my 2nd csection. I had a little more discomfort but figured it was smarter to get it all done at once as its the same recovery time. I was also informed that it was a good idea not to have anymore kids. I still get a burning sensation often but its not that bad and i should get it checked out. You might find for the first few days or so you are a bit more tender but all and all its not bad at all

Do it now while you’re already opened up and on the operating table…


I just delivered my 5th baby, 4th via C-section, in April. I had mine removed, and I highly recommend it . Get it all done at once. Good luck.

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Get it all done at once :slightly_smiling_face:


I have only had a c-section and got mine done the same time. I knew no different as it was my only pregnancy. It wasn’t that bad

Just have it done while they’ve got you on the table. There is no difference in pain. I had it done while I had my second c section. The recovery from my first was harder than the second.

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Do it immediately after the c-section

Right away Get i all over at once

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if you are having a C/S they do it then & they is not any difference in pain. If you wait & have it later, I didn’t think it was that bad, just very uncomfortable, Plus yrs after I had my kids, With a C/S, you are open & it is easier & better to do it at that time

Did mine together and no worse complications than a normal csection delivery.

Is c section painful more than normal delivery


Had mine done last January during my 2nd c section. No difference in healing for me. I had to give consent atleast 30 days prior though.

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I had mine done at the same time as my c-section and recovery wasn’t bad at all.

Glad this was posted im in the same boat but im going to have mine removed the way my dr explained is one its easier because im on my 3rd and want it to my last. But then i wont have to be put through a 4th spinal tap. He said most women say everything tends to take the same time to heal and pain level which my pain tolerance is pretty high to begin with. So seeing everyone else agreeing to what he said makes me feel better

I had mine done after my 2nd C-section it’s better to do it all at once …no extra problems …the only thing I regret is …it been 8 years and I get baby fever all the time :joy::rofl: also I have three beautiful children

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I’m getting mine completely removed, not tied, after my next child.

I had mine tied directly after delivery. Might as well get it done while you’re already open. Recovery for me was no different.

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Mine were completely removed after my 4th c-section. No additional pain than any of my other c sections.

When u deliver u won’t have to be cut open again

Do it now…other wise another surgery… easier this way…only one recovery…

When I had my last I got my tubes clamped during my c-section recovery wasn’t bad to be honest just don’t be over doing urself make sure to self care best of luck to u

They did it right there, after my son was born, by c-section. Never felt a thing afterwards, if I hadn’t known, Id never had known they did it.

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I didn’t have a choice. They wouldn’t do mine right after delivery. I got mine done 3 months after I delivered. They wanted me to have a first period first. Mine wasn’t painful at all. Belly was a little sore in the 2 spots they went in. Other than that all good. Going good still 5 years later!
I should add my deliveries were vaginal. If I had sections, I would have definitely had mine done during the section!!

I feel like I was a little more uncomfortable the first few days than my normal C-section

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I had 7 csections and got my tubes tied I don’t feel like it was more painful at all

Not more painful but cramps now are worse . I also had to sign paperwork 6 weeks before hand for insurance

I got a tubular after a csection and the pain in the mid abdomen is a little more intense but not as much as the csection in general. Just a little more uncomfortable in a different area. Don’t even get me started in taking a poop after a csection, there is nothing more painful than that!

No. Do it at the same time

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I did mine at the same time as my second c-section and there was no difference in recovery.

I also had to sign off on my tubes being tied 30 days prior to having my baby. You may check to make sure the hospital doesn’t have a policy on that.

I wasn’t allowed to get mine done after delivery due to going to a different hospital and dr. I got mine done 6 weeks later and it wasn’t bad. My hubby stayed home a day or 2 but I was able to do things. It just would have been more convenient right after in my opinion

Had mine tied the day after delivery felt like really bad period cramps for a couple of days but healed up with the regular healing you are doing for the 6 weeks so bonus on that

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I had mine done during C/S

Definitely at the same time

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I had it done right away. I figured it was better than having to go back in to get it done.

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