Is discharge normal with Nexplanon?

Not really mom related, and kinda tmi, sorry
My little sister is on the nexplanon birth control (the arm implant, got it a few weeks ago) and is having a light brown vaginal discharge? Wondering if it’s just like old blood or if she should be concerned.


I don’t have it myself, but a friend of mine had the same thing and her doctor told her it’s just from her body adjusting to the hormones. It could take a month or more to stop.

I bled the whole time I had the nexaplanon for like 4 months straight.

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Also make sure she doesn’t play with it. It can make it go deeper in the arm. My cousin had to have surgery to get it removed.

Some people bleed constantly and some not at all… She should call her doctors office and ask them any questions…

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I have the nexplinan, i get discharge every two months around the time in supposed to get my period… iv had it since Aug. I also had it 10 years ago when it was called the Implanon and didnt get my period at all.

Nothing to worry about cause it is old blood just going away. However if she is still worried, call your obgyn

Break through bleeding.