Is cloth diapering worth it?

Cloth diapers!

What are the ins and out on using cloth diapers? Are they worth it? I dont know much about them so would love some info.


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I think they are defiantly worth it! I love cloth diapering and I think the best place to get info is blogs or youtube channels some of my favorites are Jays Nest and Cloth Diaper Podcast or if you just search cloth 101 on YouTube a bunch of really informative videos will come up :slightly_smiling_face:

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i love cloth diapering. it’s SO easy. check out those groups. and i highly suggest Alvababy cloth diaper Green Mountain Diapers and The Fluffy Penguin Company to purchase your diapers from. i have enough diapers and inserts to last me a little over a week between washes for my 14mo. and havent spent more than $200 on my full stash.

They are worth it if you are able to use them. Cloth was my plan but unfortunately my son can’t use them. He gets an instant rash that wont go away when in cloth. So be prepared for that, some babies cant do cloth just as some babies can’t do disposable. But if your baby can it is expensive upfront but you save a lot of money, potty traini g is a lot easier because cloth diapers are not the most comfortable, and they’re pretty easy to clean. You will definitely need rubber pants for them. That is something that many people do not think about when getting cloth diapers.