I'm Getting Mixed Messages, What to Do?

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"5 years ago I met this girl we talked for a few weeks then we met up and slept together pretty much as soon as it happened we stopped talking years have gone by and nothing! Then one day she sends me a message asking how I am! We hit it off again just talking she told me she has a baby and is due to get married soon! We speak all day through message! She sends me photos of what she's got on! And calls me names like babe and honey! I'm getting mixed messages what do you guys think? Thanks"

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"It could be she doesn’t wanna get married or getting cold feet and you are a way for her to escape I would just tell her that you could be friends and not more for right now"

"Leave her alone before you get put in the middle of whatever she’s about to cause"

"Stay away. She wants attention because she’s feeling down or worried what ever she feels she needs outside attention besides from her significant other. Whatever her situation is stear clear you definitely don’t need that drama. You had you’re fling and hit it off she ghosted it is what it is. There are better women out there wanting a committed relationship don’t sell yourself short with this."

"Yeah, definitely cut it off. Would you wanna be the fiance in this situation? I’ve been cheated on, both physically and emotionally and neither of them feel very good. She’s either unhappy or just loves attention, either way, tell her you’re uncomfortable and move on. Even if you two would end up together at some point, you’ll never trust her."

"I would definitely say that we can be friends but it’s inappropriate to do anything more or continue talking like this if she’s getting married"

"She’s up to no good, if you go for that just know she’ll do it it to you too"

"If you were her fiancé, would you appreciate her behavior? She’s enjoying the attention you’re apparently giving her or needs an ego stroke. I’d think about blocking that one, while you go find someone a little more single."

"Maybe she’s not happy and us thinking twice about getting married but she’s going about it the wrong way and if you ever decided to get with her she may do the same thing to you I would leave that situation alone"

"Sounds like she wants one more fling before she ties the knot. Be a man and turn her down. Her fiance deserves better."

"That girl is trouble. Run, don’t walk away"

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