Is it bad to not have morning sickness?

Did any of you mamas not have any nausea at 7 weeks? I feel like I am broken. All my mommy friend are saying I’m lucky. But it makes me nervous!


With my last I wasnt. My boobs were more sore and swollen then the other pregnancies

Mine started about 10 weeks along

I did with my boy but not my girl!

With my current who’s a boy, I haven’t had any and I’m now almost 30wks. However with my daughter, I stayed sick until the 2nd trimester.

I was 4 months before I had any symptoms

I never had morning sickness with my son. I’m now pregnant with my daughter and had morning/all day sickness basically my whole 1st and 2nd trimester.

I didn’t but by 8 weeks I was so sick and ended up with hyperemesis :pensive:

I wasn’t nauseus with either of my pregnancies at any point. Everyone is different

I didn’t get sick until about 10 weeks.

From 6 to 12 weeks I was super sick like bad

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I was sick from 10 weeks on. It was horrible lol I had to get on weight builder and take 7 zofran tabs a day because I lost 50 pounds from being sick and I’ll be honest I’m a chunkier girl lol around 175-180 usually and dropped way down. You’re not broken, be thankful lol

With my first i didnt get sick at all.

10 weeks stopped at 14 weeks

My mom never had morning sickness with me or my sister. I had horrid morning sickness with my 3 and my sister I think had it mild with her 1. Everyone is different.

I didn’t have morning sickness with my first, and again this time around. Some woman just don’t get it and it’s nothing to be too worried about. Every pregnancy is different :relaxed:

Some never have it at all, they just bloom while they are pregnant. I was not one, sick from day one til delivery.

I never had morning sickness with either of my kids, and I have a boy and a girl… but I did have miserable heartburn with my son

You’re worried that you’re not sick? Girl, thank your lucky stars! Pregnancy nausea is the devil :joy: To answer your question, the only time I was sick was when I was 10 weeks and had a stomach virus.

Your lucky I got nausea at 9 weeks and still have it at 24 weeks… if i eat just a little to much nope its coming back up… cherish it while u can

My 1st son I had no symptoms at all now I’m 7 weeks with my 2nd and feeling everything. You are lucky I’m jealous lol

My first child I did for 3 month

Never have had nausea ever and I’m only 9 weeks until giving birth.

I only had morning sickness with my 3rd…and only first thing in morning

I threw up one time my whole pregnancy, felt nauseous maybe a couple weeks and that’s it

I didnt get sick with either of my kids

I had no morning sickness with my second…didn’t feel pregnant at all really until like 20 weeks.

I didn’t have morning sickness until after 8 weeks with my first 2

I had severe morning sickness up until the last week I was carrying my eldest child, had zero morning sickness with my second pregnancy and had morning sickness for about 2/3 weeks after finding out I was pregnant with my last.

I have only thrown up 6 times from morning sickness, 4 of those were in one day I am 6 months along now I have had a very easy pregnancy but! My gag reflex is terrible!!

3 pregnancies never had morning sickness
All girls

I’ve had none with my second. With my first it was debilitating. Each pregnancy is different.

Every one is different!

I’m older now but in my day was pregnant 3 times and never sick. Lucky me. I was a country girl.

I never got sick with any of my 3 boys. :pray::pray:

Never felt nauseous my whole pregnancy

Mine started around 12 weeks

I didnt have any nausea or vomiting with my first. I felt great.

With my first 2 I was so sick by my 6th week. My youngest son I never got sick I was such a happy mama with my last pregnancy.

Only got nausious at the beginning and end of my first. The 2nd has had me sick almost constantly except 3 months out of the whole thing.

Never been sick with both my kids

You’re lucky to not feel nauseous!!! I was most of my pregnancy. But everyone is different

Yes mine both started at 6 weeks x

I didnt get it til about 4 months then only i had about one or two days a weeks of it right when i woke up. And stopped at 5 months

I never had morning sickness

I normally have a tonne of stomach problems but i never had morning sickness thats how i knew i was pregnant cos i was feeling well haha

I didn’t have any morning sickness

I didn’t have any nausea until sometime around 16 weeks I wanna say. And it was never that bad.

Only when I brushed my teeth. Was that way with both pregnancies (boys x 2)

Had all day sickness with my girls until I delivered but little with my boys

I didn’t have any with my first lol

I was nauseas with both my pregnancies. All day and all night. U got lucky. Some people never get sick.

Only had nausea with my 3rd.

Never got sick one with both my pregnancy

Dont look a gift horse in tha mouth boo. My oldest i hardly ever got sick and it usually hit me like a truck and puked and was good to go. I dont think anythings wrong, yer just getting lucky girl! To say im jealous is an understatement, im 5 months and still puking lol

I didn’t have any kind of sickness with either of my kiddos.

