I'm worried I may miscarry, can anyone describe the symptoms of a dead fetus in first trimester?

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Go to the hospital. Please make sure they sew you up good, and give you a sturdy helmet, before they let you loose into the general public again!!:unamused:


Cramps, viscous discharge, the return of your period. At 12 weeks, the fetus is about the size of a vienna sausage, and your uterus hasn’t really started to expand yet. Many women who miscarry in the first trimester don’t even know they were pregnant, they just think their period was late.


Go to the hospital, why are u on here looking for a FB doctor. WTH


First off, stop panicking. I’ve been through quite a few pregnancies and you need to relax. If you feel there is an issue, go to the hospital. They will give you better advice.

Can you please add trigger warnings for posts like these?
It may cause upset for some.

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Sometimes there aren’t any symptoms at all. Talk to a doctor, not random people on the internet.


This has got to be fake! No woman would sit on here asking questions if they suspected a miscarry!
Has someone hacked this account because there’s been some really random questions on here recently!


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Trigger FUCKING warning. This cannot be fucking real, no person would describe their lost baby like that.

Girl if you Don’t get off of Facebook and go see a doctor


Please call your doctor NOW.

Every woman is different… Honestly, if you are miscarrying at this stage, nothing will prevent it and it’s because the fetus isn’t viable anyway.
Stop asking social media and contact your MD office for advice.

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These comments are not helpful at all. I’d google it or ask someone you’re close. If you start cramping or bleeding happens, then you might be.

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This exact question has been posted on a few pages now

Call your doctor dont get medical advice from FB


Ain’t nobody stupid enough to be feeling like they’re about to miscarry and instead of going to the doctor/hospital, here asking Facebook doctors for advice. But since it’s attention you’re seeking, congrats you had my attention for a few seconds.

Advice: Stop seeking attention and Go to a Doctor or Hospital…smfh.

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It’s probably because you already admitted to doing drugs. Yeah drugs kill babies.


Fake…like, are you actively trying to scare everyone away?? Lol lame!!

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Please go to a doctor or the health department.


Bleeding and tremendous cramping

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You need to go see your OB!!! For the sake of your baby’s health and your health that is what you need to do. For me first signs and symptoms were cramping (like period cramps) and spotting, bleeding. Every woman is different so I highly suggest you to go see your doctor ASAPPP!!! Good luck

It’s normal to think of all the things that could go wrong during pregnancy. Find something to occupy your time. Hell my kid didn’t move for hours one time and i cried. Turns out He was just chilling. If docs aren’t worried, neither should you.

If its ur first sometimes you will pass it like it’s a period. Sometimes u may never pass it, if you are not passing it amd there is no blood, you need to talk to ur doc to make sure there is no heart beat

Go to the emergency room. God bless you, don’t let fear stop you!

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I felt nothing but I was carrying twins and one died :pensive:

Is this the same person that asked if they drug test you?

I just reported this garbage. It’s not a person it’s a bot


Go to the dr or emergency room

Bleeding, major cramping. You need to go to the ER if you feel that way.

I had spotting and cramping only on one side I just miscarried in January my pregnancy symptoms also started to disappear like no nausea and breast tenderness my doctor didn’t even know it was happening :expressionless: I knew it before them they just kept telling me spotting is normal

Silent miscarriage is something to also look out for, no bleeding, cramping - just feels kinda


Usually bleeding. Cramping not always but call the dr anyways

Go to the ER and get checked

Go to the doc. I miscarried w out cramping or bleeding. I had to have a dnc.

Cramping, feverish, back pain

Everyone’s different sweetie go to the ER x

Stop posting these MEDICAL questions for people who need to see a damn DOCTOR!!!


Cramping, Back Pain… I felt a lot of pressure but not painful though. If you do not go to the hospital, you need to watch for excessive bleeding. It’s going to be a shock to you, it’s best you go to the hospital or doctor to make sure everything has passed. :pray: Prayer my dear.

