Is being induced worse than going into labor on your own?

hello. im 34 and 4 days and have my induction scheduled on may 27th. Was just seeing if induction is worse than regular labor and how long does induction labor take.
im a first time mom and very scared…


I was induced both pregnancies. With my son I got induced Aug 9th at 2pm, I had him Aug 10th 2016 at 1:34pm. With my daughter, I was induced Aug 26th at 9pm & had her Aug 27th 2017 at 3:32pm.! Dont be scared, its not as bad as it sounds! Good luck momma!

I loved being induced. But my daughter didn’t wanna come out lol. I was 39weeks 5 days when I got induced and she didnt come out until exactly 40 weeks

Pitocin is the devil. Makes contractions a million times worse than natural labor but the end result is amazing. I’ve had 2 all natural one I needed pitocin because he was stuck and labor needed to progress my 4th was a c section due to size and my 5th will be also.


I got induced with my first, was literally the easiest thing I’ve ever done
Just had my second the other day, labored naturally and honestly if i get pregnant again, im scheduling an induction :joy::joy:

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I had my first 2 without being induced and was induced for my 3rd. My labor was actually easier with induction, less painful contractions and much shorter labor!! Good luck mama!!:heart:

Everybody is different. My first was over 24 hrs. My 2nd was 48 hrs. But you could be a couple hours. It all depends on your body. Being induce hurts more

15 hours both time induce 7 when on it own

My first was an induction. Went in at 5am, labored for 2o some hours, then ended up with an emergency csection. 2nd was a planned csection and so easier. Had I known how bad inducing was, I would of definitely requested the csection for the first as well.

I was induced at 7am Feb 6th and had her 5:35am Feb 7th. It’s truly not as terrible as everyone makes it out to be.

When I went into birth naturally the labor was longer and more drawn out. With my second child I made it past my due date so was induced a few days after and it did go by a lot faster… I’m currently pregnant with my third and if I make it to my due date without going into labor naturally I will definitely be induced again. The last few weeks of pregnancy are brutal.

First one was 13 hrs and second one was 3 hrs you got this!

Everyone and every pregnancy is so different so don’t let our stories make you more nervous! With my daughter I went to 41 weeks so I was induced but went in at 3cm and almost completely effaced so I started with pitocin and the contractions came fast and furious. I got an epidural after a few hours which definitely helped. Start to baby was 11ish hours.
I wasn’t induced with my son but the contractions were just as bad but not as fast. My labor was superrrr fast though! Like 6-7hours start to baby!
Good luck and you will do great!

I’ve been induced with my last two pregnancies, and had pitocin when labor stopped during my first. Labor time has varied with each one. My first took 20 hours, second 5 hours, and third 8 hours. Pain with and without pitocin was about the same for me and I didn’t have medication with my last two scheduled inductions. Just trust your body and your doctors/nurses. The first time is scary because you don’t know what to expect, but trust me it is SO worth it.

I was induced 27 years ago Tuesday. Never had a contraction. After 12 Hours i had an emergency c-section and found him with a knot in his cord. Divine intervention prevented a tragedy

I was induced it was fast n easy but the connection hurt bad but hey they are supposed to lol… Anyway goodluck I’m sure all will b Fine!

Ive been induced twice. My first didnt take as long, pushing took longer. Magnesium is the devil, i swear! I had my first at 34+4 and my second at 33+5. Also had epidural both times.

I got induced at 40 weeks, was in labor for 32 hours. I’m hoping next time im pregnant it is easier and that it happens naturally.

I was induced with my daughter for medical reasons and had my son naturally. Being induced was much more painful.

Awe don’t be scared the delivery to me is the most memorable part :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’ve got 4 babies and was induced everytime first 3 babies were two weeks late and my last baby was only a day late but with my first baby I was in labor for 8 1/2 hours and I pushed for 2 1/2 with my 2nd baby I was in labor for 2 hours and I pushed for 7 mins and she popped out lol my 3rd baby I was in labor for 5 hours and pushed for a hour and my fourth baby I was in labor for 5 hours and push for 30 mins I was scared my first time too but I would do it all over again in a heart beat and the nurses where I delivered were so nice and helpful and made me feel less scared good luck mommy your gonna do great

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I loved being induced i have nothing to compare it too but it took all my anxiety away since i was able to know what to expect.

