If you work from home doing a job that you could still keep your kids home, would you?

Or would you continue to send them to daycare to learn and gain social skills? I want all thoughts and opinions.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. If you work from home doing a job that you could still keep your kids home, would you? - Mamas Uncut

Is this a type of job that requires complete and total silence? I looked into an at home and they wanted 100% silence from start of shift to end if so I’d continue to send them to daycare. Also if they are already in the routine of going maybe just send them part time if you don’t want to do full time.

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Part time daycare. No kid wants to just sit there while you work and part time means they aren’t stuck all day every day but still have friends and learning time.


I would do part time daycare if possible. Monday Wednesday Friday, that way I have a few days to work alone, my child gets to socialize and it’s a bit cheaper than full time


I’d send them still. Or maybe a full week on then. A part time week rotation. Daycare good for them plus it’s also a Break. Sooooo expensive thoooo

I started an in home Daycare so I could stay home with my daughter and contribute financially.

I don’t work from home but we have gotten a routine down that they go to “school” aka daycare Monday through Friday unless they get sick. They go even on my days off during the week

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I wouldn’t pay for childcare nor send my child (infant, toddler) to someone else if I didn’t need to


Daycare, working from home is still working and kids deserve socialization when it is possible.

Depends on the job . How much concentration is required for how many hours. Are the kids content to play while you work ? How old are they ? Daycare is expensive and not always a happy experience for children.


Daycare Bc not many jobs want background noise. Also kids are distractions. Do you want to make money?

I work from home, my son goes to daycare part time. Keeping a kid in the house while you work is not good for mental development

Keep them home but get them involved in activities for them to learn social skills and stuff. At most I’d do limited daycare (like as part time as possible) why waste the money?

I’d send them! I feel like daycare is crucial for development skills!

I do this daily and it is hard. I honestly wouldn’t mix work with childcare bc my work has been cut in half although I try to put in 10 hrs a day. On top of that, everyone requires you to make lunch for them. On top of that, while you work you can’t tend to all your kids needs which isn’t healthy for them either.

I work from home. My youngest is 6 months and we’ve chosen to keep her home with me. Especially with Covid. Thankfully my work is ok with it and is understanding. I do my best to keep her entertained and switch her toys around and keep her content. I would only pay for daycare if I absolutely had to.

I worked from home and kept my kids home, but they’re all school age. I’d get them up and ready in the morning, off to school, and they would ride the bus home after.

I’m assuming since you’re mentioning daycare, that your kids are younger. If I were working at home with little little ones, I would probably do part time daycare. Have them in daycare a few days a week, just so they can get socialized with other kids and a little bit of structure/routine. If you can afford it. If it’s not really in your budget, then I would just keep them home.

I’d love to have a nanny to homeschool kids while I work .

I’m on the side of send them to daycare at least part time. It’s good for socializing and letting them play (cuz that’s their job right lol) I’m not saying they don’t play at home, I’m just saying a change of scenery is great sometimes :woman_shrugging: among all the other reasons already commented :black_heart::black_heart: ultimately, it’s whatever you’re comfortable with, that feeling deep inside :sparkles:


No. I work from home and don’t get anything done when my son is home.

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Daycare so they can learn social ques, interactions & problem solving. Nothing worse then an adult with no boundaries, thinks they are good at everything & has poor social skills. :exploding_head: It takes a village!


I’d send mine to daycare. Daycare teaches them more than you think. They learn how to follow rules- that’s really important for school. It teaches them how to solve problems with others, how to make friends. That’s just some things that aren’t education, which they should teach. My daughter daycare taught her so much that she actually is above everyone in her class.


Send at least some of the time

Find a mother’s morning out program. That’s not a typical daycare.

I would send them but not full time. Have them do 4/5 half days or even 2/3 full days. But please as a person who works in childcare don’t leave your kids there till 5 or 6 at night if you have the opportunity to keep them home. When my kids were little I would have loved to be home with them

I’d send them daycare at least part time. They need the interaction with others. My kids always stayed home with me and had trouble socializing when they went to preschool.

Daycare doesn’t give them social skills :joy: But some kids won’t let you work from home, so daycare it is


They need at least part time daycare. They need the social skills

I would send them.i know peopple will say extracurricular activities but we live in a rural community where much has been affected by covid.our rec center just cancelled basketball our bowling alley has closed not all churches offering youth group you get the point under nirmal circumstances i might feel different but right now its a good way for them to make friends and develop social skills.

Weighing in on the side of sending them to day care at least part of the time.