Hugs and prayers…been there twice. Call your DR they will do an ultrasound.

You can probably google it. Or call your doctor

Cramping and spotting can happen in healthy pregnancies also… (I thought I was still having periods with 2 of mine and was worried sick when I realised I was pregnant)
The best thing to do if you’re worried is speak to a doctor about your concerns.
Please don’t listen to others bad experiences on the internet. :heart:


I didn’t have any signs with mine. It was noticed at my monthly appointment when the ultra sound didn’t detect the heartbeat. Get in to see a Dr. Prayers everything is healthy.

I used to work in the ER, females would come in to get checked. Preg test, labs, ultrasound, and exam is common. They actually have dedicated rooms for OB in most places.
Sometimes depending on your blood- you might need a shot. That shot could save your baby. That positive and negative after your blood type plays a huge role in pregnancy.

I’ve had miscarriages in the past. Pain, pressure, and cramping is what I went thru. The first one was worse … it hurt like crazy. The 2nd one wasn’t nearly as bad. But when I was pregnant with my daughter- I thought I was having a miscarriage because of the pain and cramping - turned out that it was just hurting because my uterus was stretching.

No matter what, sending much love to you! I’m sorry you are going thru this.

Call your doctor immediately!!

Seek out medical care if you believe your baby is in danger.

Dear …GO TO the doctor!!! Now!!!

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When I had mine there was alot of blood. Suddenly. I went to the er. Honestly. Best to go to the er if any scares. They might be mad. Lol they hates when I went for Braxton hicks and spd with my son. But. Still. If your insure. Then. Go get checked asap. They didn’t clear out the baby when I lost mine and I got a nasty infection. Because of it

Go to the emergency room!:sob:

I’ve always loved this page. I find it heartwarming that a women comes here to find comfort in other women. I’d love to block insensitivity from being allowed here, it’s not always necessary to put in your two cents. Empathy can go a long way. It’s okay to disagree but do it in your own space. I’ve seen so much negative, insensitivity and downright mean comments. This world is harsh enough and we as strong, beautiful women need a safe place to be free, vent, share, hold each other in our thoughts. Women hold other women up regardless of our status…doctor, lawyer, mother, friend. I know that I reach out for comfort and validation when I’m unsure of something, medical or not. Not all miscarriages require a doctor but all miscarriages definitely require comfort, compassion and kindness. So all the negativity needs to find another place to throw stones.

Sending comfort and love to your space. :two_hearts:

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Bleeding i had no cramps and it was my 1st miscarriage just go to your ob and let them see you now

If you’re feeling concern, you should go to the ER Immediately. Altho, there may be knowledgeable nurses and Doctors on this page, they can not provide with the accurate informatuin without examining you. You need to be seen by a Doctor ASAP.

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Contact a healthcare provider. Explain why you are concerned. Take care of you & baby. Social media may not give you correct information :heartpulse:

Call your Dr. Best wished

It what nightmares are made of.

All of you are assuming she has not contacted or seen her OB. Sometimes doctors tell you to stay home in bed. Maybe that is what she is doing and is alone and scared and is just looking for some support and kindness, which is sadly lacking in most of these comments.


Ultrasound get to a dr!

If your cramping, bleeding, chills, fever etc., you shouldn’t be posting on FB you should be calling your Dr or going to the ER. Wishing tou the best.

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Definitely go to the Doctors or hospital . But my symptoms were spotting that turned into heavier bleeding with cramping that was so intense I was crying and curled over in pain gripping pillows very tight…

Best to get ultrasound. Depending how early on you are they may do transvaginal. Best get checked out for peace of mind. Really hope your ok! Miscarriages suck

Missed miscarriage there is no symptoms your body still tells you your pregnant
But if your cramping or bleeding go see your dr.
What makes you think your having a miscarriage?
Best of luck

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Girl, go to your doctor or the emergency dept.