I was induced with my first at 39 weeks (I also had other complications thru the pregnancy). I was in labor for about 16 hours. However, the process varies from woman to woman and baby to baby. Each is different. I’m currently 31 weeks and decided induction again and scheduled it again. This pregnancy for me has been polar opposite of my last so far. Plus my current is already bigger in estimated size at this point than my last was. My doctor told me he thought it’d probably be better and easier on my body to induce again since I’ve been thru it once already. It just varies. Do what you feel is right for you and baby.

everyone is different. BUT inductions are generally more intense

Induction is worse and there’s no time frame for labor.

Why are you being induced? Induced labor is worse. If they are early and your body isn’t ready, then it may not work. I had a failed induction with an emergency C-section at 41 weeks. Without a medical reason, waiting til labor is your best chance of a natural delivery.

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I was in labor for 23 hours before they induced me because I wasnt dialating, then i began to swell and got a c section. Soooo all three suck. Dont try and compare, everyones birth is different.

I was induced with my first on May 30th 2002 at 8am she was born 7:45pm.

I was induced, had an epidural early though so I didn’t feel my labor really at all. I was in labor for 24 hours, only pushed for 15 minutes.

I was induced for preeclampsia at 34W2D at 8pm at night, I delivered at 34W4D at 3:35 Pm. I was 0cm and 0%effaced when they started the induction. It wasn’t that bad other than having to sleep two night with the belly monitors on. But they gave pain medicine for the light contractions and then once my water broke I got epidural

So it all depends on your body and how you react to medicine. Also if you are dilated already.

I was induced with my first. I was already 4cm when I went in so I immediately got the pitocin. They gave me too much so I didn’t get to gradually dilate. My daughter got stuck, I had to get cut and almost had to have a c section. Took 4 1/2 hours. Very traumatic.

My second was natural. I breathed through the contractions. Painful though. He got stuck too.

Third baby had to be induced with cervidil. I reacted to it immediately. The nurses didn’t believe me because it was so quick. I had to go back as soon as I got home. The contractions were more painful than regular, natural labour. I didn’t get the break between contractions like natural labour. They would come and come and come. It was extremely painful. Honestly, if I had the labour I had with my third, for my first baby, I would honestly only have one baby :joy::joy:. She came out on her own, I only had to breathe her out. No pushing

I was induced with my first. It was an awful experience for me. I was in labor for 12hrs. My 2nd two, I opted to go natural. Labor was fast and smoother. No complications

With my two induction they we’re both about 15 hours with my twins I did everything natural and it was only 3.5 hours good luck and sleep as much as you can while meds are going

I was induced with my daughter I showed up at 8:30 was induced at 9:00 and had her at 2:46… it wasn’t bad at all. You just role through the motions, and if you have great nurses and doctors it makes it that much better

No difference and ut depends on the person how fast it goes

I was induced with my first labor was literally 5hrs and I pushed 8minutes. It wasn’t bad, but I can handle pain

First pregnancy I was induced at 41 weeks at 6:00pm didn’t have her till the next morning around 10:30 am really hope I go into labor on my own with my second one

My induced labor took 7 1/2 hrs from IV to baby. The contractions were more intense than going into it naturally but since the labor was shorter they were really about the same for me.

First things first-RELAX! everything is better when you concentrate on not being fearful of it. Embrace what you are instructed to do, with calm.

Don’t be so scared. Every pregnancy is different. Everything will go fine. Just think positive and all will go well go you and you will be delighted to have you little bundle of joy after the pain and you will be delighted and forget about the pain in a short time. Hope everything goes very well for you through it all.

I was induced Monday morning and didn’t have him until Wednesday morning and that was by emergency c section. They tried cervidal, balloon foley and was on pitocin for 17 hours… only dilated me to 2cm.

If your body isn’t ready nothing will work. Hope it all goes well! Good luck!

I had my first without induction and my second was induced. Labor was longer and harder with my first. The induction was much easier for me.

Get the epidural and ask for pain meds, everyone is different…

I was induced at 12 pm july 24th and had him 5:04 am July 25th. Mine was easy. I didnt get pitocin though. Only Cytotec and the foley catheter.

Be sure and get epidural

I would never choose to voluntary be induced. I was induced at 34 weeks due to preeclampsia and my labor was two and a half days long. It was a very hard labor and very very painful.

Please don’t do it. Your body knows when it’s ready. I had it and it was over 12 hours of labor my baby went into distress and we had to have emergency cecerian. They cut me open and I could still feel everything. It was awful and traumatic

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I was induced with my first and hope I never have to do it again. No breaks between contractions. I felt like I progressed way to fast. I had her in 8 hours. Only pushed for 15 minutes.

