Is bleeding normal in pregnancy?

So I have a question for the mamas out there… this is my first pregnancy… I am 37 weeks … I started bleeding and I noticed it at like 2am when I went to pee… we went to the hospital thinking it might be the bloody show but they said that my uterus was expanding and maybe some blood vessels burst in the process but there’s no way to really know… I’m not dilated… is this something normal… have y’all gone through this… this has been such a hard pregnancy and everything that could happen has happened… baby has always been fine and healthy… but my body is falling apart and always in pain… any ideas


I carried my 1st baby so low this would happen, I would spot and it was vessels that had burst . It’s alarming for us cuz we see blood. I had hypermesis with him as well so it was extra rough.

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I bled from about 24 weeks to about 37ish weeks and they couldn’t figure out why… baby came out perfect.

I have heard of this happening, just keep an eye on it and if your starting to feel this ain’t right, get seen. The good news is your technically full term so if they want to get babe out, all will be dandy. I had Valementous cord insertion. Basically my daughters cord was on the outside of the placenta and not Center. I started bleeding at 17 weeks and my daughter stopped growing at 34 weeks. So even though I was 39+6 when I delivered, she was the size of a 34 weeker

I had something like this when I was 34 weeks pregnant with my first. Had cramping and contractions. They didn’t know what it was, so they figured I had a uti or passed a kidney stone. Cause I bled when i peed but when I got to the hospital it stopped and there was no sign of bleeding. Even when they checked my kidneys they didn’t see anything. So they gave me a steroid shot to mature babys lungs in case he did come early and a shot to basically stop labor.

I’d say just keep an eye out. Since you’re basically full term, they won’t stop labor anyway. But trust your gut, if you feel something is truly wrong, call. Its better to be safe than sorry.

I went through this at 36.5 weeks. More than likely a blood vessel burst. I was scared/very concerned for my baby at the time I called the ambulance went to the hospital. Everything was fine but again it was a bit concerning at the time. It is however normal. Happy Mother’s Day❣