Is diarrhea a symptom of pregnancy?

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My doctor said it is. I had constipation with the first pregnancy and diarrhea all throughout my second pregnancy. Every pregnancy is different.

When I got pregnant with my first I thought I had the flu but when the sickness didn’t go away after a couple of weeks I did a test and sure enough I was pregnant

Yes. I thought I honestly was sick…the doc said ya your 13 weeks pregnant lol

Yes when I got pregnant I had a really bad flu then after that I had a diarrhea

Can be. its all cause hormones changes etc…

Yes usually it’s constipation but I had the opposite

No, usually it’s constipation.


Can be. And it can be a symptom of a lot of other things too.


I never had it when I was pregnant… But everybody’s body is different…

No,but if your breast hurts alot, and you crave foods or get sick from a sight or smell of a food product usually you could be pregnant,oh if you get tired easily or sleep alot…

Yes I had it for 12 weeks straight