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I was induced two times and my 3rd one I went into labor on my own. I prefer going into labor. Yes it hurt, but I feel like recovery was much easier. I went in labor at 2 am. Well I had her by 3pm the same day

I was induced as a first time mom around 11:30 a.m. waited 7 hours to get the epidural and his heart rate started dropping due to the pitocin making my contractions too strong for me to progress fast enough making him go into distress. I had to have an emergency c-section and he was born at 1:04 a.m.

My last induction was 5 hours from arriving at the hospital parking lot until she was born, my contractions only got to an “annoying” level not painful and I only pushed a couple times. But I have very quick births.

Don’t be scared. Everyone’s experience is different. I was induced 3 times. First with iv and second/third with little white square pills. My fifth child I went into labor myself after a day of golfing. So that said…one son was C-section. No way is easy. No way is planned 100%. All 5 live births I have had were cometely different and recovery was different each time. Lesson 2…breathe. do what you can to remain calm and to have a healthy baby in the end. Induced with medication does put the pills in control.

I was induced with baby #1: went in 7am. Started patocin… at 130pm I was in full labor & had her 6 minutes later.
I was scheduled to be induced with baby #2 didn’t make it. Was in labor the evening I got my membranes stripped, waited finally went in to l&d at 7am or so had baby #2 by 9am. Everyone’s different. & it’s perfectly okay to be scared. Just breathe and when baby gets here…itll be worth every second♡ congrats mama.

Relax and don’t stress. I went in monday at 12am to get induced, started with cytotec and then pitocin. It was a long process, I didn’t have her til 8:38 pm. I ended up having a c section. her heart beat kept dropping after i would push and the dr realized she was sunny side up. I have nothing to compare it to but it was a long day.

I was given pitocin to speed things along. The contractions before the pitocin were tolerable.

Within 30 minutes of getting the pitocin I had to ask for the epidural.

Otherwise though, things went very smooth.

I started pitocin at 6:30 am, he was born at 11:54 am.

It will feel the same either way. Baby will just come faster being induced then waiting for baby to come on their own.

My first birth was at 37 weeks spontaneously. 10 hours, easy vaginal birth, no tearing, 8 pushes baby was out. 12 years later (3 months ago so still fresh on my brain lol)…2nd baby, elective induction at 39 weeks bc I’m 36, I am a nurse who was flat out tired of being pregnant and working 12 hour shifts and Daddy lives 400 miles away, so sure, induce me. My body and baby girl were not ready, after 23 hours of hell, we were at 4 cm and baby was in distress, epidural bottomed out my blood pressure, and we ended up with a c-section. It’s been a nightmare. Still. Baby had issues with choking on mucus weeks after birth, I am STILL having issues with my incision. Just don’t unless it’s medically necessary. I wish I would have waited until she was ready.

2 out of 3 of my kids I was induced. One at 39 weeks and one at 40 weeks 1 day. My 40 weeks 1 day I had 6 hours of labor and my other one I had 8 hours 22 min of labor, it wasn’t bad and I didn’t use pain meds at all.

My labor was almost identical for both my kids, induced(pitocin) at 2pm, epidural at 5pm, babies delivered at 8:15pm and 8:40pm

I chose induction the last 4 pregnancies bc my first was all natural and I vowed to never do that again lol… I like inductions bc you can get an epidural on time and have a pain free labor and delivery. The last 4 pregnancies were all under 5 hour inductions and I was given pitocin all 4 times. But if you can’t handle pain get an epidural bc the Pitocin really amps up the pain and contractions but does makr labot faster. Or you can go without and just endure, I did that the last 2 pregnancies. No complications with any of my deliveries.

Why induction? Are you or baby at risk for something?

Just do what feels right! I always had the mindset, it’s could be 24-48 hours of hell but you get a sweet baby reward at the end!! And just think that is only 24 hours of your whole entire life!

Induced at 530pm on a Thursday started meds… i was 0cm. At 630am Friday i was barely at a 2. They used a foley balloon with pitocin and that got me to a 5 around 1230pm. They came in and broke my water which caused a prolapsed cord so a very emergency c section to save baby. Baby boy is healthy and 8weeks tomorrow. Contractions weren’t to bad. The worst part was the balloon. It was just uncomfortable and i could feel it being weighed down. And the pain from breaking my water but only because my midwife had to have her hand all up in there to stop baby from pressing against the cord otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to breath.

I loved my induction! I had bad back labor, but I don’t believe being induced is what caused any of that. Started with the cervical thinning medication at 3pm and gave birth at 4:49pm the next day. I wouldn’t have done it any other way.

Nobody, not even your doctor, can tell you how long it will take. It’s all up to your body.

I got induced and it was a extremely painful nightmare. Over 2 days of trying to push my baby out that ended in a csection.