I had not one day of nausea the full 9 months. No cravings. No stretch marks. No sleep issues. Very uneventful pregnancy. Maybe unconventional, but a huge blessing in my case! Probably nothing to worry about. Be easy. :two_hearts:

I think my nausea started right at 7 weeks actually, and then it lasted for a few months but before that, I felt perfectly fine.

Never had nausea or puking for both of my pregnancies

I am 34 wks preggy with baby #3, and never really had nausea, except if something smelled gross, I do have bad acid reflux that started in my second trimester.

Morning sickness didn’t hit me until 10 wks and lasted until 25 wks. :unamused: it was miserable. I’m 36 wks now and haven’t had hardly any.

I didn’t have any nausea this time round (#4) , found out I was pregnant when I went to get a repeat of the pill & the gender the next week :sweat_smile:

I didn’t have morning sickness with my son but I’d get car sick every time I drove or rode. With my daughter morning sickness was pretty manageable and only last through the 1st trimester. It was gone within an hour. Enjoy that you don’t have it!!

I was nauseous from 6 weeks until I delivered.

I started to get sick the very first day and I stayed sick all the way up to 40 wks. Then the last two weeks I was like I finally get to eat without hugging the toilet. I lost weight through out the whole pregnancy.

I was sick with my son till around 4 months, then with my daughter, I was never nauseous. She was so easy! I could eat anything and never had heart burn or nausea.

I never had morning sickness or nausea and I have 3 kids

I didn’t have morning sickness at all my entire pregnancy. The only time I ever felt nauseated was when I rode in the car with an empty stomach.

Never had nausea, and I was grateful.

With my first I had it starting around 6 weeks, my second about the same…

This time I didnt have any morning sickness or nausea until about 9 weeks. Then it lasted until the 7th month lol I thought I was lucky, turns out, not so much hahahaha also not so great news it has returned in the final month of pregnancy too :sob::sob::sob::sob:

Never had it with my 1st pregnancy & haven’t had it this go around

My 3rd I had no morning sickness, in fact I didn’t have any symptoms until 26ish weeks. Didn’t even find out about her until 23 weeks when I went to the hospital for a shredded hamstring.

She’s perfectly fine. Happy and healthy. Some moms just get lucky. Enjoy it!

Everyone is different not everyone has nausea! So stop stressing it’s not good for the baby!:pray::pray:

With my first son I never had any nausea, that was such a blessing. With all my others I did, especially my 6th one, with him I was so sick and nauseous the first 5.5 months I lived in pedialyte and crackers, then from about 6months to 8 it struck again but I was able to keep down bread and bananas that time

I didnt have any nausea with my toddler. Amazing since i worked in a seafood restaurant. Enjoy the no sickness!

I didn’t start getting morning sickness til 8 weeks and it can be at night as well. It started really kicking in once I started the prenatal vitamins. I recommend taking the vitamins an hour or two after you eat. Never before.

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Was fine with my boys, close to debilitated most days with the girls

just give it a couple weeks. mine lasted till 18 weeks

My first I didn’t get sick at all. But my last 2 I had to be given Zofran because I couldn’t even keep water down.

I had none till 11 weeks then threw up every meal till he was born

I only had 1 episode of my entire pregnancy considered myself lucky

I’ve had 4 pregnancies. Only one I had morning sickness with was my 2nd & it was the only one miscarried (at 13 weeks) Other 3 I had nothing not even nausea & I had no issues with those pregnancies. It’s different for everyone

No nausea at all whatsoever with my first two. I could barely do anything with my third pregnancy I was so nauseous all the time. All my kiddos are healthy

Im about to have my 4th baby and I never had any kind of sickness until this one. I was so sick at the beginning of my pregnancy that they had to put me on some medicine to help calm it down.

Oh honey your fine. I had four kids and never once had nausea.

I had absolutely none with one of my babies!!

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My sister in law felt the same way especially because she has PCOS and took years for her to get pregnant. But she never had morning sickness and she’s now 27 weeks and everyone is healthy. :slight_smile:

I was sick all of my pregnancy with my last 2.Only 4 months with my first daughter.

I didn’t have any at all and I’m 20 weeks

I wish I didn’t have nausea.

Good luck

I will be 17 weeks tomorrow and I’ve had no morning sickness. Baby boy is 100% healthy. I consider myself blessed. I had an eating disorder when I found out I was pregnant I weighed 85lbs so I think God spared me of it so me and baby could gain weight and be healthy. God is good!

Certain things make me sick but there is no morning sickness at all

This is my 2 nd pregnancy I did with my first and now not with this one

I was never sick. Just awful heartburn

Never had nausea, just food aversion. But it takes a lot to make me sick normally