As for this page…poor taste allowing a post like this to go up. The average human should not seek any kind of medical/symptomatic advice from anyone but their licensed doctor.

Cramping,spotting,have the Dr do an ultrasound

That’s above my pay grade.

You start off having cramps. Then gradually get worse. Then you feel pressure in your back and on your pelvis. Once you start feeling the pain to the point where you can barely walk you know you’re about to go through it. I stayed in my bathroom for 4hrs crying because it hurt so bad. It’s a terrible experience. The blood is awful. Go to the er. They can help you through it.

I had no real cramping, just a lot of bleeding… hope you’re in the clear. Best to get to a doctor or even hospital asap. There can also be problems with the miscarry for your body.

What makes you think it is ??? I’ve had 3 in a row and I kinda got a gut feeling with them but in it’s hard enough to tell

U bleed no heartbeat .then u pass it .


Go to to the hospital


We should use the term miscarriage and not dead fetus. That’s insanely insensitive to other mothers who have miscarried. There are no symptoms of a “dead fetus”. The symptoms of a miscarriage would be bleeding and cramping.


You need to talk to a doctor. Odds are you’re fear is taking over and no one knows your medical history like your doctors.


There isn’t always bleeding…I miscarried at 6wks and at 10wks had to have a D&C…I had no cramping either I was just really sick

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I had extreme cramping, pain and bleeding and it passed.

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I would see your doctor or ob/gyn


I only had heavy bleeding. I didn’t have cramping. Went to ob right away but it was 2 late

Cramping. Cramping means your cervix is opening and that is the biggest red flag

I had a little spotting. Went to dr for vaginal US. Baby was deceased. Decision was I can either wait for the baby to pass or have him surgically removed. I chose removal.

Lot lot of pain. Blood clots and pressure. I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks I went to the ER it was to late it was passing

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I had no symptoms besides bleeding. Wasnt too heavy, more like a period, it lasted 3 weeks.

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Bleeding and cramps… worse than my period… Go to the ER they’d have to clean you out… I’m so sorry… I pray things get better :heart::leaves:

Bleeding can be an indication but it can also be spotting, or an implantation bleed, cramping is normal in early pregnancy as the womb begins to stretch. Best thing to do is not be googling or asking non professional people. U need an ultrasound & take it from there. I bled on & off on my 2nd and 3rd pregnancies & the babies were fine. Go to ur doctor or early pregnancy unit best of luck :sparkling_heart:

If in doubt get it checked out

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I didn’t have any pain…I just started to bleed…not very heavy at 1st…I went to the hospital…I had a scan…found out it was a twin pregnancy…one baby wasn’t growing properly so they said it prob won’t survive…but the other had a strong Heartbeat…but the week later I started bleeding again…had another scan…& both had died…so I had to have a dnc.

Either wait and see or go to a doctor and find out! Everyone’s symptoms of a miscarriage is gonna be different and sometimes spotting can be harmless!
Facebook aren’t doctors, so the best advice will come from your obgyn.
Good luck, hopefully it’s just a scare!


I don’t think it asking bout a miscarriage, clearly u will be in severe paint etc… I think ur asking if ur carrying a baby that’s lifeless, and ur scared u may have to have baby removed it few only catches it so soon n others later but the e.r. would be the first place I’d run to, if I couldn’t see my doctor that particular day.

Probably call your dr or go to the Er instead of asking fb?


Bleeding and pain. Lots of both. Followed by fevers

Heavy bleeding, with clots usually indicates a miscarriage. Always best to call your doctor with any concerns.

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Don’t look for answers here on fb. Go to the doctors or the hospital.


Just go to the hospital, don’t ask Fb


Why dong you call a doctor. These people are not doctors


Please go in like now.

Gross. On Mother’s Day you decided to post this Fed Up With Your Lies And Cheating. Things that didn’t happen for 600 Alex.


Why are you not at an emergency room right now.