Is it bad if baby is a thumb sucker?

Is it a bad thing if baby doesnt want anything to do with a pacifier? she constantly spits it out even thought she is still fussy…then she goes right to her thumb…is thumn sucking bad?


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Thumb sucking is really only bad if you let it progress when teeth start coming in. I used to suck my finger as a form of self-soothing. And I remember having to be weened off it. Lol. It’s no different than a pacifier really.

Self soothing is a great thing. Have you tried Tommie tippie pacifier? They are the only brand my son will take

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I had my 3 rd son a thumb sucker as I didn’t give him a dummy but it took him year and years to stop I found it easier to take away the dummy on my other boys . But every child is different

Just do your best to put a stop to it early in life. My 10 year old still sucks her thumb.

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Not bad at all. My daughter sucked her thumb until she was 5 or 6. She’s now almost 12. When she got to about 4 years old, she’d only suck her thumb when she was tired or nervous/anxious about something.

I don’t see a problem here. Smart baby. Already rejecting unnecessary things.


No, what ever helps soothe your bub do it. Don’t listen to those who say don’t let bub do it, they’ll suck their thumb etc etc… 9x out of 10 a baby who sucks their thumb gets over it by the age of 5. Including myself. I’d rather a thumb sucker than a paci sucker imo.

The only problem I have with my daughter sucking her thumb and the only reason why I reinforce her not doing so is because babies touch sooo many things and sooo many things and people touch babies hands! not often does one think to wash your newborn or 6 months olds hands. Not to mention next to impossible every time they touch something that very much could be dirty… My ex actually pointed it out to me and it made s so much sense when he explained his thinking on it.

Baby is calming herself. It is actually quite nice that she’s figured it out. She likely sucked her thumb in the womb. It is only a bad thing if you make it a bad thing.

If she continues into the adult tooth stage, say 4-5 years, then you could have a problem with dentition or deformation of her bite.


It doesn’t become a problem until they’re a little older, but it’s better if they suck their fingers instead of their thumb. The thumb pushes up on the roof of the mouth, which is what causes dental issues; the fingers push down and are relatively harmless.

Thumb sucking can be bad for their teeth. My daughter’s doctor told me she should stop sucking on her pacifier by around a year or two, so we cut her around then. But my cousin was a really bad thumb sucker and my auntie had to have a orthodontist put little spikes on the roof of her mouth became it was really messing up her teeth

How old is baby, cutting teeth…:thinking: 3 months or older…

The only problem is it can cause deformity to the teeth and the child’s doctor told me to not let my child suck her thumb or her fingers to remove them from her mouth every time I saw her doing it and redirect her attention to somthing else! I know someone who’s child had to have surgery on their fingers bc he sucked his pointer and middle finger and I know plenty of ppl who have had to have braces with chains to pull the teeth back into place

I sucked my thumb until I was 12 or 13 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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My son dropped a binki at 2 months and sucked on his fingers. Still does, he’s just barely 2, His pediatrician says he’s okay for now and the dentist said it’s not affecting his teeth yet so he’s fine. But was advised to try to start to stop it around 3

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She will stop on her own. Please don’t let people shame her.


The thumb sucking is cute when they’re babies, but it causes problems later: not only with dental issues, but also issues with other kids teasing them once they get into school.
My daughter had lots of other kids tease her as she got older, cuz when she was upset, her thumb was her go to “security blanket.” I tried everything to get her to stop sucking her thumb- I put that plastic thumb thing around it so she couldn’t get to it, she only started sucking the other one. She did admit it wasn’t as “tasty;” I put a hot pepper sauce on it; we tried bandaids; I tried painting her nails; I tried letting the thumb nail grow out and not cutting it; etc. Finally at my wits end I spoke to a friend of mine whose middle daughter had gone through this years ago. I said ‘how’d you get her to stop?’ The answer: by paying her $1 for every day she didn’t suck her thumb. By the time she got 14 consecutive days, she was good to go, and they stopped paying her.
I tried it. At least I can say, she doesn’t suck her thumb during the day. At night, it’s only occasionally. It’s not every night.
Thumb sucking is an extremely hard habit to break. Much better to get her on the paci. That you can take away. Sure, there’ll be tears for a week or so. You deal with it and move on. I don’t think you can ever stop a kid completely from sucking their thumb once they start. My advice is don’t let her start.

Sure there’s nothing wrong with it NOW. But you’re going to blink and it’ll have been 6 years. Best to start trying different things

Nothing wrong with it. Just like an Autisic child rocks it is a situlation, comfort to the child. Sucking thumb is a comfort to your baby. After all there was no Bik in your womb, all they had was fingers and toes. Lonely 9 months floating around in all that water. I sucked my 2 fingers on my left hand until I was 16 yrs old. Switch to my thumb until I was 18. Got married and quit, at 19 husband passed in accident few months later. I started again until I was 26. When I asked Jesus into my life and for his help to stop. Before then I asked for help from a mental health person.
I was told by that mental health person after my husband passd it was a Comfort, safety, sercuty issue. Once I felt safe and sercure I would stop. Then went I adopoted my of my 3 girls the oldest was still sucking her thumb. People woyld pick on her she would all the time sucking her thumb. I just told her when she felt safe, sercure, comfortable she would stop. Starting the 7th grade I was sure she was going to be made fun of, she was still sucking her thumb. She did not even try to hide it as I did. I was wrong I went to some of her classes even in the 8th grade I would have to say at least a 1/3 of both boys and girls were sucking there thumbs. She quit after the adopotion was final around age 13. But unlike my parents who punished me for sucking my thumb we never said a thing to her. Let your baby be. Love them offer Bik otherwise they will stop on their own.

