IS I’M WRONG? Evil mother in law

My mother in law found out she has stage 4 cancer, people saying I’m wrong cause me and my kids haven’t call her. But we only haven’t call her cause she don’t claim my five kids by her son. She call my dark skin daughter ugly, she wish death on two of my other kids while I was pregnant with them. She finally has a new granddaughter by my fiancé sister, she claim that baby and always posting that baby saying she love her only granddaughter. Me and my fiancé oldest child is 15, this been going on for 15yrs she humiliated me and my kids on social media. My kids barely knows her. My mother died from cancer 3yrs ago!! She call my fiancé phone laughing saying, haha that’s why that bitch mama dead!!! She call leaving messages saying that’s why I have no mama. Now the table has turn and she now found out she has stage 4 cancer :pleading_face: I DON’T WANNA SAY THAT’S KARMA BUT NEVER LAUGH AT SOMEONE DEATH. People keep asking did I reach out to her yet :face_with_monocle: I’m being honest y’all!! I have no feeling about what’s going on with her. I still said a prayer for her tho. Three of my kids just had birthdays last week and she haven’t wish none of them a happy birthday. My fiancé walking around the mad cause I’m not calling her. I’M SORRY ME AND MY KIDS HAVE NO WORDS FOR HER. We just wanna stay away from her toxic ways. Can’t force my kids on someone who don’t like them. Oh and o forgot to tell y’all, he’s her only son and she didn’t raise him his grandmother Did. She was in the streets and jail. She come attacking her son family and she hates me cause I put her evil ass in her place. So she hate my kids and we don’t care. Life goes on. BUT AM IM WRONG FOR NOT REACHING OUT TO HER ABOUT HER HAVING STAGE 4 CANCER? Oh and she found this out 5days ago.