Is he just using me?

I’m lost right now and truly don’t know what to do. I’m currently 4 going on 5 months pregnant. Me and my baby father are together but he has been acting funny lately. He been upset because he has to do most of the cleaning and stuff because I be sick and hurt a lot!! I have kidney problems. I am also the only one with a Job and everything comes out my pockets. We are currently trying to save for a house but he gets upset when I tell him no for certain thanks because money is tight. My family thinks he is a narcissist but I see more to him or saw more to him than that. He is the love of my life. He is trying to get himself together and get a job but mommy is tired and he is very picky about where to work. We live in my mom has for now but things need to change soon. He doesn’t talk to me like he used to because he is very tough during s*x and it hurts me down there very bad so he claims I’m not taking care of him as a women should. What do I do in this relationship?? Is it time to go?? Is he just using me??

Why is he complaining about cleaning when you’re the pregnant one & the one working?? It’s the least he could do. I would continue to be strict with money. You know what you’re saving it for & don’t let him bully you into not following that. You can’t be picky about where to work when you’re in that situation… money is money. I would tell him he needs to grow up, quickly, or he can go.