The downside to them sucking is it is a harder habit to break, otherwise it’s harmless until baby is older.

25 and still do it :woman_shrugging:t3:
No issues with my teeth at all

My son never took a soother and sucked his thumb occasionally. Is your child breast fed?

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My daughter gave up her paci at 6 months and has been suckimg her thumb ever since. She’s 6 now. The dentist said that she will continue to have cavities because she has changed the shape of her mouth and IF she chooses she will have braces. I have tried EVERYTHING to get her to quit and it hasn’t worked, I have 1 rule now- if you’re going to sleep, I don’t care, other than that no sucking your thumb.
Thumb sucking has been going on for centuries. It’s self soothing and your not losing pacifiers all the time. Just try to work on only sucking it when going to sleep when your child is around 2. I wouldn’t worry about it now

You’re fine for now but my 12yo nephew still does it and it’s messed up all his teeth and they’re talking about putting a bar in his mouth that’ll prevent him from doing it because he won’t stop

Good luck I was one and so was the hubby and well ours came out with his thumb in his mouth. It’s nice u always have a pacifier however it is the hardest habit to get rid of and a lot of people who I have met who sucked their thumb have a big time oral fixation of sorts

Pacifier aren’t mandatory. Some kids actually never had one. I choose not to give them one… My youngest is 2 he did suck his 2 fingers for a while. But im alway taking them out when I see and explaining why I don’t want him sucking his finger for a long time cause his teeth. He really slowed down he might on occasions like when he in pain but not regularly. I notice Telling my kids why we do things helps a lot

Easier to take away a pacifier then a thumb later on. I didn’t let my kids suck their thumb bc I’ve seen what it can do to teeth. Pacifier was gone by 1 year too for same reason

Can be bad on teeth,make them crooked


It can misshape the roof of their mouth & their teeth if they make it a bad habit. My son is 6 months and I take his finger out of his mouth when I notice it to try to break the habit early

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There isn’t something they can put on baby’s thumb well not young but older that when they go to put in mouth it taste weird and it should make them stop

I sucked on my fingers till I was 11 only at night my teeth are fine.

It’s harder getting them off the thumb then a dummy as you can’t just throw it in the bin, my daughter as always sucked her thumb, even on her scan picture the thumb was in her mouth, cute at first but now she’s nine and nothing we do works on getting her to stop sucking the thumb it has started pushing her teeth out as well, she does suck it a little less now but that’s because anyone who knows her and sees her doing it says ‘thumb’ to her and she quickly removes it, even her class mates say it to her :laughing:

Not all babies like pacifiers thumb is more comforting

No different than a paci.

It will make your child have buck teeth. Besides, your hands are completely filthy. About as bad as chewing fingernails.


I have a 44 yr old thumb sucking and hair twirling brother that still lives with my mom, unless it gets to that point I wouldn’t worry to much😋

No not bad just harder to break them of it, because I mean you can’t take their thumbs and hide them.

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Yes. I’ve seen some narly binky mouths. Plus you can take a binky away from a child but you cant take their thumb away. I know grown adults who still suck their thumbs.

Depends. When my daughter didn’t want her paci she went for her thumb
But it only lasted a while and she grew out of it by 1.
I just say it depends on the baby.

Thumb suckin messes up correct tooth alignment.

My son is 12 and still does sometimes and his teeth are fine. One daughter is 5 and does sometimes as well but it has affected her teeth a little bit and my other daughter is one and wont ever take a pacifier (except for when she is teething because she likes to chew on it) but sometimes sucks on her fingers but very rarely. Self soothing is a good thing and I think it depends on the kid and how often they do it if it affects their teeth or not.

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Mine never used a pacifier. The fake nipple didn’t give milk so they hated it. They’re 4 and 5 now and just fine

Not all babies like pacifiers and that’s fine. My youngest was not a big fan of pacifiers when she was a baby. Just make sure to try and stop her from sucking her thumb when she had teeth.

No, it’s perfectly normal. And they are a baby, they are fine

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It can be bad because some kids suck their fingers/thumbs for years. I know several people that did it until 10 or 11. You cant take fingers away from them. I personally think its gross because they touch everything with their hands. They don’t know better and they dont wash their hands beofre putting them in the mouth. Also, big difference with the shape of their mouth from a dental/orthodontic standpoint. They make orthodontic pacifiers to help that as they change at 6 months and 18 months if still needed by then.

Nope by daughter was a finger sucker and none of my kids did pacifier. Yes her teeth are fine and not messed up.

Its ok for baby but not toddles as it can misshapen the roof or the mouth and cause buck teath

My son was a thumb sucker (all the time in his mouth) but then when he was about 4 it was only at bedtime and by kindergarten he had stopped completely.

It’s harder to break them of, but you should wean them of it when their teeth start coming in. But other than that, Paci, finger, whatever they prefer is okay. The suckling has several health benefits for baby.

Yep. My daughter sucked her thumb til she was 7 or so. Didn’t think she’d ever stop! My son tried but we were consistent not allowing that thumb in his mouth! He didn’t want a binkie either so he ended up rubbing the corner of blankets or shirts or anything soft to self soothe!