With the price of daycare today. And whats going on in this world. I’d keep my kids home with me. Mine are all grown now. I have 3 sent 2 of the 3 to daycare/preschool. They all have great social skills. In fact all 3 of them work in customer service . I think it’s all in the way you personally tech your children and it helps to have a great relationship with all of them.

Daycare, at least part time. Kids need to socialize, they need to learn independence, to be away from the parent etc. It’s good for them and good for you.

My daughter is 4 and I’ve kept her home with me , my job allows for her too come along with me as well, I’ve homeschooled for pre school and I’m sending her too public school in the fall , I’ve had people tell me she won’t be ready sense she’s with me a lot (never had been too daycare or away from me ) , I have play dates and what not so she’s been around kids and is very outgoing, my opinion there little only once and if you can keep them with you do so, cherish every moment while you can .

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I might a do a few days of daycare still.

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Daycare honestly. Not only for them but for me. I may be able to work and watch them, but so much better focus to work with them at school. Plus yes social skills and learning is good for kiddos.


If you are working you can’t really give them the attention if they need any, So with daycare, they can play with their friends

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I wouldn’t waste money on daycare.


I’d stay home. The way the world is now, I wouldn’t risk my kids getting sick or passing it to someone who could become very sick… also, you’re paying someone to do what you can do at home by yourself. You can work and teach your child. They get social skills when they go to school.
I’ve had four kids, I never sent any to daycare, I stayed home with with and taught them what they needed to know, this was also before the world went to sjit and I’d take them on trails and parks and such for education and activities… idk it also depends on what type of work you’re doing at home and if you’ll be successful while raising your child

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I would do some of both ! Try looking into a parent day out program (usually 2 days a week for 4-5 hours) and are significantly less expensive than daycare.


I’d keep them home and it would save money as well.


I’d still send them to school etc. Allow them to socialise with peers their age and above. Also helps to build up their immunity as they mix with other kids and fend off all sorts of colds and bugs.


There are benefits and set backs to both.

There is no wrong answer here!

Just because your kids don’t attend an institution of higher learning doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways for them to learn to socialize with other kids or people in general… There are still neighbors, friends and weekends/days off work to allow for such things!

Obviously it would be convenient for you as a parent and give some leeway for the kids during their standards weeks. But nothing wrong with the traditional way either so long as it’s not putting undue strain on anyone person.

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I’d send him atleast part-time


And if you keep her home with you why your working what is she guna be doing?? Watching tv? Playing games on a tablet? Or she guna be sitting there watching you work Lol If I was working from home I’d atlease send her 3 days a week

Daycare. Working at home is stressful enough without having to worry what your kids are into when you are busy and on top of that your kids would have to be quiet and entertain themselves, At least at daycare there’s other kids to play with and other things to do.

Kids do bennefit loads from day care its really good for them it’s also good for them to have time away from you also they would hsve great fun its nice to have that routine for them something for them to look forward to plus you would enjoy your time more togeather when your togeather not that u don’t enjoy then already but if your working by time their home you won’t be working so they get all of you and also have lots to talk about ect honestly I would let then go day care

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Our 4-year old LOVES her pre-k and her friends! She is learning so much!

I would send them to daycare 2or 3 days a week.

I was a stay at home mom until all my kids were in elementary school. They all did some kind of preschool. Some went a few full days the year or two before school, some did afternoons a couple times a week. I think just having some time with other kids their age is great, whether alone or with you in a child/parent group.

I’d still do daycare a few days a week for socializing

Il send them part time 2-3 days a week just so they get that interaction with other kids & learning also gives you the opportunity to get things done at home/ work with no interruptions.the best of both worlds.

I would send to daycare. Working from home is okay but me personally, I don’t have much of a social life, I don’t go out much, so I prefer to go to work so I get out of the house. And my son LOVES his teachers. He does learn quite a bit there and loves playing with the other kids, I don’t want to take that away from him.

I did the stay at home and work from home for just over a year. The mom guilt and frustration is NOT worth it. Started sending him to daycare and we ALL love it. So much better!

Dear God I would still send him to day care because the hell with dealing with that shit while work is going on around on me

Started MDO T/Th when 2yo
Gradually increased # days at 3 and 4.
Also participated in spots to gain social aspect as well.

The fact you think children who don’t attend day care aren’t socialized tells me you don’t research enough. :woman_facepalming:
If you can do both and want to, go for it. If you nedd a few hrs to work quietly, send them to say care. Do what works for you.

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Only with a babysitter around to watch them during awake hours as well but I have a big enough house that they can spend their time on the main level while I work downstairs

I would let them go to daycare.