I'm a new mom and wondering why do babies sleep so much?

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They’re getting use to the transition into the world. Slowly they’ll begin to sleep less but as they do you really have to be active in helping them get a comfortable schedule down, not only for them but for you. Before you know it you’re down to one 2 hour nap a day and 7-8 hours overnight. I highly recommend taking as many naps with your little one as you can now!

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Be glad my daughter just had a baby and she never sleeps

Because they’ve been in the womb for 9 months and they love sleep​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

My son slept through the night from night one til he hit huge growth spurt at 3. Then like 6 months he was up a lot. But he never napped either lol

That have tons of growing to do

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Just enjoy they will on foot in a hurry and mom will need lots of naps

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Enjoy it… it doesn’t last long


Babies normally sleep for 16-18 hours/day

Take advantage of it!! Lol

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Humans grow and heal only when they sleep.

Just wait…you will be asking why my baby doesn’t sleep


:joy: doesn’t last long at all.